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Malucci is a FPOS! Malucci is a FPOS!

05-15-2011 , 09:16 PM
Speaking of hate, I'm dieting a large but unfulfilling meal

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05-18-2011 , 12:58 AM
Seriously weak today, have been dieting and eating way less than I've been accustomed to lately, and I was just patheti-weak today.

High Bar Squats today, only did 3x5 185 because I forgot my belt and I didn't want to get crazy especially since I'm changing my form entirely. I will get videos up next session. But these had me sweating and 225 would have been really difficult I feel like. :/

Press 1x1 145 2x3 135 Dickless.

Chin ups 1x5 1x4 1x3

All in all it's a really disappointing day. But I need to recognize that I'm not going to be as strong on such a deficit...and I also need better PWO nutrition.
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05-18-2011 , 01:33 AM
I had a similar workout the other day- they happen on a big deficit.
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05-18-2011 , 03:28 AM
Lifting on a deficit is definitely a mental thing too though. I remember feeling weak like a kitten the first time around, this time it's way easier to push through the lifts. Doing 3 rep squat sets help a lot imo.
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05-18-2011 , 11:13 AM
The trick to working out on a deficit is to not be a pussy and just f'in do it
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05-19-2011 , 05:30 PM
Really? I read in Flex magazine that being a pussy was the trick to working out on a deficit. That and tons of steroids. That's how Ronnie Coleman does it.

40 minutes on elliptical machine at 11 resistance doing 6 tabata intervals.
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05-19-2011 , 06:11 PM
Originally Posted by Malucci
Really? I read in Flex magazine that being a pussy was the trick to working out on a deficit. That and tons of steroids.
I knew I was forgetting something.
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05-21-2011 , 05:28 PM
40 minutes on elliptical at 11 resistance doing 6 tabata intervals.

Tomorrow is my birthday, I'm getting so drunk tonight and eating so much food tomorrow. **** you diet!
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05-21-2011 , 06:14 PM
nice log/progress

it can't be possible to do 6 true tabatas over 40 minutes tho? Do you have the same sprint pace in the first 20s of a set and the last 20s and/or in the first 4 min set as the last 4 min set (would def indicate you aren't full sprinting in the early sets)?

Not saying an interval program of (20s/10s)x8, jog pace for 3-4 min, repeat six times isn't tough as ****, but you might want to separate that in your mind from a true tabata bc 80%-90% max speed vs 100% max speed are two different kinds of workout. To do what you describe has to involve some level of pacing yourself, which isn't strict tabata.

enjoy the bday
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06-01-2011 , 05:20 PM
HBBS 225 3x5 will have videos up later.

Bench 1x5 205 1x3* 205 1x2* 205 +1 negative

Dips 2x3 1x5

Really weak and fat and pathetic today. Will be posting those videos so I can get tips on my High Bar form.
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06-02-2011 , 06:12 AM
This video is my set 3 of 225. Stop by the 1 min. mark of video. I know it is not good, it didn't feel good. What are the main things I need to work on? Are there other exercises I could be doing that would help my squat form improve?

This clip is my 2nd set of 225. Also not good.
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06-11-2011 , 05:26 PM
I've been terrible FPOS this month so far.

HBBS 3x5 225. I'm sure these still aren't right. Will have to get more footage up soon. If it's still not right, I'm going to have to change my whole routine up some, because I can't keep hurting my back and expect it to bounce back.

Press 1x4 135 2x3 135, I almost got that 4th rep of the last set, like had it 80% of the way up, and then she came back down

Seated alternate hammer curls 3x10 25

Need to be more my poop.
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06-24-2011 , 04:22 PM
41:25 minutes of jogging mixed with a little too much walking. It was so hot, and I'm woefully out of shape
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06-30-2011 , 04:41 PM
HBBS 245 1x5 1x4 in preparing to do my final set, I put my belt down and then did just a body squat as I'll do to make sure my belt is comfortable between sets, and I felt a bad pain in my left hamstring, so I didn't do a final set and just made sure to stretch out really good.

Press 135 1x5 2x3. Once I'm back in the swing of things, this will come back I feel.

Alternate grip chins 1x3 2x2

Seated alternating hammer curls 30 2x7 1x4
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07-04-2011 , 05:21 PM
Woke up feeling like jailhouse anus, but forced myself into the gym anyway. After taking a dump immediately once getting in there, my performance mimicked the greasy turds I left in the toilet.

HB Squats 245 3x5, this was actually better than my last session.

Bench 185 2x5 1x3, absolutely no WIM on the third set. My gym buddy overslept and ditched me so I went for a weight that I felt I could definitely do on my own, and once I faced the smallest amount of adversity I pussed out hardcore. Embarrassing, dickless.

After this I was so filled with shame I went to my car and cried.
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07-04-2011 , 05:38 PM
There there big boy, it'll be better in the morning.
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07-12-2011 , 05:06 PM
HIIT today, 35 minutes with 5 "tabata" intervals at 11 resistance...
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07-16-2011 , 05:05 PM
1 hour of stick and puck...interested to see how I feel tomorrow.
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07-24-2011 , 07:17 PM
1.5 hours of adult drop-in hockey. I suck. Dicks. Lots of them.
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07-25-2011 , 07:55 AM
I looked at your squat videos and it appears to me that you are making a few mistakes. The angle of the camera is not good, but I think you can see that you are good morning out of the bottom because you are leaning forward, your chest is not up and your lower back is loose.

I used to do the exact same thing. I tried to fix it on my own. But, ended up going to an oly coach to fix it. One thing that I learned was that deep breath, chest up and back tight was a lot more intense than I had been thinking it was. I never realized just how big the breath needed to be, how high I needed to keep my chest nor how super tight my back had to be. Doing the above should help you sit back more too and push your heels into the ground coming out and up.

You're probably going to hate hearing this but you should reset down to where you can actually maintain your form and then start building back up. That's what I did and it ended the issues I was having. Although it sucked to drop down in weight, it was the right thing to do, because I can do a lot more weight now and I have no form issues causing me any pain or problems.

I personally believe you have to look at a rep w/ bad form being a failed rep. Just like you do if you're not going deep enough or you have to dump it.

Some other things I noticed about your form, although I am not confident they are actually problems (maybe someone with more experience could help) is that your stance could be a little wider and your toes could come in just a bit. I think that will also help you sit back a little more too.

One thing that I found helpful was to warm up with 15 BW squats that are a way to get my form together and stretch out at the bottom. I do that bottom of the squat stretch from SS where you put your hands together and push your elbows out against the inside of your knees.
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07-29-2011 , 12:34 AM
Now are you saying this about my most recent videos where I'm using a High Bar, or are you referring to older videos where I'm using a low bar?
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07-29-2011 , 04:44 PM
Gym, for second time this month. Pretty sad.

I think someone stole my weight belt, or it's also possible that I misplaced it...but I didn't have it, so I went lower weight for my squat worksets, and I tried to do what BPA234 recommended, and it went all right, but I definitely felt some good mornings on some reps, and some back exertion too.

Squats 3x5 205

Press 2x5 125 1x4 125

Chinups 3x1

Alternate hammer curls standing 1x7 1x8 1x5 30
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08-01-2011 , 07:10 PM
One hour and twenty minutes of drop in hockey today. Kinda messed up my shoulder reaching for a puck, then it more or less went away. Hopefully this is the last of it.
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08-05-2011 , 05:42 PM
Squats 3x5 215. Now with far less good morning. That's good, these felt way better, on most reps I felt like I was back on my heels and my legs/ass were doing pretty much all the work, and I went straight up without any back issues or movement. Had my belt so maybe that helped, but on all my warmups where I didn't use a belt, they still felt much better.

Bench 1x5 185 1x4 185 1x3 185. My shoulder was bothering me. Not a good sign.

Swiss Ball Crunches 4x25
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08-08-2011 , 04:52 PM
Press 3x5 125

Chin ups 1x4 1x3 1x4 Surprisingly happy

Kneeling high cable curls 1x10 35 1x8 45 1x10 45

Pretty weak day, but better than nothing. Massage later.
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