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I want to start/be in a study group I want to start/be in a study group

07-11-2016 , 08:30 PM
i'm looking to find a close tournament poker friend. I'm 27 living in the western united states. I've been playing online since I was about 18 or so with around 50k profit. I had a close poker friend before black friday and it was very beneficial, looking for that again. I've had a FTP 750k FT when it was still running, multiple 10k+ scores. Know the game very well, BRM has always been my downfall. I've come to a mid life sort of crisis, and decided poker is what I really want to do.I'm starting up again with a smallish br, I'm going to giving it my all, my goal is to go to the wsop next year to play multiple evens, and hopefully escelate from there. PM me if interested. thank you
07-13-2016 , 06:49 PM
Originally Posted by HomeyG30 I want to start/be in a study group
South Florida study group for live cash:

A friend and I are looking for ~4-5 highly motivated, winning players (at least 7bbs/hour at $2/5 or $5/10 nl) for meetups in person or on skype.

PM if interested.
Update: Now looking for just 1-2 more people in South Florida (hallandale, hollywood, palm beach). Discussion would focus on theory/strat specifically vs. the actual player types and table dynamics unique to these games.

Reply here or pm if interested.
07-25-2016 , 04:57 AM
Hi all,

I am looking for a partner to study with over voice chat (Skype or otherwise).

My info:

-Regular at the $1-$2 MTTs/SnGs on Pokerstars, with occasional but never successful shots

-I consider myself a lot better than the average person I play with, but a combination of lack of volume/fancy play syndrome hinders my results.

-I live in Queensland, Australia (GMT+10)

I am also a fairly good chess player and learner of Russian.

I want a dedicated partner who really wants to improve their game, and is in as similar a boat to me as possible.

PM me or reply here.
07-26-2016 , 09:26 AM

I've been playing 180man turbo and non-turbo on PS in the past 10 months.
Games played: ~6.6k
Avg BI 3.26$.
ROI: ~2%.
ITM in 2016: 17.96%.
I created this chanel for anyone who wants to improve in the games mentioned.

Looking for a mastermind group to have periodic study sessions.

08-02-2016 , 07:14 AM
Originally Posted by MARE BELENGHER I want to start/be in a study group
Been playing for 3-4 years, solid winner at the micros, winner at low-mid stakes, had some shots at higher stakes which didn't go well. broke my staking deal 2 months ago. now i'm back at the micros with my own cash and looking to move up. i'm dedicated 100% to poker.

i'm looking for someone with the same experience like me to talk poker with. maybe someone who isn't staked and lives in europe.

please send me a pm with your ps sn/player group. i'm very serious about this, if you don't play poker for at least 3 years please don't waste my time.
Sent you a pm
08-12-2016 , 10:26 AM
Anyone looking to join a group? We have 7 full time grinders. We have space for 1 or 2 more. Sharkscope graphs must be available before approval.

08-15-2016 , 11:38 PM
Originally Posted by johnnycapa I want to start/be in a study group
Anyone looking to join a group? We have 7 full time grinders. We have space for 1 or 2 more. Sharkscope graphs must be available before approval.

I am looking for a group to help with accountability as well as learning. I am a full time MTT grinder with solid sharkscope graphs. Get back to me when you get a chance. I had to create a new twoplustwo account, so I am not sure if I can receive private messages. Let me know how and if I can contact you. I play low-midstakes Mtts and have been grinding professionally for 10 years. I would like to work with similarly minded mtt or hu cash players who are interested in learning off the table and putting in volume.


Abi: $18ish
Roi: probably 35%ish now...sharkscope graphs show about 50%, but we all know the games are a bit tougher now
08-16-2016 , 11:19 AM
Hey there,

I am a German guy willing to become more serious about poker, dreaming of playing the WSOP once in my life! I'd love to improve my game as much as possibly possible and this path involves some contacts!

Though I'm yet a "newbie" I would consider myself smart and a quick learner!

This beeing said, I'd like someone or group interested in some exchange via skype or TS! Or if you know: Is there already such a group out there?

Have a great day!

08-18-2016 , 10:06 AM
I'd love to join a poker group but I'm not a full time grinder , I play about 15-20 hours a week
I'm a US player, was a good small stakes 18 man grinder on Stars pre BF - GodLove$You on Stars for my SS graph
Ive been playing alot of plo8 as of late but if you have room i'd be up for a study group

let me know if you have room for a part timer
08-18-2016 , 02:47 PM
I'm looking for a study group for 6 max cash games. Please PM.
08-24-2016 , 08:02 PM
Looking for some micro/low stakes Mtt nd SnG bovada buddies
09-07-2016 , 07:51 PM
Originally Posted by raulfl89 I want to start/be in a study group
I'm looking for a study group for 6 max cash games. Please PM.
Im also currently interested in joining a study group for 6 max cash games, however I can not PM you for some reason please PM me
09-13-2016 , 04:37 AM
looking for a study group for 6max PLO100+

My graph from last month, from plo200 and little from plo500 (i had a good rush )
09-13-2016 , 05:25 AM
Hey did this study group take off at all? I think it is a brilliant idea. I would really like to improve my poker too.
09-13-2016 , 09:34 PM
Im interested in starting/joining a study group for small stakes MTTs (im a US player) looking to improve my game
09-14-2016 , 09:25 AM
Let's do it!
09-17-2016 , 11:27 PM
Looking for a mixed games study group, pm pls.
09-23-2016 , 02:54 AM
Hi guys,

I am looking for a individual or a study group to study the micro SNG formats, I am currently playing the 45-mans SNGS 0.50$ buy-ins. I have played poker for some years but never actually managed to crush anything. The one format I managed to do good tho was the 45 man SNG's. That's why I'm starting again now at the 0.50$ buy-ins.

I live in the Netherlands.

I use HEM2 and play on pokerstars.

Please PM me or leave a message here.
09-24-2016 , 09:27 AM
Looking for a study friend or study group to join. NLHE Omaha Stud, tourneys, cash games, everythinggggg hmu!
09-24-2016 , 09:28 AM
Hey dude, what's up. I'll be your study friend!
09-26-2016 , 07:35 AM
Hi wookielos,

not sure if the message is for me but I found a staking group so I don't need a studygroup anymore. Goodluck finding a team!
09-30-2016 , 12:59 PM
Hey guys,

I am looking for a study group/partner to study micro cash game NLHE & PLO.

A little back ground on me, I have been playing for around 4 years. Just recently realized i want to take my game seriously and quit donking around. Willing to put in around 50k+ hands a month as I have a full time job. I've had lots of success at live 1/2 up to 5/10 as the player pool is quite bad. I think my game is quite advanced for the micros, but I want to start there to work on BRM and grind my roll up, till I'm rolled for mid/high stakes live/online.

I'm willing to stick to this and put in years of work, anyone with near the same goals please PM me.
10-03-2016 , 07:27 AM

We have a small but growing study group of improving/intermediate players. The group focuses on micro/low stakes 9 man turbo sngs.
Our current members have a solid understanding of ABC poker, and we look for a similar level of understanding from prospective members. This is not a beginners group.
Please PM for more info or if you are interested in joining.

10-10-2016 , 08:14 PM
Originally Posted by AZ_Vikings I want to start/be in a study group
Looking for some micro/low stakes Mtt nd SnG bovada buddies
Contact info?
10-16-2016 , 08:11 AM
any nlhe groups in phx az?