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I want to start/be in a study group I want to start/be in a study group

10-16-2016 , 08:45 AM
Originally Posted by MARE BELENGHER I want to start/be in a study group
Been playing for 3-4 years, solid winner at the micros, winner at low-mid stakes, had some shots at higher stakes which didn't go well. broke my staking deal 2 months ago. now i'm back at the micros with my own cash and looking to move up. i'm dedicated 100% to poker.

i'm looking for someone with the same experience like me to talk poker with. maybe someone who isn't staked and lives in europe.

please send me a pm with your ps sn/player group. i'm very serious about this, if you don't play poker for at least 3 years please don't waste my time.
I'm interested. Crushed micros. Played nl400. Have been doing different stuff for few years but now im back !! Mail me if interested
10-16-2016 , 10:14 PM
long term winning in turbo 15's husng. playing hypers now.

skype: xpaulo.rodrigox
10-17-2016 , 03:52 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm a winning 9 man sng player. Recently came back to the game and currently playing 1.5$ but looking to move up to 3.5$ & 7$ soon. I'm looking for a study group or study buddy to discuss strategy.
Skype: basdeweerd (cookie monster profile picture)
10-18-2016 , 03:33 PM
just started a group, looking for keen and active 10NL+ players, there are 3 of us so far, 2 UK 1 NOR, please no ego's, pm me
10-24-2016 , 03:03 PM

We have a small but growing study group of improving/intermediate players. The group focuses on micro/low stakes 9 man turbo sngs.
Our current members have a solid understanding of ABC poker, and we look for a similar level of understanding from prospective members. This is not a beginners group.
Please PM for more info or if you are interested in joining.

10-31-2016 , 05:35 PM
I'm definitely interested in this. I play micros online atm, I live on staten island, ny. Send me a message if there is anything going on. I'm a more experienced tournament player, would love to exchange ideas for cash game play.
11-01-2016 , 12:25 AM
Looking for people who want to study/sweat on skype etc. I'm in the Oceanic timezone and play during the day so around 10pm-8am GMT sorta time. I play micro/low stakes donkaments very regularly I'm an intermediate level player not a beginner but not a pro either. Ideally someone who plays the same hours for easy communication.

PM or reply here.
11-03-2016 , 01:48 PM
Looking for MTT players for low-micro players. Must have been playing the game for a couple of years.
11-09-2016 , 03:27 PM
Originally Posted by NutsOrAir7 I want to start/be in a study group
Looking for MTT players for low-micro players. Must have been playing the game for a couple of years.
Hi Nuts, could you contact me? skype: patopp5
11-11-2016 , 01:01 AM
Looking for MTT review group.

Im playing 5$ up to 44$.

Kind pm me.

11-14-2016 , 07:28 AM
Hey guys,

Looking for a micro SNG or MTTSNG buddy. I've been playing for a long time, but just getting into using my HUD and trying to get more involved with using other tools to improve my game. Currently looking into developing push/calling hand ranges and getting more accustomed to PT4.

Preferably looking for a bud in Vancouver, but ok with not being here.
11-14-2016 , 12:14 PM
hey, i play 180s and mikro mtts and would like to join youre group. write me back if interested...shipped a big 22 and big 75 but main game is atm 180s 2.5s $ and 3.5 R $ ...
11-16-2016 , 01:38 PM
CASH GAME 100-500 NL Study Group Looking For More!

We got about 12 people so far. Message me your skype
11-26-2016 , 02:14 PM
Hi guys, i will be glad to join hu sng player group, my name is Mirel "MasterSkip87" on PS, at this time playing Hu turbo sngs $ 7

my skype: Mirel Joaca (you will see numbers 87 on avatar)
11-29-2016 , 07:54 AM
Hello, me and my friend are looking for regular speed 180 players study group, PM me, thanks
11-29-2016 , 09:14 AM
Looking for a group that plays NL25-NL100, I'm just starting to grind NL50 and slowly NL100, but really feel insecure with a lot of stuff.
11-30-2016 , 08:56 PM
Recent turned live cash game pro specialize in 5/5, 5/10 NLH in Los Angeles, California.


Looking to network with other pros
12-03-2016 , 09:57 PM
Im an online pro playing smallstakes cashgames and Im looking for a small group or other professional players to create a new one.
Please send me a pm with short information about your poker career and also your skype ID.
12-11-2016 , 12:23 AM
ill network with any of you, I play as HeroCallingDonk on WPN
12-13-2016 , 03:26 PM
looking for plo midstakes group-> transition from headsup/6max to live highstakes
12-20-2016 , 01:52 AM
Anyone in Vancouver, BC Canada interested in chatting some poker strategy? I play low stakes MTTSNGs at the moment.
12-20-2016 , 09:41 AM
I am a new NL10 player looking for a group or a single person to talk hands with.

Please pm me.
12-21-2016 , 04:47 AM
As somebody new I don't have access to PM yet, but I'm always down to discuss hands. I frequent the casino a lot, for better or for worse, and would love to talk about 2/3, 3/5 NL games.
12-22-2016 , 06:00 PM

I play NL25-Nl50 SH and also some Hu , if anyone wants to Study on skype please send pm

take care