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I want to start/be in a study group I want to start/be in a study group

08-28-2018 , 11:37 AM

I'm starting a study group for cash game players based on solver work. There is conditions :
- Online player at least nl100
- using solver
- having some GTO knowledge
- MOST IMPORTANT : beiing involved in the group, hardworker who will put the time and effort to make him and the group progress.

This would not be a group where we just look at some hands. This would be an in depth looking of current spots, trying to figure out some pattern, how to deviate from GTO, etc

If you're interested and wants to get more info send me a pm.

08-29-2018 , 09:38 AM
Anyone looking for additional members in their study group please contact me.

About me:

I am a winning player who plays on Global Poker and Live 1/2nlhe.

On Global Poker Ive played all the way up to 50nl. I can beat 50nl.

Where I am focusing my current studies:

I am reviewing hands online and live mainly by using flopzilla and equilab/poker cruncher. I am intermediate with poker math.

Im playing online to increase my knowledge in certain spots and playing live to increase my bankroll.

Any other questions please PM me!!

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09-04-2018 , 12:34 PM
looking pokermasters player at least nl2000cyn pm me
09-05-2018 , 12:02 PM
I'm looking to start a study group for players who grind Micro MTTSNG's on stars ($0,5 45/90/180p $1 90p $1,5 45p $2,5 180p $3,5 45p $3,5+R 180p)
Focused on:
Hand Reviews
Strategy Discussions
Poker Concepts

Looking for players who are comitted to crush those limits and already have some experience on those games.
Also If you're already in a group that looks similar to this one, I'd like to join.
PM me or add skype igorspb7
10-01-2018 , 09:32 PM
Looking to join a study group for Mid-High MTTs, or even just one other person who is at a similar level and is putting in the hours.

Results from last two years over all sites
10-01-2018 , 09:33 PM
Originally Posted by joe1234567 I want to start/be in a study group
Looking to join a study group for Mid-High MTTs, or even just one other person who is at a similar level and is putting in the hours.

Results from last two years over all sites
Speak English and Spanish (and quite a bit of Portuguese)
10-02-2018 , 03:56 PM
We are currently looking for an additional 2-3 winning players at 6-max NL100+ for our study group.

Everyone in the group are winning players at NL100+.

(Except me that is playing at NL60)

If you are interested to join then send me a message or add me on Skype: tedfelt.

OBS! We are only looking for winning players so be ready to show your graph in order to join.
10-02-2018 , 04:13 PM
Originally Posted by Fishtankz I want to start/be in a study group
Looking for study group 100nl+ 6-max
Add me on Skype (Skype id: tedfelt) if you are still looking for a NL100+ study group.
10-02-2018 , 04:14 PM
Originally Posted by elmagico I want to start/be in a study group
Looking for study group 100nl+ 6-max

Add me on Skype (Skype ID: tedfelt) if you are still looking for a study group.
10-03-2018 , 11:10 AM
Hi looking for a study group for mtts and sng 180m. I currently play up to 11$ buy ins in pokerstars and my bb/100 is 11% in last 150k hands.You can add me to skype or pm me here
skype name:live:thanasis123465

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10-14-2018 , 02:01 AM
Looking to join both midstakes cash game study group and most specifically mid to high stakes MTTs.

I have over $100,000 in MTT cashes which can be verified here on my pocket 5s profile.
10-14-2018 , 02:08 PM

Playing poker for around 12y.
Playing zoom 25NL/50Nl

Got HM2 /flopzilla /piosolver/ power-equilab /snowieapp...

Trying to find out i got the right way of studying. So if There is a group, you can pm me.

Rather not Skype (rather Discord or Slack)
10-14-2018 , 04:30 PM
looking for a study buddy again playing 25NL+ NLHE - PM me
10-15-2018 , 04:31 AM
Hi guys,

We are a small MTT study group (2 Irish, 1 American) looking to expand our group with some dedicated players.

Over the past 6 months weve been getting together weekly and weve just finished studying the Upswing Poker MTT Masterclass which is based around game theory predominantly.

For the next few months were going to change our focus to exploitative play and live reads before we perhaps take a look at another training course (BenCB/RunitOnce/etc.)

The current stakes we play are live 200 - 500 MTTs and online $10 - $50 MTTs and then satelliting into bigger buy-ins.

At present our study time is via Skype on Friday evening around 4PM Irish time, however this may be changed once the new group starts up if a better time suits.

For our next block of study we have all the materials we need and one of us will be taking the lead so the main thing that were looking for is people who are serious about improving their game.

Send me a PM if youre interested. Ive included a draft outline of what we plan to cover in our next study block which is starting Friday October 19th.


Friday October 19th - Pre flop strategies, iso limpers, hand ranges, playing off shorter stacks, 3betting weaker players, shoving ranges.

Oct 26th - Flop strategies, cbetting, flop raising, leading, min raising etc, blocker bets.

Nov 2nd - Turn play, cbetting, x raising, barrelling.

Nov 9th - river play, barrelling off, x raising, leading, live player tendencies on all streets.

Nov 16th - live reads, physical verbal, player pool tendencies.
10-15-2018 , 03:48 PM
Originally Posted by hughescon I want to start/be in a study group

Send me a PM if youre interested.
Sorry can't PM please email if interested.
10-16-2018 , 02:43 AM
Looking to join a study group. I was a live recreational winning player at 2/5 for years and recently decided to actually attempt to learn how to play poker properly about a month ago. I'm a professional video gamer so I know I have what it takes to be good mentally just need some direction. I'm currently a winning player on WSOP and will be moving to ACR soon so that I can use Poker Tracker
10-17-2018 , 06:14 PM
Looking for POKERMASTER (Asian app) players who want CRUSH THIS GAME!

- Play at least 5 10 20
- Have a good knowledge of PioSolver (you must know how to run Scripts and node locking)


- no religious LOL (of course joke)

Feel free to send me PM!
10-23-2018 , 08:09 PM
Looking to join a study group with people grinding PokerMaster or other Asian app. I'm currently grinding mainly 5/10/20 trying to adapt from a traditional online background.
10-24-2018 , 09:46 AM
Hey everyone!

We are a group of players primarily from the US, Canada, and UK that discuss online and live MTT strategy. I recently took over the admin role and it's time to recruit some new members.

We have a mix of specializations with the common theme that we are all working on our MTT game. While our focus for this group is on MTTs, we do discuss cash hands/other situations from time to time.

If you are a MTT reg or a reg with another specialization that is looking to get into MTTs then we would love to have you. Please message me with how long you have been playing, your area of specialization, why you would like to join the group, and PM me your skype ID.

10-30-2018 , 11:19 PM
Looking for study group for live $2/5 and $5/10 NL. Been playing professionally now for a year and a half. Any other pros out there looking to talk hands and strategy?
10-31-2018 , 05:03 AM
Looking for a study group for 6plus NL players. Its a new variant which means lots of fish. It's microstakes though, max i've found is 100 euro cash games.

But there are plenty of fish, I barely know what i'm doing and i'm making some profit. With a little learning I think we could go far
11-05-2018 , 07:01 AM
I'm interested in joining a study group for 6max midstakes+ . PM plz

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11-06-2018 , 10:20 AM
Originally Posted by teamdren I want to start/be in a study group
I'm currently starting at $5NL and I would love to make friends or join a study group. I'm currently studying really hard and working on my game, determined to move up. Messaging me if you're interested in conversing or know of a relevant group. Thanks!

Discord: teamdren#7014
Skype: teamdren
pure io gioco al 5
se vuoi possiamo scambiarci qualche messaggio
11-29-2018 , 01:18 AM

I am looking for a study partner/group to work on ranges/ICM and head up play. Please PM me if you are looking for the same.
11-29-2018 , 05:11 PM
I've opened a discord group for NLHE 25+ who want to have study partners and socialize. PM me with what stakes you play.