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I want to start/be in a study group I want to start/be in a study group

02-04-2010 , 11:12 AM
Are you talking about a live or an online (Skype etc.) study group? If you were talking about an online group Id join, because Im from Germany and its quite difficult to fly every week to NYC .
The last time I play some rushpoker on fulltilt.Are there any players, who want to make an online study group on this?
02-04-2010 , 12:45 PM
Hey what's going on man. I am deff down to getting a group since I am start from scratch. Since I had to take care of something and I find a lot of when playing talking to other players I am deff down if ur intrested hit me up on aim TheGrinder978 or Grinder978 on skype if intrested

Originally Posted by SomethingFishy I want to start/be in a study group
looking to find/start microstakes study group. nl5 through nl50 6max mainly. Currently have good amount of hands in all limits other than nl50. feel i have a lot to contribute but would gladly like some experienced minds. pm me if you know anything or are interested.
02-05-2010 , 04:30 AM
anyone interested in micro plo? pm me for skype info.
02-05-2010 , 05:33 AM
I'm a 6max 100nl + 200nl player. If anyone would be interested in a study group for these levels please PM me.
02-06-2010 , 03:30 PM
Originally Posted by jayvechi I want to start/be in a study group
I'm a 6max 100nl + 200nl player. If anyone would be interested in a study group for these levels please PM me.
you got pm btw
02-11-2010 , 12:49 AM
We have an opening in our month old Tuesday Stars Group for 6max cash game regs.

We have a maximum of 4 members. I might stretch it to 5 if the others agree, but we'll see. We lost one of our 200nl regs to school scheduling, but he might come back later.

Minimum of winning 100nl Pokerstars (!!)reg is a requirement. Barely winning is fine as long as you have some volume and you're putting in the time. Just moved up from 50nl is probably fine.

We meet every Tuesday at 1pm PST (west coast US). You have to be available for an hour and a half every Tuesday. We usually go two hours. If you're an unscheduled no-show, you throw $20 into the pool to be held until the pool is big enough for everyone to have fun flipping for it.

We schedule each person to be a "presenter" in turn. A presenter is the person that is responsible for starting a sweat session, bringing a set of hands to review, picking a topic for discussion, discuss a pre-recorded video of hands...whatever, but they're in charge of getting the day rolling.

You'll have to have Skype and Teamviewer. And don't forget, Pokerstars regs only. It really helps as the PS dynamic is different than some other sites, we get to discuss card mods, software helpers such as TN, warn or inform each other of outages, promos and bonii...

Don't send me a PM if you want it at a different time, don't want to use Skype, don't play Stars, or don't want to use Teamviewer. Those items are settled for simplicity's sake. It's a good format that's working so I'm not looking to muss with it.

Look forward to hearing from you.
02-11-2010 , 06:11 PM
I would first like to apologize if this is the wrong thread, and please have it moved if it is. This is the only relative thread I could imagine asking for something like this.....

Basically, I am depositing 500 dollars onto pokerstars and taking a stab at 25 NL
I have played SNG's with a high ROI or 9% over a few thousand, as well as over a short sample size of 10,000 hands at .25/.50 on AP I crushed the stakes with a BB/100 of 7 and showing a profit of over 300 dollars. I realize this is not that great, and not enough sample size.

I spend 4-6 hours a day watching videos and reading posts on 2+2. I profited on AP, cashed out, and realized it's time to take the game more serious to make money. I will be starting with 500 dollars at 25NL and hope to move up stakes as quickly as possible. If there is anyone out there with good stats/numbers who would like to talk and discuss hands daily and what not, and sweat eachother, this would be ideal!

On a side note: I come from where my sibling (brother) plays professionally and is a regular 2+2 member and 5/10, 10/20 players on fulltilt and stars. I have a lot of knowledge about the game and have received countless hours of coaching through friends and my brother alone. It would be very great to someday beat him .... I have plenty of time and am in college with no job. Lets make it happen.

PS: Again, sorry if this is the wrong forum for this please move my post mod if you must

Thanks, please PM me on 2+2 if you would like to work something out.
02-11-2010 , 07:05 PM
Looking for a group of people / few guys / one guy (or lady of course) who plays 25NL or similar stakes who would be willing to go over general theory and hands. I am a winning player, and have played a lot of hands
02-12-2010 , 04:35 AM
hey dude PM me, i can't seem to pm you
02-12-2010 , 12:34 PM
I would dif. be inter. Ive played in casinos and cardrooms for the last 5yrs. Ive just stated playing online, and I got to admit, its maybe the same game just played very diffrent. I play micro stakes(nl10-nl50) on f.tilt & pokerstars. and a nl100 on carbon.
I need help w/ s-n-g's and mtt, anything type of study group would be great.
02-12-2010 , 12:38 PM
yes I would be inter. I play nl10,to nl50 F.tilt & P.stars
I stated playing online in dec, and posted profits in both dec,jan,
but I feel I could better w/ some help.

02-12-2010 , 06:32 PM
Anyone who is interested in starting a study group on a regular basis please PM me.

I am a 200NL reg on Pokerstars, but I'd be happy to talk with 100 or 400NL regs.

I have Skype, Teamviewer and MSN.

02-12-2010 , 07:47 PM
This small group of 6 is for those who have normal day jobs and play live/online at night and on the weekends. Live + Online HHs and strategy discussions, tips and advice.
Limits= 25c-50c NL to 2-5NL Live / 25NL-50NL Online

-HH, strategy, tips discussion via private group forum
-Hand replayer or video review
-AIM/Skype chat

Looking for players who are dedicated in improving and developing there overall poker game... as a member you must be active and bring something to the table.
For those serious in improving please pm.
02-14-2010 , 03:46 AM
Hi Guys,

I am twenty-two and a student at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I am currently finishing up my degree in accounting. I started playing poker in high school with some friends and then eventually online. I have had some success online having a few decent cashes in the $24+2 MTT on full tilt. I feel like I have a good understanding of the game but still have tons to learn. I feel that one of my biggest weaknesses is the lack of being able to discuss and analyze my play with others. I am looking for a mentor someone that I could share ideas with and develop both of our games.
02-14-2010 , 06:01 PM
i'm very interested, and i live in brooklyn....
02-17-2010 , 07:16 PM
Originally Posted by XtremeUngar I want to start/be in a study group
Looking to form a study group or circle of friends for people who are serious about bringing their games to the next level and using poker as a serious source of income. I cannot call myself a winning player yet but I feel that my game is coming around from all the studying I've done. I'm looking for other people on a similar level to form a group in Miami Florida.

Let me know if you are interested by PM. Please tell me about your game, what your goals are, what site you play at etc...

Looking forward to taking the next step together.

Hey I'm looking to do the same i'm also in Miami Florida. please contact me at

02-18-2010 , 04:32 AM
I play 100HU NL.

Skype is Seanhew (the canadian one)
02-22-2010 , 02:47 PM
Hi,looking for a group or one,few Guys who playing NL25.atm i playing around 23k hand with medium profit like 3ptbb/100(6bb/100).
Skype : dec1z0r
02-22-2010 , 05:07 PM
BTW 6max NL25 !
02-22-2010 , 11:21 PM
btw i can play NL50 too but atm i just want play nL25
02-23-2010 , 02:26 PM
Seems Group coaching is all the craze at some of the popular coaching sites. I havnt seen many HU group coaching offers around and was wondering if anyone knows of any coaches that are doing group coaching?
02-23-2010 , 04:26 PM
I would be interested to join (as a student).
02-24-2010 , 12:51 PM
Your best bet is to likely PM any HU coaches you are interested in to see if they offer this.

This can be successful, particularly for a theory session or Q and A with players in the same ballpark skill level. I could also see a group of students sweating the coach working quite well for heads up poker.
02-24-2010 , 03:19 PM
There are HU groups on deuces cracked. Maybe you could join up with one of those teams.
02-24-2010 , 05:05 PM
Yah I have thought about joining one of the groups on DC but would also like some coaching as well.