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I want to start/be in a study group I want to start/be in a study group

03-16-2015 , 07:33 AM
looking for a plo headsup group, i play plo .5/1$ - 2/4€ winning at 18bb/100 over 350k hands. trying to get better at battling regs especially, i play around 25 hours a week
03-16-2015 , 09:25 PM
I play 1 table at 2nl, looking for another noob to talk poker theory on skype. Pm me so we can improve together lol.
03-19-2015 , 04:29 AM
Looking for 10nl CRUSHERS who are willing to help me with my game
03-19-2015 , 09:55 AM
Originally Posted by Play4Keeps I want to start/be in a study group
Looking for 10nl CRUSHERS who are willing to help me with my game
Sick approach, mate.
03-26-2015 , 05:41 PM
I just bought hold'em manger..
anybody want to talk about using manager better? pm me
03-27-2015 , 04:27 AM
I have recently started a Skype group for the players I'm currently working with and it's brilliant to see just how much the lads (and lass) are getting from it.

Skype Groups can be great as long as they're kept fresh and there is nothing better than logging in and seeing a little 3 figure orange number to work through
03-30-2015 , 12:44 AM
Had a big day today and won 4900 bucks.. playing five ten Nl..

Pm me if your a winning too and your skype
03-30-2015 , 02:20 PM
Elite study group ..

I"ve won well over 100k

if u won at least 100k . lets talk.. pm me..
03-30-2015 , 06:18 PM
Hey guys! I am now currently looking for a study group, hopefully for people, who are grinding $2.5 180s and basing theyr descisions on math. Right now I'm looking to perfect my game in $2,5 180s so I can move up to 3.5R. I'm doing it, so I can start to grind professionally, and in my country, if I make 750$ a month from poker, i will be golden.

Right now I'm playing under the name Snoutijs , but in 2013 I was backed and coached in $2.5 180s . I ended the year in 5'500 games with avg ROI of 16%.

I love to discuss poker, and if someone invites me to theyr study group, I would not be the person who only takes , but also gives back, by putting my input on spots, where I would feel confident and with some math to back my opinion up.

My skype - jjjman4
04-02-2015 , 04:42 AM
Might be obvious to most, but post above is probably a scam. See
04-03-2015 , 10:54 PM
Looking for a study group for mtts. Playing on bovada 10$mtts and watching some runitonce videos.
04-06-2015 , 07:03 PM
Hey guys
Looking for serious players who play roughly same games as me (sngmtt regular 90-180 1-4.5$ & mtt 1-5$).
Don't message me to say you are motivated blabla and then never answer lol. Idem if you just play 10 games every months.
I am full of leaks (but winning player), and as you can see, not very good in english, but i have a lot of time to play and study so if somebody is interested just let me know !

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04-08-2015 , 09:15 PM
any 6max PLO groups who accept micro players? I just started plo5 6max.
Thanks .
04-12-2015 , 08:36 AM
Hey, Im taking shots at 50NL atm and would like to get into skype group with 50NL+ players to learn from better players than I currently am.

Im a quick learner so I will be useful to you soon
04-13-2015 , 02:04 PM
Hey 2+2, Looking to start or join a Skype group. My Skype time would be limited. I am thinking one night during the week after the kids are in bed. I live on the East Coast. I have been playing online over 10 years. I have had coaching and I am a member of a couple training sites. Hoping to find players that have similar life, career and playing goals.

Life: married, kids, 47 years old
Career: Educated, full-time Job
Playing Goals: Play on American sites, Use a HUD, study more than I play, looking to improve my ROI

If you have a Skype group that I can join or would like to join one please PM me. Not to be a snob but older players only. You young guys are great players but I am also looking for how some of you deal with poker, kids, job, wife, run bad. You young guys just party. Once upon time in a land far far away, I did the same.

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04-14-2015 , 12:44 PM
Hey 2+2 !

Im a 50 - 100NL player, full time poker player, I want to look for a Study Group, or a poker friend who plays the same stakes, and is a winner player, and want to improve his game and study poker. If someone is interested, please PM me
04-15-2015 , 02:37 PM
Hey guys, started a groupme poker study group. Have 4 members.

Main focus is being able to get instant feedback on hands that we have just played or line checks.

Focus is on live poker play only at low stakes from 1-2/3 to 2/5.

PM me if you are interested.
04-16-2015 , 12:32 PM
I'm part of a study group with FR and 6max NLH players ranging from 25NL-100NL. We do HH reviews and sweats. PM me your skype name if you're interested and I'll add you. We're looking for active members who contribute by answering and asking questions so we can all get better. Idle members will let go.
04-21-2015 , 08:53 PM
I'm a relatively new player playing 1 table at 2nl, looking for some poker friends to talk about theory and improving. PM me if you wanna Skype.
04-23-2015 , 04:44 PM
Hi 2+2

Looking for a study group, preferably an active group who play on stars (5nl-25nl)

I am 22 years old from the UK and currently play 5nl on stars.

Add me on skype if I can join your groups.
Individual players are on the same page as myself and are not part of a group and would like to talk, feel free to also add me.


Skype = shane.trm
04-24-2015 , 03:23 PM
Any MTT players currently in a skype group or looking to join a group concentrating on gto style play , rather than exploitable ? Obviously exploits are necessary in mtts but I find gto much easier and more interesting to study and I'm not a big hud/stats user anyway. I'm a decent winning midstakes mtt player from UK.
I use pokersnowie , watch Sauce vids and try using stuff like gtorb but all this stuff is designed for cashgames and I'm interested in adapting concepts for mtts
PM me if you have a group studying this sort of thing going or you'd like to start one.
04-26-2015 , 01:20 AM
I'm kind of a new player playing live cash and playing some low limits on bovada. Like $5 and $10 SnGs and MTTs. I'm looking for a Skype group to help me get better at the game. I'm 19 and in college looking to further my game.
Skype: Lowryyyy

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04-26-2015 , 05:43 PM
I play mainly SnG MTTs, specifically 18man! at micro level, just came out of the $1.50 and now in $3,50 buy ins.

Looking people too study and talk strategy with, hopefully the group will help each other build a roll!

PM for Skype!
04-30-2015 , 05:37 AM
Hey Guys, Im looking to start up a micro/small stakes MTT group, please PM if interested. We can discuss hands, spots, and rail each other in big events. I mostly play on stars with some decent results.
05-05-2015 , 06:16 AM
Hey guys! I came back to poker recently after a couple of years hiatus ( i used to grind nl10 sh back then).

I had some leftover money on P* (10$) and grind it up to 100$ so playing 6max nl5 at the moment. Im looking for people on similar stakes (nl25 max) who wish to talk about the game, do some sweat sessions, analyze HH etc.
If you're interested pm me here or add me on skype : maciok0