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I want to start/be in a study group I want to start/be in a study group

04-02-2010 , 10:44 AM
This is a sng STT poker study group. We exchange tournament histories with each other for review. We have a turbo group. We have a regular speed group and recently we have begun to review hands live on Skype.

Send me your name, email address and qualifications to join.
We have 18 memebers and the quality of advice is solid.

STT SnG study group entering 4 week
We now have 18 players who are involved. I know it has already made me a better player. We can still accept new players. Many of our members are regularly profitable and multi table 10+ tables. We also have some like me who only play 2 tables at a time. The main point is we have strong successful players who can help you improve your game. So if you are good enough to be a long term winner and you want to get better. Send me a PM with your email address and try us out. Or if your willing to learn to change to become better you are also welcome.

STT or SNG study group is up and running JOIN IT !
We are in our 3rd week. We have 14 members. We need Multi tablers who play $11+ SnG and STT. All are welcome but right now most of our players play below $22. So if you want to join a weekly study group for SnG or STT send me an email.

We continue to sign up SNG players and we are looking for players who play in the $10 - $16 level. You can certainly join if you play lower and your welcome if you play turbos as well.

Send me an email with your info including your email address.

. Please pm me to join.
Looking to set up a STT study group. I'd like to get players who will work together and review each others hand histories. I want this to be an online group that works through email and pm.

I will be the organizer. I am not a super expert. I would just like to be a regular member. I will send emails and try to make sure that the group functions. My plan is to have a rotating pairing so that we each have an opportunity to work with every member. Each week we will all have to review on entire STT for another member. So you will have a whole week to do the review and you only need to comment on the interesting hands. Then email your comments. No appointments to keep. Do it in your own time. Swap as many histories as you want during the week. The next week we will all be rotated to another member. My plan is to leave it up to members if they share their online name. The policy will be that this is kept private.
Players must have a minimum of 100 STT games played , have a basic understanding of odds, and must have read at least 1 poker book. I know this is not asking much but you have to start somewhere.
My hope is that we get a good response and we can set up 2 groups so that more advanced players feel challenged.

Please dont post a response here PM me instead. Ill repost this every other day for a few weeks to see if it gets any traction
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04-04-2010 , 11:26 PM
hey guys looking to build an ongoing skype group convo for people who regularly grind 18man turbos on pokerstars.. I've already got a handful of some of the best regs in the $16-27 level on my skype list and i'm looking to get a handful more before starting up the group convo..
04-05-2010 , 12:56 PM
I'm a very creative thinker, especially when it comes to NL HU cash. I'm looking to bounce around ideas with a technically proficient player (maybe someone looking to get into coaching) who has preferably logged a lot of hands.

I've secured backing and am about to begin playing poker professionally. I want someone who can ensure that:

1. I don't pick up any bad habits playing the ps 180's (which i'm going to use as a bankroll builder)

2. I don't have any NL HU cash leaks (will be my main game eventually)

3. I am able to transfer my skills between games effectively

I'm really looking for a couple of initial chats just so i'm pointed in the right direction with regards to shoring my game up technically, with the occasional catch-up for theory stimulus.

I'm happy to 'put my cards on the table' first and offer some insight into some creative plays that i think most people lack. If your not satisfied then i expect nothing in return. I'm a principled guy, so if you help me out i'll always be available to offer my opinion on anything poker related.
04-05-2010 , 04:53 PM
hey guys, im looking to start a mtt study group.. I currently grind 45mans and regular gtd mtts.. My average BI is 15$. I am looking to start a group that will exchange HH weekly with different partners and also have a skype group chat going so that we can sweat each other. PM if interested and tell me alittle about yourself. Serious players only please.
04-06-2010 , 03:07 PM
Looking to start a small study group of NL100+ 6max players with the following qualifications:
- plays regularly
- is at least break even

Serious interests only. PM me.
04-06-2010 , 07:56 PM
Hey folks,

First post here. Looking to find a PLO study group. I regularly multi-table 50PLO with moderate success. Started my roll with 40$, peaked at 1400$, down to 600$. All within the last month and a half or so. I think i'm a quick learner. I have tons of books. The majority of which I haven't touched but am totally willing to share.

I don't believe I am a good player but I want to learn dearly. I'm having a kid in 7 months, going to school in 3 weeks for a 1 year program and figure right now is the only time i'm going to have to hit poker hard for awhile and try to find a stable game I can crush.

I have HEM for hand reviews, both HE and PLO micro. And I also have both holdem indicator and PLO indicator (they are alright, I like the hud more then HEM because I don't rely on it heavily.)

If you read all that BS. What i'm looking for is a study group (obv) who will do HH analysis, sweating sessions and discuss the game through emails or whatever (my work usually gives me a little time to play around on email but not on 2+2). I have aim, msn and i'm going to get skype here soon if I find a good group which warrants me purchasing a web cam.

Sorry for the ramble. Hope you got the gist of this. Don't usually post in forums. ........ ......

04-07-2010 , 01:12 PM
Small Poker Support Group


I am trying to start a poker support group. Everyone in this group will support me, financially and otherwise. Including their women. JK!! LOL

Actually I want a group of peers that do sweat sessions with each other, discuss hands, strategies, tools, etc., and help each other learn and realize our dreams of poker success. I am thinking 4-6 people or so but will let the first few members help me decide where to stop adding people.

I have played 5 years professionally at micro stakes and had poor-ok success. Last 300,000 hands I am 1 bb at all stakes (.10/.25 up to .50/1) which includes a crushing downturn and loss of confidence and recovery and etc etc. Many of you know exactly of what I speak.

I want to turn the corner. This is one of the ways I am going to do it. A group of people leaning on each other in order that all of us will succeed. Not all applicants will be accepted. You must be serious, smart,familiar with modern poker strategies, have HEM, table scanner, table ninja, Skype, and Team Viewer. You must be reading poker, watching videos, and be able to discuss poker hands and strategies.

Let's go guys. Let's get the money.

Send me a message with your details and let's get started! Please provide your FTP or Stars name(s) so I can look you up and give me a little bio. U.S. Players preferred.
04-07-2010 , 06:31 PM
bozo i cant send u messages currently so i emailed you via your profile.
04-08-2010 , 06:57 PM
You kept asking me for personal info. I kept telling you we are not required to share screen names to be in this group. I offered you a spot in the group.
Whats to be careful of? We have 18 members and good work is getting done.

Originally Posted by kmoxlee I want to start/be in a study group
I Would be carefull about this guy...I pm him to find out what this was all about he would not really say much about the group just keep asking me for my e-maill adress
04-08-2010 , 07:03 PM
Hi we have a good group that works together on SNG and single table tournaments. All the work is done through email but we are in the process of adding skype work. We review entire tournaments for each other. Each week we are assigned a new player to work with. We have split into 2 groups Turbo and regular speed. It works great. Message me with your name and your email if you want to join.

Good luck
04-09-2010 , 12:48 PM
Originally Posted by djh860 I want to start/be in a study group
You kept asking me for personal info. I kept telling you we are not required to share screen names to be in this group. I offered you a spot in the group.
Whats to be careful of? We have 18 members and good work is getting done.
i didnt ask you from personal info I asked you what you screen names were..This is a complety reasonable question. I want to seee what kind player you are what stakes you play and i fyou even a wininng playing.The only reason I can see you not wanting to say it that you are trying to hid something about or screen names or are trying to scam people
04-09-2010 , 12:51 PM
Originally Posted by djh860 I want to start/be in a study group
You kept asking me for personal info. I kept telling you we are not required to share screen names to be in this group. I offered you a spot in the group.
Whats to be careful of? We have 18 members and good work is getting done.
And why not get someone in the group to post in the theard the show that there is really a group and every thing will be cleared up
04-09-2010 , 09:08 PM
I have a dedicated poker chat room. The players run from 50nl - 2knl 6m HU and FR NLHE/PLO and a SNG player that plays up to 200's. I am also a member of another similar group through my staker/coach that has players within the same limits and also spans MTT's and SNG's. This is a VERY good format for constructive conversation ongoing about HH reviews, video reviews, random sweats with available player and some minor poker banter.

The largest aspect for success of this group is that the dedicated Skype chat not be spammed with personal conversation etc, and that all sweats are conducted through calls or private chats. The volume of minds is invaluable but can easily become worthless with too much conversation that provides no poker value.

If you are interested PM me your Skype name, limit/game, what you can contribute and why you want to contribute and participate.

Everyone will be on a "trial" basis. It's not meant to be anal at all, but there has to be some supervision over the group to keep from ruining the quality of content it provides.
04-10-2010 , 05:14 AM
Anyone know of a HU SNG group going on? I play $10 usually. Looking to trade hands/chat mostly. Will make a group if needed.
04-10-2010 , 06:49 AM
Hello, April 1st I started taking poker seriously, and started playing $5 turbo SnGo's on UB. About 70 games I have made a small $30 profit and would like to chat to other SnG beginners and discuss successes and failures and go over hands.. if anybody is interested please get in touch thru PM
04-11-2010 , 07:47 PM
I am fixed limit player with a slight winrate in limits 1/2 and 2/4. I am trying my best to improve my game. Here are some of my stats:

I am looking for fixed limit player/s who would like to do some sweat sessions, hand reviews, session reviews etc.

Please PM me if you are interested.
04-12-2010 , 02:46 AM
Hey guys, I play $20-100 mtts and $50-200 hu and 6max sngs and am looking for someone around my age (college) who plays the same relative stakes to talk strategy with and bounce ideas off each other. If you'd be interested in skyping, trading videos of our play, sweating each other etc, send me a pm.
04-12-2010 , 05:11 PM
I'm a newbie playing FR micro stakes (2NL) looking to join a study group to improve my game. I play full time (ftp and ipoker), one to two tables at the moment. I have holdem manager small stakes version. I have skype, gtalk and teamviewer on my pc.

PM me if you have a spot for me in your study group.

Thanks and have a nice day!

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04-13-2010 , 02:17 AM
Im looking to join a study group. does anyone have any spots open in an existing group or forming a new one. Im a dedicated player and get around 25-30k hands a month, I started the year at 10NL, 6max and this month im taking a shot at 50NL. small winner but feel ive hit a "wall" and looking to discuss hands, sweats with other good players looking to progress forward at similar limits.

Please feel free to PM me with any details etc
04-13-2010 , 07:15 PM
Five 50nl to 100nl
Two 200nl-400nl players
Two 600-2knl players

Looking for 3-5 more 100nl and up players to be active. At least one more mid stakes. Hu/6m/fr is OK.

Its a dedicated Skype chat.

Pm please
04-14-2010 , 01:08 AM

looking for players in Baltimore MD or around MD to meet/call to discuss and analyze poker.


(PM me if interested or can lead me to group)
04-16-2010 , 12:25 PM
word thanks for the heads up

i'm looking for people who are looking to improve as i am with their FR mostly though i wont discourage 6max but 5nl/10nl/25nl range who have put in a good volume of hands/with a stat tracking program like pt3/ who play on FT/ and who wanna use AIM or skype to communicate/sweat/ share HH etc and talk theory

I'd love to find some savvy people right here in the metro Denver, CO area but I am open minded to people further, even much further away who are good communicators via aim/skype though i dont use skype much currently.

pm me if this may be you, thanks
04-16-2010 , 07:16 PM
anyone from OAHU,HAWAII that would like to ?
04-18-2010 , 11:25 AM
i play $55 husngs and 50nl hu cash on pokerstars, usually im too lazy to post strategy on here but if anyone wants to talk heads up strategy on aim my aim is cheechwizard1.

heres my graph from when i played on cake

only got hem a week ago but heres a graph anyway, mostly 50nl hu
04-20-2010 , 04:38 PM
STT(SNG) Study group. We play $1-$20 STT, turbos and regulars.

Our requirements:
1) You must be dedicated , focused and disciplined .
2) You must have PT3 or HM,
3) You must have SNG wizard and know basics on how to use it.

Our rules :Every Monday our study group members will be teamed up with each other to exchange and review hand histories.
They can exchange va e-mail, skype, team viewer...(you both have to agree on one )
You must reply to your partner by Tuesday 23:59, and exchange your hand histories by Wednesday 23:59.
You must exchange at least 2 hand histories.
Then you will have time 'till Sunday 23:59 to finish your reviews and discuss questionable hands with your partner.
On Monday you will be reassigned again.
If you miss your assignments you will be removed from the group.
If for some reason you can not complete your assignments or have difficulties reviewing hand histories or any other problems, contact your partner and me ASAP and we will work something out.


Books to read :Sit 'n Go Strategy by Collin Moshman, Heads-Up No-Limit Hold 'em by Collin Moshman, The Poker Mindset: Essential Attitudes for Poker Success by Matthew Hilger and Ian Taylor,Harrington on Hold'em book 2.

Hand history replayers:

Please PM if interested.(do not reply in here)

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