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I want to start/be in a study group I want to start/be in a study group

12-07-2009 , 10:26 AM
Philadelphia Poker study group
If there is anyone in the area that want to discuss strategy and discuss live or online game HHs PM me.
12-07-2009 , 12:23 PM
200 - 400nl discussions and sweats. message me if keen. ta
12-07-2009 , 12:42 PM
looking to be part of a nl200sh study group consisting of motivated positive players. pm me, thks.
12-07-2009 , 01:18 PM
This is unorganized and inefficient. If you don't want study group threads cluttering the coaching advice forum, can you make a study group sub-forum?
12-07-2009 , 05:33 PM
Looking to start a 10nl study group with the aim of moving up through the stakes.

Ideally doing hand reviews, live sweats and discussing the game through skype or MSN.

If anyone is interested pm me and we can set something up.
12-07-2009 , 05:52 PM
Originally Posted by ReyzorXxX I want to start/be in a study group
Looking for a group of 6 to learn and study the foundations & fundamentals HU NL Cash and/or SNGs with starting at 50NL Cash or the $6.50-$11.50 SNG levels.

-HHs reviews via replayer

-Video reviews

-Overall Strategy discussion

Pm me if interested
I play hu $10 . I would like to join the group.
12-08-2009 , 10:57 AM
looking for a study group for micro limits cash game ? dont mind whether its Msn/aim/skype

Anyone know of any ?

12-08-2009 , 02:23 PM
I am starting a tournament study group for players playing $50+ tournaments. Either post on this forum or message me if you are interested. Please include your e-mail and your poker sn in your message.
12-08-2009 , 03:33 PM
I play 25NL and MTT $3.00 and $5.00 rebuys....

Mainly looking to get in with a 25NL group advice etc...
12-08-2009 , 06:53 PM
I play HU exclusively at 100 and 200 NL and am looking for players at similar HU limits to bounce idea's off and review sessions. I play fulltime so have plenty of downtime to work on stuff between sessions. Send me a PM if you feel we can help each other.
12-09-2009 , 09:41 AM
2+2 doesn't have a forum for totally live HHs and strategy discussions. Brick & Mortar eliminated strategy discussion from their forum. Anyone interested in forming a study group for Live players?

-Hand history discussion via private group forum
-Hand replayer
-AIM/Skype chat

PM me.
12-09-2009 , 11:45 AM
Originally Posted by Molon Lave I want to start/be in a study group
I play HU exclusively at 100 and 200 NL and am looking for players at similar HU limits to bounce idea's off and review sessions. I play fulltime so have plenty of downtime to work on stuff between sessions. Send me a PM if you feel we can help each other.
Not exactly what you were looking for but I am very interested in learning HU atm. I play nl100 6max. I'm always on skype talking poker. Would be great to have sessions.
12-10-2009 , 11:29 PM
Hey im looking for someone (or a group of people) to just go over hands with over IM during the Mini FTSOP and just in general (Small Stakes). So if anyone else who is sorta new (as in like no a on of experience but has general poker knowledge) wants to do this hit me up
12-11-2009 , 06:10 AM
Anyone interested in PLO or Cap PLO 200-1k? Pm if so.
12-14-2009 , 04:14 AM
Anyone interested in 25nl-50nl 6max or 50nl HU? PM me
12-14-2009 , 04:49 AM
100nlhu full time player, looking for someone to talk about poker and discuss hands, sweat sessions etc. pm me
12-14-2009 , 04:38 PM
Small stakes 6max SNG, pm me
12-15-2009 , 07:12 AM
lookinh for a study group for MTTs + 45mans, FTP. eat1ng_f1sh on skype
12-15-2009 , 12:48 PM
Im looking for some serious Israeli SH cash game players
I play NL50 and doing ~ 50BB/100 over a small sample (15K hands)
Im a member of Liquid poker forum, but am new here...
I would like to talk strategy+arrange some live games nearby.
If there are any Israelis circling these forums post a comment or PM me.
01-08-2010 , 09:24 PM
Hey everyone,

A while back on this forum there was a thread where someone started a skype chat room called "2+2 study group". There are all kinds of players still chatting in it and setting up sweat sessions everyday, but we could always use more people. You can pm me here or find me on skype for an invite. My sn is allenkim67.

About me, I play 100nl 6max on stars and I'm always up for some poker discussion or to do a sweat, so feel free to msg me.
01-09-2010 , 03:17 AM
micro limit study group on skype any one ?????????????
01-09-2010 , 07:43 AM
My screen name on FTP is Epic Monolith. I play 50NL, and I am a marginal winner.

Below are my results from the last 6 months. Nothing to brag about, but all of these hands were played while 9-16 tabling.

Going forward I'm going to play no more than 6 tables at a time, and I want to start spending more time learning and actually improving with the goal being to get my win rate in the double digits.

If you are a US player (non-US players probably wont be on the same schedule as me) interested in discussing poker over Skype or AIM w/ me, please let me know.

I am epicmonolith77 on Skype and AIM.
01-10-2010 , 05:02 AM
Hi , i am a NL100 player 13000 hands 3.5bb/100 and i m searching for a serious group
i play on ipoker. If interested pm me.
01-10-2010 , 05:29 AM
I am in a weekly PLO review group with players ranging from 100plo to 1000plo. We talk about Vegas or other interesting things happening in the poker world and then we review hand histories using mikogo. We might be looking for a couple more players to join us so if you're interested send me a pm with a little bit of information about yourself.
01-13-2010 , 09:14 AM
I'm in.

Whoever browses this looking to get into contact for study groups, or to add to their study group...whoever is doing the actual work of getting this group started, shoot me a PM?
- 50NL FR (16 tabling)
- $20 HU SnGs (3 tabling)