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I want to start/be in a study group I want to start/be in a study group

05-28-2010 , 02:55 PM
I'm a 25NL player. I'm a slight winner there, although I feel I can still improve a lot. I'm looking for someone who also plays at 25NL and takes poker seriously and is thinking about moving up to 50NL, and perhaps higher in the future. We can review each other sessions, review hand histories and share knowledge, basically improve each other's game and be a solid winner at 25NL and move up to 50NL. We can get togheter on skype twice or three times per week or more to discuss hands or anything related to 25NL.
I'm not looking to create a study group, I'm just basically looking for someone at my level who is going through the same spots.
PM for skype if you can identify with me and are interested.
05-28-2010 , 05:58 PM
I'm a 6 max player by the way.
05-29-2010 , 12:43 AM
I am starting a group for micro 6-max players 2NL - 25NL. I am not good by any means and do not intend to "lead" the group but I will organize it so PM me if you are interested and hopefully we can get more people so that even if the majority of people are not available to "study" at a given time, atleast a few will be

PM or email at
05-29-2010 , 05:39 PM

Looking for some people to talk HH's, ranges, lines, ect. with. I'd be up for a study group and possibly even sweat sessions or something like that, but mainly I'm just looking for some people to bounce ideas off of, check up on some hands where we weren't sure how to play, ect.

I play:
  • nl50 and nl100 6max and fr
  • nl50 HU
  • mtt's -- usually in the $5-$25 range
  • plo25 (just starting out -- trying to learn the game)
  • I also used to play a lot of $11-$22 STT's, but I don't play them often anymore.

I'm happy to discuss HH's / strategy for any of the above. If you're interested in multiple games like me, great. If you stick to one game only, that's fine too. I have a good amount of free time, but my schedule is kind of all over the place, so PM/email/aim would work best for me.

If you're interested, shoot me a PM letting me know a little about yourself such as what you play, what you're looking for, ect.

have a good one
05-30-2010 , 04:40 PM
looking for an nl20-50 player to talk pokers over msn or skype, preferable theory or lines to take, and HH reviews and stuff! hit a mini-downswing, so taking a week off to brush up on my theory and do a bit of work away from the tables!

pm me if interested, ovb, if ur like nl100 or something, thats fine, but im playing in the mircos, tho would really like to get out of them withint the next few months!

uk players or euros would probably suit me better as i play like at 8-10pm most nights
05-30-2010 , 06:37 PM
Hey looking to do sweats with someone at 100-200nl rush (200nl rush preferably) everytime I play I seem to spew hardcore there. HELP!

Pm me with contact info if interested
05-31-2010 , 08:06 AM
I am in a Rush study group with some friends from Cardrunners and we are looking for a few more members. We have $25-100 nl players both 6max and FR.

PM if you're interested.
05-31-2010 , 01:06 PM
Hi, I'm looking to find some new micro grinders at 5nl or 10nl (I play 5nl) to talk with as I don't know anyone who plays the same stakes as me that takes it at all seriously... I have a winrate of 6bb/100 at 5NL at around 20k hands, you should have a similar winrate, and be really keen to improve your game as I am. I'm from the UK but time zones aren't that big an issue for me. You can email me at
05-31-2010 , 10:46 PM
Looking for any study groups/partners that grind the 6.50/45's turbos on stars. PM me if interested!
06-01-2010 , 06:26 PM
Hi I'm a micro stakes player shot taking 25nl. I'm hoping to start a study group for 2nl - 50nl players to join. If you play 2nl, I'd prefer if you have a winrate of at least 12bb/100.

We'll discuss poker every week and pick optimal lines for confusing hands as well as share hand histories and stats. All sn's within the group will be outed so that we can check on each other.

Pm me if you would like to join. We can carry out discussions over skype.
06-02-2010 , 09:48 AM
anyone want to start a group for HUSNGs? I've been playing poker for a while but just started with fresh roll and looking to move up quickly from the 6.25 turbos to infinity and beyond.
06-10-2010 , 08:39 AM
Looking for active group . im NL50 winning player(6max).(wanna move to nl100 soon ). PM
06-10-2010 , 09:22 AM
Sweet and Simple: Long time running poker chat in Skype. Mixed type of players of all aspects who keep each other company. If you enjoy a social atmosphere to post hands, talk to fellow poker players, and even the occasional sweat session, then feel free to stop by.

Skype: Embryonal for a invite.
06-12-2010 , 06:33 AM
hey guys im a winning player at 5nl 6max. i consider myself above average for these stakes and im so far beating 5nl for 19bb/100 over 12k hands and beat 2nl for 21bb/100 over 7k hands. im very serious on improving my game and plan to spend a lot of the summer grinding.

im looking for solid winning players that either crush 5nl or are consistently beating 10nl / 25nl to talk strategy, HH reviews and do regular sweat sessions.

hope to hear from people soon
06-12-2010 , 06:56 PM
Looking for HUsng guys for sweats and study group. Bouncing around stakes to find where i fit in. Played anywhere from $5 turbo's to $30 turbo's on tilt and PS and think i have a solid base but would like someone to challenge my ideas to become better. PM me if interested.
06-15-2010 , 02:55 PM
Looking for sweats and possibly skype ongoing chat for Rush 6 max 100nl, 200nl pm if interested
06-15-2010 , 09:57 PM
looking to improve my all round sng play be well into a study group wysie1 on skype if anybody is interested.......................
06-16-2010 , 03:50 PM

I've never really done this, so I'm not sure how it would work, but I would like to give it a try. I'm interested in joining a HU cash study group/chat. I'm playing NL50-100 at the moment and would gladly discuss poker with guys from similar limits (prefferably a bit higher limits).

This is my graph of the hands I have so far.

The thing I wanna improve most is my redline as it is going down too much. I don't wanna make it skyrocketing up, cause it would probably not suit with my playing style, but I think I should learn how to keep the line somewhere near the 0 line.

To be honest I would just be happy to talk about poker with some smart people and if that also improves my game a bit - what more could I ask.

So please pm me with serious offers as I'm more than willing to answer any of the messages I get.

Hope to hear from you soon,
06-16-2010 , 11:01 PM
I am looking for a few people from the area to form a study/support group. I have been playing the game for about 7 years and really want to take my game further. I play 1/2NL at the local casinos in our area and would like to find others that play live games around here.

06-17-2010 , 09:00 AM
Im a 21 year old college student that has been studying poker day in day out for the past 8 months and have had accounts to Card runners, Dueces cracked, and bluefirepoker. I now understand the importance of having poker friends in order to improve and move up quicker so this thread is perfect!

I play 25nl / 50 nl and have taken shots at 100nl / 200nl in the past. Looking for cash game 6max players!

PM me if your interested or just add my MSN
06-20-2010 , 03:02 PM
Hi I play cash Nl25/ nl 30 mostly, 6-max sh. I am looking for people that would like to do some hand reviews/sweet sessions and play similar stakes. Pm me or add on msn :
06-20-2010 , 08:50 PM
Im here in Dallas, Tx area. Im looking for a study group to study live sessions, live tourns, and even practice online. Winstar and Choctaw Casinos are pretty close here and are good places to go. PLus alot of home games around this area. I figured some meetings during the week is nice time to discuss events, hands, strategy, etc...

Let me know if your interested by PM.

06-20-2010 , 09:46 PM
I am a mtt and stt sng player. i am looking to find a mtt and stt study group. I have been profitable in both, but i know i could take it much further. pm me if interested. currently i only play on stars, and play $4-$12 tournies.
06-21-2010 , 07:07 PM
I'm a 20-24 tabling micro/small stakes player, i play a lot of 50 and 100nl 6max and FR and a little 200nl (huge BR nit). Looking for ppl to add on aim/skype to talk, id prefer other mass multi tablers. Send me a pm if interested.
06-22-2010 , 11:06 AM
Hello people, I would like to join a group. Im currently playing 4 tables of 100nl 6max. Kindly send me a pm if there's a group running.