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I want to start/be in a study group I want to start/be in a study group

12-26-2016 , 08:59 PM
Still looking for people to study/sweat with for small stakes MTT's. I am from NZ so my play time is usually afternoon/evening US time or late night EU time.

PM me if interested and your play time is similar.
12-28-2016 , 01:17 AM
Looking for people who play Live deep NL 2/5-10/20

A skype/study group or w/e

I play primarily 2/5/10 and 5/10/20 deep games.
12-28-2016 , 04:36 PM
Looking for a group that ranges from NL10-NL25+. UK/English speaking only.

Skype: Paulhal2
01-01-2017 , 12:30 PM
I am looking for a studying group for micro to low stakes MTTSnGs and MTTs.
I am keen on improving my game. I work with tools ICMIZER/EQUILAB/HM2 daily.
ps nickname: buttonko
skype: borisko61

01-01-2017 , 10:50 PM
Currently at 10nl zoom looking for group/sweat sessions

Skype: ze.mancuso
01-04-2017 , 07:20 AM
Just got back into poker after a year break.
Currently grinding my way back up in 5NL zoom.
Love to get into a study group, do some sweat sessions or do some database reviews.

PM me if interested
01-08-2017 , 07:25 AM

We have a small but growing study group of improving/intermediate players. The group focuses on micro/low stakes 9 man turbo sngs.

Our current members have a solid understanding of ABC poker, and we look for a similar level of understanding from prospective members. Most players are 'recreational', playing part-time at present.

This is not a beginners group. Prospective members must have checkable online stats showing good volume and break even or above ROI. Please PM for more info or if you are interested in joining.

01-11-2017 , 06:10 PM
Starting a skype study group for micro-stakes cash-game grinders.

I myselve am a returned poker player that quit poker for a year due to work/study.
I am currently grinding the 10NLz pool and love to go over some hands / though spots / possible leaks with some other players.

In this study group we will post hands and organize some group-calls to either do some database reviews or a sweat session.

I am looking for players that have some good poker knowledge, preferably profitable players.
If you are interested send me a pm on 2p2 or add me on skype: jorniee
01-18-2017 , 12:23 AM
add me on skype: tj_mickeyd
01-20-2017 , 12:04 AM
I'm back into poker after taking the last 5 months off and looking for people to study/ sweat with. Was a decent winner at 50nl prior. Pm me for skype friends!
01-23-2017 , 03:43 AM
Looking to start a 6m KO sng group for stars. PM if interested
02-03-2017 , 03:26 AM
Currently wanting to start a whatsapp group for 5NL-10NL players. Winning or break even prefered.

The whatsapp would be used to have sweat sessions. Post hands and review them instantly. And maybe get some database reviews from skype

PM if interested
02-05-2017 , 07:12 PM
Hello, I started studying poker about a year ago and began trying to build a bank role on pokerstars in September.
I am currently playing NL10, MTTs with max buy in of $2.
I feel like I am doing alright, but I have leaks.
I would like to find people with passion for the game who want to discuss and learn from each other and progress our game.
If you have a group or are looking for people to talk poker add me on skype: inumberk

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02-08-2017 , 06:33 PM
Causal Player.. looking for me want a group
02-10-2017 , 08:26 AM
Ex-professional 6max cash player looking to get back into the swing of things. Currently playing 50NL building a roll and looking to move back up quickly.

Add me on skype as an individual or to your group if you want to bounce ideas off each other - ramitbawdeep is my username.

thanks x
02-11-2017 , 12:55 AM
Originally Posted by stacker604 I want to start/be in a study group
Anyone in Vancouver, BC Canada interested in chatting some poker strategy? I play low stakes MTTSNGs at the moment.
I am in the Vancouver area. Currently play NL10 and some MTTs. I am looking to start playing live. My Skype is inumberk.
02-16-2017 , 12:29 AM
hey, I used to be a fulltime mtt grinder 2009-2011 with good results just returning to poker but this time I want to play cash and am hardly struggling.
so Id like to join a group/ get a cash partner/coach. maybe I could help out with some mtt advice in return.

my skype is rob.ledonk
02-23-2017 , 07:17 PM
Originally Posted by MARE BELENGHER I want to start/be in a study group
MTT grinder here. Been playing for 3-4 years, solid winner at the micros, winner at low-mid stakes, had some shots at higher stakes which didn't go well. broke my staking deal 2 months ago. now i'm back at the micros with my own cash and looking to move up. i'm dedicated 100% to poker.

i'm looking for someone with the same experience like me to talk poker with. maybe someone who isn't staked and lives in europe.

please send me a pm with your ps sn/player group. i'm very serious about this, if you don't play poker for at least 3 years please don't waste my time.

i m still looking for someone
03-01-2017 , 06:52 PM
Greetings All,

As the title suggests, I'm starting up a poker group using Discord. This sort of thing has been done a lot in the past using Skype, but the groups typically go inactive after a few weeks. This one is here to stay.

What is it for?
- Learning
- Teaching
- Discussions
- Networking
- General Poker Chitchat

It aims to be a place for people to essentially improve themselves as a poker player, in a social environment.

If you are interested in joining, just send me a PM and i'll get you an invite to the server, all are welcome.

03-03-2017 , 06:16 AM
Whats up guys.

Looking for a small study group to discuss hands, strategy, mental game etc. (Dutch and English).

I am currently playing 50NL Zoom and Reg tables.
Dedicated to move up to midstakes this year.

PM when interested, 50NL and above

03-04-2017 , 02:56 AM
Been reading and using this site to study for awhile, just decided to join and maybe link up with other Spin n Go players via Skype. Currently playing 2k Spins a month at the $3 level, trying to attain gold star. Profitable pre rakeback but not much and looking to move up.

My skype is

Would be interested in paying for a couple hours to help my study/review habits and go over a few HHs. Payment through paypal gift given the right player/deal.

Currently using PT4 and Spin&Go Master Essential 2H and 3H Huds
03-21-2017 , 08:24 AM
Originally Posted by SweepZter11 I want to start/be in a study group
Whats up guys.

Looking for a small study group to discuss hands, strategy, mental game etc. (Dutch and English).

I am currently playing 50NL Zoom and Reg tables.
Dedicated to move up to midstakes this year.

PM when interested, 50NL and above

Meanwhile, we have started with 3 guys. Still looking for 1 or 2 more!
03-25-2017 , 09:27 AM
Originally Posted by SweepZter11 I want to start/be in a study group
Meanwhile, we have started with 3 guys. Still looking for 1 or 2 more!
Group is full. Thanks guys.
03-31-2017 , 11:39 PM
Sup guys.

We've recently fired up a discord study group for NLH, MTT, & PLO. We currently have some full time grinders as well as more casual players.

Hoping to get into some population reads and some deeper strat chat.

Here's the discord link if you want to check it out:
04-10-2017 , 04:52 AM

I'm a 29 year old norwegian MSNL grinder. Been playing for about 10 years. Winning at more than 5bb/100 lifetime. ~$500k lifetime profits.
Looking to improve at large field sunday MTTs (typically $109-$215).
Currently I'm at 15% ROI over 250 tournaments on stars and 10% ROI over 250 tournaments on 888. ABI $109 and $132, respectively.

I want to swap my NL coaching for your HS MTT coaching.
I'll need your screennames to verify that you're a solid winner and in return you'll get a screenshot of my most recent cashgame results (last 3 years) and screennames on Stars/888. If there's a HS MTT group with spots open I'm interested in that as well.
If you fit the description, feel free to send me a PM.