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I want to start/be in a study group I want to start/be in a study group

08-27-2011 , 03:37 PM
Wanna join a MTT study group,preferably micro/lowstakes based.
I play anything in micro and low stakes level with a few midstakes MTTs mixed in. 45+ player SNGs as well.
PM pls
08-29-2011 , 12:14 PM
Any micro stakes mtt study groups out here?
08-29-2011 , 05:27 PM
Looking for couple HU players to join a group.
We have only 2ppl in this group and we play NL50-NL200.

If you're intrested about discussing hands and strategy then add me at skype : twobustomonkeys

And when u add, gimme some info who you are (I mean.. for example : 2+2 forums, bro)
08-31-2011 , 02:38 AM
6 max player 100-400nl on merge looking for study group. Ive been being the games quite nicely for my last ~100k hands or so, but trying to fix up a few things and not suck at hu. Would be nice to have some ppl to regularly talk strat with. I would also be willing to trade hu help for 6max help if theres anyone out there that is the opposite of me.
08-31-2011 , 05:04 PM
Looking to start an SSNL 6max group with 4 people max with the goal of getting to MSNL and beyond.

- Must play atleast NL100
- Must be a high volume player
- Already has good winrates.
- Pref people who play a laggier style of poker.

Will use skype and do alot of groupy stuff 1 or 2 times a week.
09-02-2011 , 05:17 AM
Any STT (SH turbo prefered) study groups out there?
If so, please PM me, thanks.
I'm playing $22 - $33 SH turbos on Ongame.

(could find any on the last months posts)

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09-03-2011 , 10:54 AM
Originally Posted by urinpain I want to start/be in a study group
Any STT (SH turbo prefered) study groups out there?
If so, please PM me, thanks.
I'm playing $22 - $33 SH turbos on Ongame.

(could find any on the last months posts)

I play $11-$22
09-05-2011 , 03:59 PM
Looking to join a plo study group, just started playing 10plo, PM me please.
09-05-2011 , 08:15 PM
I'm interested in an MTT study group. Currently playing MTTs $2.20 - $55 and looking to discuss hands/strategies etc.

PM me if you have an opening or are interested in starting a group.

09-08-2011 , 06:56 AM
Looking to join a midstakes PLO group
I have recently switched to PLO after playing NL for a living for over five years.
At the moment im playing PLO100-200 I know that is not midstakes but I take the game very serious and im looking to rise in limits.
09-13-2011 , 11:59 PM
Good day,

Trying to find a decent MTT/SNG study group to discuss tournament strategy, go over hand histories and discuss poker theory in general. I grind $2-$11 MTTs and SNGs on stars. Thanks, pm please
09-15-2011 , 11:02 PM
Need lots of help with not only improving but with a lot of the technology based stuff like setting up some kind of hand histories, learning how to review, etc.. dont have skype, never used it.. could learn that on my own i would think.. Currently a winning player in MTT, between FT and stars i think im like a positive 60%ish ROI. Im also new to 2+2 so cant pm. I know this is asking alot but i think i have valuable experience and some knowledge already but id really like to take my game to te next level and start making serious cash.. never really studied or tried before , just played cuz i loved it. I currently play MTT's NL and PLO from $2.20-$215 depending on how busto i am. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also interested in getting better at cash games, not as much experience and what experience i havee is pretty tilting...

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09-16-2011 , 01:43 AM
if any1 is LF a husng study group
we have 1 of those and you can join in.

pm me, include skype name
09-19-2011 , 03:23 AM

After some months, where I haven't been playing that much, I will once again start playing cash game seriously and I want to improve. Starting with a roll at NL10, but with eligibility to some NL20/25 as well.

Will be playing at Boss, but don't know if that matters. If you got free space in your study group, feel free to PM me. Also, if others are looking for a study group too, I would be interested in starting one.

09-19-2011 , 05:54 PM
Starting a new group of Poker Players beyond beginner level looking to improve their games. I am a tournament and some cash player at MS and FW, playing for 10 years looking for other similar players. Looking for other players that understand odds, position and such at intermediate and advanced levels. This IS NOT for new players or players that cant calculate pot odds, donít know what a squeeze play, are chasers or have learned everything they know from bar leagues and kitchen tables. Look to start in October/November 2011 with at least four people and expand. Not sure how often or where we will meet other than SE Mass/RI Border areas. You have to have a good temper, willingness to learn, share, and teach. There will be no money involved and you will be asked to explain method and reason for play as well as discuss hand and take/give feedback willingly and constructively. Occasional trips to FW or MS. Only contact me if serious and I will call by phone. Let me know a bit about yourself, your style of play, recent poker books you have read and how long you have played. Thanks
09-21-2011 , 07:24 PM
Looking for a few Serious and decent people for at STT Study Group everything from 5.50 - 22$ pref 6max turbo players,

my skype is Kvando1337, From Denmark, pretty much online 24/7 so add me whenever.
09-22-2011 , 04:57 PM
Looking for a studygroup, for 5max sng or FR, study group from 3,30$-11$
Add min on Skype jqrgensens, I'm from Denmark, Just started on sng, and is active nearly every day.
09-24-2011 , 04:35 AM
Wanting to join a 2.50s/180 mtt group. PM skype name / msn (stars)
09-27-2011 , 01:01 PM
I've just opened a 6max nlhe cash game study group on skype. We will be concentrating on HH discussion, sweat sessions, reviews and anything poker related. We currently have a solid group of winning players ranging from 10nl to 1000nl. If you are serious about improving and are willing to help others improve we would love to have you If you are interested you can pm me on skype, username: bigshades.
10-01-2011 , 02:55 AM
Playing some 50NL heads up, PM me if you'd like to discuss strategy on skype.
10-09-2011 , 10:03 PM
Im playing 100nl 6max, PM if you would like to discuss strat or have a skype strat group who's willing to take someone with determination in.
10-12-2011 , 01:12 PM
Hey guys. I'm moving over from HUSNG to HU cash. In the HUSNG community I had tons of guys I'd so sweats/HH reviews with, and I always learned a lot from it. Would love to get some guys for HU cash, please add me on skype (wannabb4ller).
10-13-2011 , 06:56 AM
Hey all,

Looking to join or create a study group for HUSNGs. I currently play on Stars at the $15s/$30s level under xlpokerdonlx. PM me if interested.
10-13-2011 , 07:19 PM
Looking for people to create a study group for the micro sngs. Buyin between 1-3 dollar.

Got to be some new players out there who wants to improve and get successful. So if you are intressted then pm me!
10-14-2011 , 11:01 AM
Hi ! i'm looking for some people to start a study group! Discuss and go throw some hands on 25-50NL 6max cashgame with skype and teamwiever! Would prefer if you want to be included in the group you should mastered the basics well and are not entirely new in the poker game.. intressted? add Callmefish89 on skype..