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I want to start/be in a study group I want to start/be in a study group

04-21-2010 , 02:24 PM
Looking For NL50 6max GROUPE.i have play here like 45k hands 3-4bb/100(for 30k ).i search groupe for disscus hands and play sessions etc...PM me.
04-21-2010 , 05:38 PM
I'd be interested.
v seriuos amateur... 98% on OPR... stars mostly and mid stakes MTT (like 55 is abi)
having absolutely shocking year and not sure whether i've lost the plot (as well as running just ridiculously bad)

my goal is to win about 50k playing MTTs a year.... that means i have 56 more to go this year... email is
04-21-2010 , 06:56 PM
hey im really interested in this. I have been playing since I was 18 and im 23 now. recently my games been comming along and ive been showing a profit latley. you can opr me. my user name is johara21 and i play on full tilt. im lookin to play full time and make poker my primary source of income. the only thing is that I live on the west coast. message me back for any questions.
04-23-2010 , 01:26 PM
Looking for HU or 6max GROUPE i play NL50!
04-25-2010 , 07:40 PM
Looking to buddy-up with a 6-max 25NL player. (Or maybe 50NL.)

Don't really have time for a group, and already have a great coach. But, to keep from driving him crazy with constant questions, I'd love to be able to kick around hands, theories, spots, etc. Would probably be mostly email, maybe some chat/skype correspondence.

Could even develop into a group, but my playing is part-time, and I can't always commit to a set time for a group due to work.

I play around 15K-20K hands a month, sometimes more. I'm not a winning player yet, t though I'm playing close to break-even and have made some strides lately. The thought process would be to help each other get over plateaus and to the next levels.
If you're a little ahead of or behind me in results, I think it could still be useful.

PM if interested, or have any ideas.
04-26-2010 , 10:49 PM
I'd Like to be in this group if there's also a focus on MTT's instead of just cashgames how do we share contact info etc
04-27-2010 , 04:35 AM
Looking for a FLO8 SH study group. Playing 2/4 and 3/6 mostly.

PM or better skype me : spacemarine1999

Hope to get some replys !
04-27-2010 , 04:45 PM
I would like to start a live studygroup in Kamloops, BC Canada. Send me a PM or an email at if you're interested.

Is there a better spot for me to post this?
04-28-2010 , 06:45 PM
Hey guys

I just recently started playing 6 max after a while of grinding dons. Anyways I started off at nl25, did well over 40k hands jumped to 50nl and after 20k hands I am a marginal winner.

I believe there is a lot of room for improvement in my game, so if you are looking for a sweat buddy, somebody to bounce ideas off, talk strategy, ***** about variance etc, I am game if you are. I don't have any friends that play poker so i am looking for someone to talk poker with.

Whether you are looking for a poker buddy, starting a study group or adding new members to an old one all works for me. Ideally it would be a person or a group with members that play similar stakes trying to work on their games and move up in stakes.

Pm for skype/msn details
04-30-2010 , 08:52 AM
Looking for buddy for HU NL50 session reviews, hand discussion, etc.
05-05-2010 , 01:45 AM
I play 50nl 6max online and some HU. Looking for people to talk hands with and sweat sessions. PM me or respond here
05-05-2010 , 07:55 AM

I'm opening ultraMicroGroup for NL SH players playing from NL2 up to NL25.

Group will have a dedicated forum and therefore players who want to join need to prove that they are willing to learn and that they are hardworking on their game, details will come below.

Main purpose of the group is to share information, thoughts, guide others and learn from better players either by posting on forum, talking through skype or doing HH reviews.
UMG will start after 10 candidates will be approved by me, either by seeing their graphs/stats or either after doing a sweat session. I would like to start with guys with DECENT stats, not complete beginners. I'm not a monster and I do play those limits also, but I've beat them twice in the past - so I guess I can beat them now also. Members will get access to dedicated forum and a simple website where You will be able to see everyone's SkypeIds, Teamviewer ids etc. and in future You will be able to request sweat session by other better member.

Candidates need to send an application to providing:
- first name, nickname, age, location
- real sn from FTP/PS/whatever or links to ptr
- skypeid
- limits You play on
- how much time daily or weekly You spent on playing/how many tables You play -> what volume You can achieve monthly
- recent graphs

After reviewing, candidate will receive an email and access to forum/website. The group is forming so please be patient it can take a week or even more.

Take care,
05-09-2010 , 11:11 AM
Looking for NL50-100$ HUcash buddy + 50$-100$ turbo husng buddy.

PM me
05-09-2010 , 12:57 PM
Looking for a Study Buddy/ies

Former .5/1 NL Grinder... playing .25/.50 NL FR Now on Stars (omahahahhaha)

Looking for someone serious, bouncing ideas off each other to improve both our games and move up through stakes

Please PM or reply here and we can set something up

-made a new acct for this thread

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05-10-2010 , 10:04 PM
Looking to partner up with someone who plays 6max PLO, I just started playing plo25 and some 50, small winner through just over 4000 hands. I am a part time player but take this pretty serious and am just looking to form a small group of 2 or 3 people. Hoping to email each other hands, sit in on each others play, and open to other suggestions to improving my game. PM me if interested.
05-10-2010 , 10:29 PM
I am looking to begin a study group via skype

looking for 1/2 2/4 NL Players Send PM.
05-11-2010 , 10:29 AM
i play on ftp, currently in between 2nl + 10nl micro ring games 4 table.

i need some good advice, & wisdom from people who've been there & done that.
contact me, maybe i can be yo protege $_$V; currently building a bankroll.
05-11-2010 , 02:21 PM
Hey guys,

Looking for a sit n go study group mainly Multi table tournament SNG's at the microstakes. I am currently playing on fulltilt and have been playing a lot of $1 90 and 45 mans with the occasional heads up sng's.

I am free all of the time and as of now I really don't have a lot of people to talk poker with. I am looking to do a lot of sweat sessions and reviews as well as playing against eachother as a group of heads up for fun.

The best way to reach me is to throw me an email or reach me on skype.

Skype - magewBird

Looking forward to talking some poker
05-11-2010 , 02:52 PM
Any NLHE players in the north bay area in California? (Santa Rosa/Petaluma/Marin)

I'd love to not only find a study group but also additional players for our home games
05-11-2010 , 08:31 PM
Hi all think this is great idea im from illinois got time to join a study group via skype or in person
i primarily play mtts (lol gave up cash games for now)
05-12-2010 , 02:21 AM
Anyone near Temecula, California? If so I'd love to get together a live study group since nobody I know plays a lot of poker.

Skype - magewBird
05-13-2010 , 05:51 PM
Originally Posted by isitamonster I want to start/be in a study group
i play on ftp, currently in between 2nl + 10nl micro ring games 4 table.

i need some good advice, & wisdom from people who've been there & done that.
contact me, maybe i can be yo protege $_$V; currently building a bankroll.

do You still need help? maybe we can talk on skype or something?

take care,
05-13-2010 , 08:17 PM
Im down. email me at Mostly a live cash game player with a little success online MTT's. Trying to move up the ranks in cash games online. Poker is my life and I love dicussing it
05-15-2010 , 11:36 AM
Am interested in a skype discussion group. I play live but poker is poker.
05-17-2010 , 07:57 PM
I play 25nl.

I'm starting to take poker very seriously and I'm a winning player.

Would like to talk to anyone really.

I play 30k hands/month - looking to play more in future.

tankgirlpkr on both AIM + Skype.