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I want to start/be in a study group I want to start/be in a study group

10-14-2017 , 12:32 PM
looking to join a solid study group to get more perspectives. I was playing full time for almost 3 years, recentley went busto and trying to work my way back up from the micros. My usual 'study bud' doesnt play as much anymore so I'd like to find some solid winners at 50nl+ to discuss theory/strat with
10-22-2017 , 03:28 PM
Old cash player looking to start MTTing. Starting a structure group. You must have a decent level of poker knowledge already. So the first 10 day will be about cbets. Board texture, vs different positions, IP and OOP cbet frequency, defending your flop checking range, what hands vs what boards, c/raising ranges, sizing compared to the board. This way, it's open to cash game players and MTT players. 10 days of studying the flop. Then the next 10 days, studying the turn. Later study will be preflop, which will be different for mtt or cash players. But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. I have 4 articles to read about flop play, then we can meet and discuss. 60 days we can throughly cover common spots. Anyone interested, inbox me. If you have some cbet resources to add to the discussion we'll add it, until individually come up with our own off table strategy for how we'll play that situation.

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10-24-2017 , 02:20 PM
Hey all,

Former live stakes 1/2-2/5 grinder and currently playing microstakes. Looking to join a small skype group to discuss hands so shoot me a PM if you can help me out. Thanks!
10-24-2017 , 04:30 PM

I recently switched to Cash game. 10-25c zoom on pokerstars.
I am breaking even the first 40.000 hands. I would like to be in a study group with people playing similar levels. I play almost every day for a few hours.

Used to play tournaments but got tired of that after 10 years.

PM me and we can communicate through skype of what's app.
10-31-2017 , 11:18 AM

I am a former NL25 player, that is coming back to poker after a year and is looking to build up his stack. If someone is looking for a study partner, or has a group with serious players can contact me.

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11-07-2017 , 03:31 PM

Live 2-5 grinder in the bay area with a pretty good attitude at the tables. Been playing since 2003. I'm looking for a study group. My main focus now days is looking for boards/opponents to barrel and going for super thin value against passive players. I sometimes struggle folding big pairs on the flop. I'm interested in anything online from nl2-nl100 or discussion about live hand histories. Cash only for now. PM me if interested. Thanks!
11-08-2017 , 12:55 AM
Bit of an update - Our group has grown over the past few months and expanded out into most other formats of poker and across the major poker sites. If you're looking to work on your mix-game or just want to learn a wide range of poker games then we're the place. We're starting to have private freerolls along with our private satellites into larger weekend events.

Due to the increased use of cryptocurrencies for poker such as Bitcoin, we also offer help with learning how to use these effectively and ways to keep yourself as secure as possible.

We use Discord instead of Skype, our link is below. One thing to note about Discord - the desktop version is much better than the basic browser version.

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11-10-2017 , 03:29 AM
won 500k over the years

looking for serious study buddies

pm me to chat on skype

must have time to study alot
11-10-2017 , 04:10 PM
shortstack poker player playing on ignition and global poker nl100 for now. Looking for experienced player to discuss strategy and hh review. I have been playing for couple of years shortstacking. pm me.
11-11-2017 , 03:06 PM
I'm crushing 180 mans atm, would love a study partner who's also crushing the games, plz don't message me if ur not a winning player.
11-11-2017 , 03:35 PM
Originally Posted by MARE BELENGHER I want to start/be in a study group
Been playing for 3-4 years, solid winner at the micros, winner at low-mid stakes, had some shots at higher stakes which didn't go well. broke my staking deal 2 months ago. now i'm back at the micros with my own cash and looking to move up. i'm dedicated 100% to poker.

i'm looking for someone with the same experience like me to talk poker with. maybe someone who isn't staked and lives in europe.

please send me a pm with your ps sn/player group. i'm very serious about this, if you don't play poker for at least 3 years please don't waste my time.
yo, send me a msg
11-11-2017 , 06:54 PM
Originally Posted by mame I want to start/be in a study group
I'm crushing 180 mans atm, would love a study partner who's also crushing the games, plz don't message me if ur not a winning player.
if you wanna contact me add my skype @ -


discord : Charisma#3440
11-12-2017 , 07:47 PM
Hello guys. I'm currently looking for competent sparring partners to create a strong study team. I will start off by posting some of my recent z500 results on PokerStars. A picture of my winnings and a graph since the 1st of October until now. (7.31evbb/100 over 461k hands)

A team of 3-4 smart thinkers is what I have in mind, so we're able to study more efficiently and split up the workload. Don't want the group to be too crowded, so I think 3-4 is a good number.
Minimum requirements to apply:
- At least playing midstakes with a winrate of +4bb/100 (so NL400+) and a proven track record.
- A lot of experience in PioSolver.
- Willing to study daily for 1-2 hours
- Friendly and open-minded

The work I want to do is primarily in PioSolver and MonkerSolver. Population analysis is also a subject I’m interested in looking more into.

It's a bonus (Not a must!) if you have the following:

- Experience with MonkerSolver
- European Time Zone
- Work you can share. (I have a lot).

I know some guys probably will be curious to know who I am on Stars, but I'm not really interested in making that public here.

So guys, if this sounds interesting to you and you fit the description, feel free to send me a PM.

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11-13-2017 , 05:49 AM
Currently have a discord group with ~15 active members.

Our players range in stakes from 10nl-50nl 6max/Zoom on PokerStars, ACR, PartyPoker, and Ignition.

If any solid regs are looking for a place to study and improve their game, pm me.

Preferably winning players with more than a year of poker experience.
11-14-2017 , 03:02 PM
Are there any groups forming (or formed looking for additional members) that focus on tournaments instead of cash? If so, let me know!
11-19-2017 , 03:20 AM
Hi everyone,

I am a cash game player primarily playing online 2NL/5NL and 2/3 Live. I am a losing player and I am trying really hard to get better and study my ass off and have other players to bounce ideas off of. I have been playing for about 2 years now and I have read around 5 books and I am now learning from If anyone is interested or has a group already please send me a message.
11-21-2017 , 03:15 PM
Looking to join a study group for online 6max. Coming back to poker after a while out. Previously played a lot of mtt and now due to scheduling and other reasons am looking to play cash.

Currently holding my own at 10nl and Would like to go through the limits.

However I'm currently playing on two sites with no huds so would be great if a lot of the talk is not purely focused on stars. Although would still be interested to get involved in any discussion.

Based in the UK
11-22-2017 , 02:48 AM
Looking to join a study group for live cash and/or MTTs. Predominantly play 5/10 and 10/20 live, just getting into MTTs and playing on BCP to hone my skills. Winning decently live but feel like I lack the fundamental edge that online players have. 25 yo, willing to put in at least 1-2 hours a day.

Based in the west coast
11-28-2017 , 10:18 PM
Hi im playing MTT and SNG , would love a study partner who's also play a lot like me to discuss hands, or a group study for micro.
11-29-2017 , 07:35 AM
Hey I play micro stakes cash and Sng. Create a group and let us know to join.
11-29-2017 , 11:29 AM
Originally Posted by JhonS I want to start/be in a study group
Hey I play micro stakes cash and Sng. Create a group and let us know to join.
Hi u can add me on skype
if u wanna share hands with me.
12-06-2017 , 06:34 PM
Originally Posted by khaleeeeesi I want to start/be in a study group
Hi u can add me on skype
if u wanna share hands with me.
Could I get in on this? I play micro MTTs and SNGs with some success, looking to talk over hands and strategy with a few like minded folks.
12-08-2017 , 01:01 PM
MTT Study group 20$-100$ BI

Hello , im looking for

:Winning players
:Experienced players (5k MTTs or more)
:Eager to learn
:Hard working
:Preferably European (due to timefuse)

I have over 200k on winnings , i want to make a small 4-5 group of mastermind exchange

If interested please pm skype

No noobs , no begginers no leaches please.
12-08-2017 , 11:08 PM
Originally Posted by billposters I want to start/be in a study group
Could I get in on this? I play micro MTTs and SNGs with some success, looking to talk over hands and strategy with a few like minded folks.
Yes just add me on skype and we can talk
12-10-2017 , 12:11 PM
PLO 1-2 / 5-10 reg here. Im in my early 30's playing for a living for the last few years.
If you are looking to move up to midstakes you can add me on skype and i will give you my opinion on hands/ 1h teamviewer session per week.

I will show you where to find the best games and hook you up with a deal.