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Malucci is a FPOS! Malucci is a FPOS!

08-14-2011 , 07:41 PM
1 hour and 40 minutes of iced hockey.
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08-24-2011 , 06:26 PM
1 hour 20 minutes of hockey
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08-25-2011 , 04:46 PM
Squats 3x6 185. I lost my belt last time, so I have to get a new one. But I'm trying to work on my high bar form and not use any back. I feel like these were pretty decent actually.

Flat bench dumbbell press 2x10 55s 1x8 55s. All the benches were taken, and I had already waited 20 minutes for a squat rack, so I decided to do some of these guys. I have found in my lifting career that these are actually pretty good for full pec/chest development and have been pleased with how they work my chest.

Deadlifts 1x5 225

Interested to see what kind of DOMS I have tomorrow.
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08-26-2011 , 10:11 AM
what are you weighing these days?
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08-26-2011 , 05:14 PM
This is a source of great shame. I've just been doing absolutely terrible with regard to eating like a human being. I'm trying to pull it together for the end of this month, and then through next month and October (I may be going back to where I'm from in October, and the eating right will be put aside for that), but at the beginning of the month I weighed in at 220.5, then about half way through the month it was 225 and now today it's 222.5. I really suck at life.
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09-01-2011 , 04:59 PM
40 minutes of elliptical on 11 resistance. Put in 5 HIIT intervals in that time.

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09-03-2011 , 06:37 AM
Late night lift session.

Squats 3x5 205 too much good mornings. Need to get new vids for everyone to rip apart.

Bench 2x5 185 1x3 195 with another heavily assisted rep

DL 245 1x3

Dips 1x4 1x2 1x4
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09-09-2011 , 04:59 PM
35 minutes of elliptical on 11 resistance with 5 HIIT intervals.
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09-15-2011 , 04:18 PM
All right, I have had a pretty garbage month health wise so far. I have not been remotely vigilant about my diet or exercise really, and that all ends today. Monday Night I won the biggest bet of my life (I would tell you how much it was, but you all would laugh at how small it was) on the Patriots -6.5, and I've been sort of celebrating my victory since then. But today all that ends. I'm planning on using some of the free cash to go back to Ohio in about a month or so, and until then I want to focus on three things, diet, exercise, and poker. So this is me explaining myself to myself, and hopefully righting this renegade lard vessel.

35 minutes on elliptical at 11 resistance w/ 5 HIIT intervals.
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09-16-2011 , 06:04 AM
Squats 3x5 215

Bench 1x4 1x3 1x2 195

DL 1x4 245
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09-17-2011 , 05:13 PM
35 minutes of elliptical on 11 resistance doing 5 HIIT intervals. Didn't want to go, went anyway. WIM.
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09-19-2011 , 08:44 PM
1 hour of stick and puck, should have stayed out longer...oh well
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09-22-2011 , 07:22 PM
1 hour and 15 minutes of ice hockey. Improvement noted.
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09-29-2011 , 08:53 PM
1 hour and 15 minutes of hockey today, extra difficult due 3 on 3 most of the time
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09-30-2011 , 05:12 PM
31.5 minute run today. Yeah, I know.
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10-05-2011 , 10:43 PM
1 hour and ten minutes of ice hockey. I did get hit though and I think twisted my knee or something. It's not a real serious pain, but it's definitely there, and it's keeping me from the gym tonight. Reassess tomorrow.
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10-08-2011 , 05:12 PM
1 hour of stick and puck. Not great. Knee still painful. Life is garbage WIL.
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10-09-2011 , 01:15 AM
Hey Malucci,

Just reading some of your posts (too much to read it all). How do you feel you have progressed since you started on your quest to "get in shape"?

How many days a week you play hockey? Just shiny hockey all the time?

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10-25-2011 , 05:22 PM

I'm always shocked and honored when anyone spends any time reading anything I have written, so thanks.

I don't know how I feel about my progression. There's been steps forward and steps back, but I'm pretty confident that I'll never let myself go as much as I did prior to starting this log, so that's good. Also my goals have changed here and there since starting the log also.

My days of hockey vary, but I would like to start playing at least 2x a week. I'm not sure of the definition of "shinny (I have to assume that's how it is spelled) hockey", but mostly (unless I say stick and puck), it's a bunch of guys together and we just split into teams and scrimmage with no real checking to speak of.

I hope this answers some of your questions.
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10-25-2011 , 05:34 PM
Gym Today!

I don't believe it either. I also, don't believe how weak, fat, and stupid I am/have become/always was.

Press 2x5 125 1x2

Bench 1x10 135 1x5 135 1x3 135. I would have killed myself after this, but I have to go to work

Swiss ball crunches 4x25

Dumbell press 50s 1x10 1x8 1x5

Real weak, but it's a start.

I just got off of vacation, and it was a fattening journey (so much so that I plan on posting a lot of meals that I had during it), but now it is time to reign it in hard. I don't know if that's the right "reign" (I know it's not rain though either). So I'm starting to do a lot more cooking, and healthy eating, and that should really help the not being a FPOS so much. I will also start posting meals I've cooked also. I'm excited about going real hard this month, starting now up until probably Thanksgiving, and really being a healthier FPOS. YEAH!
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10-26-2011 , 05:23 AM
Some of these pics didn't translate somehow...stupid app perhaps...

Spinach/Queso dip from J. Alexander's. It's a chain, but it's super solid.

Cheese Fries from Thurman's in Columbus, OH. It's been on Man vs. Food, huge delicious burgers, but the pic didn't translate

Horseradish cheese/Mushroom Burger from Thurman's

See? It looks terrible. In real life it looked/tasted much better.
Two Packo's Dogs and some of the best damn simple mashed potatoes in the world imho from Tony Packo's in Toledo, OH
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10-26-2011 , 09:37 AM
My mashed potatoes > anything a restaurant serves.

Cocky strut.gif

Good luck getting back on the lifting train. Try to stay consistent you lazy bastard.
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10-27-2011 , 05:21 PM
Soul, pics or GTFO

Do your mashed potatoes have lobster in them? If they don't, they can't be better than anything a restaurant (who serves lobster mashed potatoes) serves.
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10-27-2011 , 05:24 PM
Also, that sounds waaaaaaayyyyy more hateful/mean than I intended. So please insert winky faces and smiley faces where ever you deem appropriate.

I luh you Soul.
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10-27-2011 , 05:32 PM
My mashed potatoes consist of potatoes, butter, salt and pepper. I like the main part of the dish to provide the taste, not the potato side dish.

That being said, I'd be open to trying a lobster mashed potato side dish.

No hateful vibes detected, carry on.
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