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I want to start/be in a study group I want to start/be in a study group

08-02-2011 , 04:22 AM
Currently playing 50nl on bodog. Would definitely be interested in discussing strat and reviewing hh's.
08-02-2011 , 05:13 PM
Play on stars... mainly 50nl 6max and looking for a study group. I'm from Toronto Ontario Canada and wouldn't mind chilling with people if your in the area to talk strategy and ways to improve. I recently just played in the main event for the 1st time through a satellite I won and would love to talk with people that have been to major tournaments...


08-03-2011 , 09:36 PM
MTTs up to 27.50, from the UK. Pm me for skype.
08-04-2011 , 07:45 AM
I play on PS. HU and 6max cash games. Have ~8bb/100 NL50 HU over ~100k hands, and 2bb/100 NL50 6max over 60k hands. Currently had to move down to NL25 6max and have 10bb/100 over 10k hands. Looking for NL50+ study group. I'm really dedicatedo to the game and want to improve and move up to 100+ as soon as possible. I'm from Europe, Poland.
08-06-2011 , 03:22 AM
While going to school last year in the United States, I was 12 tabling the 3.30 KO's on full tilt. I am now back in Canada and am going to be playing on party and stars. I'm interested in joining a study group. I plan on grinding 5nl and eventually making the transition to 180 s&g. Never done this type of thing before, but am interested in making some connections in the poker world.
08-06-2011 , 06:02 PM
any plo study groups out there?
08-07-2011 , 12:22 AM
hi guys, i play 10nl FR and 6max on stars, im a slight loser but i have alot of handhistories we can look through together and learn!

i have lots of hands from 2NL to 25NL, pm me or add me on skype : howiechang
08-08-2011 , 12:00 PM
Re: uNL Collection of Study Groups
yo, looking for a poker study group..

going to have a few hours a week to play this rigged game and think i need to improve

cashed out all roll and have since farted abt crushing nl10 to then play drunk and destory my roll, build it again and do it again, this has happened like 4 times in 3months! 2xparty poker, 1xftp, 1xongame. in total ive drunken give away approx 600$. all built up from nl10/rb. i stopped pokers from jan - apr this year due to new baby in the house and new job.

looking to join a group and start to repect my roll and not play drunk poker as i respect my hard work to build it it...

going to put in some volume, 20-25k hands a month for the next few months and hope to get moneys for a new bathroom.

pm away bitches
08-10-2011 , 04:35 PM
Need a study group: I'm very active
08-11-2011 , 07:06 AM
About me:

Started playing cash seriously in June this year though have played some MTTs before. So far played around 100K hands mostly at NL50 and NL100 Full Ring. My winrate is over 4 PTBB/100 (despite donking off some money when I moved up stakes) and so I feel comfortable to move to NL200 this w-e.

I am in my 30s and have a math PhD but in terms of personality I am the opposite of the mathematician stereotype. My game is pretty aggro but it is still developing. While in full time employment in banking, I still play 30h/week but plan to go pro (and not rakeback pro!) at the beginning of next year so I am working hard to improve my game and to continue to move up stakes.

Looking for a study group or individuals to discuss hands and strategy. You should be playing NL200 Full Ring, be a winning player (ideally 1 PTBB/100+), be serious about improving your game, have at least 100K hands and be available at UK/European times.

If interested please PM me with your screen name(s) and your background.

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08-11-2011 , 04:37 PM
I'm looking for a PLO study group.

About me: Started playing poker about 2 years ago and just started taking it serious, currently playing PLO10 and hoping to find a good group of players or individuals to discuss hands with that are also serious about improving their game.

I don't have PMs active at the moment so if you're interested please add my skype. de.nde. I am from the US and currently playing a lot of poker trying to improve so I am on a lot!
08-12-2011 , 07:35 PM
I would like to join the MTT group add ciaranl91 on skype if possible. Many thanks
08-14-2011 , 04:36 PM
I'm a 50NL full ring player, I moved up from 25NL recently after making a roll there(200k hands, up 100buy ins). If anyone has a group for this range or just wants to talk hands, shoot me a pm.

I have pm'd a couple of people here allready, so hopefully get stn going soon.
08-16-2011 , 01:05 PM
I would like to join a MTT Study Group, i play live and on Lock Poker as of now and want to discuss strategies/hand history reviews and etc....

PM Me if you have a solid group.
08-17-2011 , 04:08 PM
Looking for an 18 man turbo sng group. My skype is captnkrnch from canada.

Even if you don't have a group/ are just another grinder looking to shoot the **** and look over some HH's, go ahead and add me. You can also PM me here if easier.

I definitely have leaks I need fixed, but am still a winning player who is determined to get better and move up. Currently at the dreaded reg filled $15 level :s


08-18-2011 , 04:02 PM
Looking for a cash game nl50-nl200 study group
PM me if you have a group and want my details or just to talk over hands
08-19-2011 , 07:35 AM
Looking for a study group for micro nl10 to nl25 fr or 6max. Pm me with any details thanks. Currently playing 10nl on merge and breaking even. I really think this can help me improve.
08-20-2011 , 08:15 PM
im in the washington area, currently living in a grind house, with a few buddies, hit me up if anyone in the area wants to get in some serious hours of hand analisis...we could talk online as well...
08-20-2011 , 08:16 PM
Originally Posted by Bubster89 I want to start/be in a study group
Looking for a study group for micro nl10 to nl25 fr or 6max. Pm me with any details thanks. Currently playing 10nl on merge and breaking even. I really think this can help me improve.
hit me up man, and anyone
08-21-2011 , 02:54 AM
Just started a small group of 20NL 6max players on ipoker with 4+BB/100 on skype. Looking for similar players (10/20/50NL) who wants improve and move up. PM for more details.
08-21-2011 , 11:28 AM
if anyone would like to start a big bet o8 study group, please pm me. i'm just getting into the game, but i'm intrigued by it.

you need to have skype
08-21-2011 , 02:34 PM
Hi! I'm about to form a new study group. My current limits: NL25 and NL50. Doesn't matter what limits you play as long as you are commited to improve.
My idea of poker group is a bunch of people who meet (online) at least once a week... to talk poker, study poker and have fun with poker. It would also be useful to be able to help each other - when inevitable downswings come - with motivation, reassurance and some compassion (and I don't mean whinning about your bad luck - forget about it).
When my group meets I'd like it to have an actual topic, someone who spent couple hours preparing to talk about it, and others who also have done their homework.

So if you are interested please send me a PM or contact me on Skype: adam.yurban from Poland. Oh and it would be nice if you could meet around 17.00-23.00 UTC/GMT (evening time in Europe).

If there are any working groups with commited members out there with empty slot for a guy like me, please feel free to contact me as well, I might join a group instead.
08-23-2011 , 10:35 AM
I would like to join a PLO group.

I just made the transition from NLHE 3 months ago. Play mostly .5/1 and 1/2. Breakeven so far and do not plan for this to continue.

anyone whos got a PLO study group or want to start one please send me a PM on 2+2
08-24-2011 , 04:37 PM
Currently trying to start a PLO group, please message me if intrested!
08-27-2011 , 03:10 AM
Would like to join NLHE HeadsUp study group. Playing NL-50 and NL-100.