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I want to start/be in a study group I want to start/be in a study group

05-05-2015 , 09:49 AM
Nl25 grinder spin at 50 looking for a study group for hand discusion and sweats. Pm me.
05-09-2015 , 01:48 PM
50z (winning at 4bb/100) player looking for dedicated study group. I work hard so I expect you to as well! PM me plz. Looking for similar players
05-11-2015 , 03:49 PM
I am Long Nguyen Huynh . My skype is: teenhoc
I play Zoom nl5 nl10 at poker star.

You can add my skype : teenhoc (Long Nguyen Huynh).
We can talk about poker, share hand history, you can watch i play or i can watch you play and comment... i play zoom nl5 nl10 and i also play SNG MTT.
05-13-2015 , 07:27 AM
Lazy 50NL FR grinder hoping to be moving to 100NL imminently, looking for a study group/people to chat strat with. Lots of experience, winning at a decent clip. Get in touch!
05-13-2015 , 09:09 AM
25nl & 50nl 6max winner 4EVbb/100, looking to make strides to 100nl and as far as i can go. Looking for a study group that is already running. Please message me your skype details. I will be interested in sweating others and reviewing hands
05-14-2015 , 01:44 PM
Hi 2+2,

my name is Alex. I've been grinding 2NL 9-max cash games for some time now. Winning 2bb/100 over 22k hands.
I would like to start/join a skype group. Looking for players who are interested in exchanging feedback on some hands and such.
If your goal is to improve, steadily build your bankroll and move up the limits, feel free to contact me via pm, or skype (name 'staksas.').
Happy grinding.
05-14-2015 , 04:55 PM
2/5, 5/10, 10/20 player looking to join a group. Feel free to contact me via pm.
05-17-2015 , 11:06 PM
I'm currently playing 2nlzoom and some 4nl reg tables.
i want people to talk poker and improve together.
Pm your skype if you're interested
05-20-2015 , 11:20 PM
Hi everyone !
Im currently playing NL100 cashgame 6max, over 350k hands. Break even at NL200 on bigdownswing (over 80k hands). Im looking to join a group. Pm: ngocle0411 - skype.
Thanks !
05-24-2015 , 06:40 PM
Looking to join an SSPLO group. Long time NLH player looking to transition for a new challenge.
05-25-2015 , 11:33 AM
Hi all! Are you interested in a "video noting" group?

There are lots of great videos all around, but its really not enough to just watch like a movie, in every backing group it is mandatory to note it properly, very thoroughly. But it really takes a lot of time, so I would like to set up a group, and you should note 1 video/week, and we would share it among ourselves.

Obviously I talking about premium videos but we will discuss that, what do you prefer etc.

If you are interested then feel free to add me on Skype: tiestopoker
05-28-2015 , 02:45 AM
Won 25,000 or so working part time past 3 months on full flush.

Any other regular winnings want to talk strategy?

ColdCaller786 on skype.
05-28-2015 , 02:02 PM
Hi there, I'm a Cash 6max microstakes player. Right now crushing NL2 for over a 30BB/100 and wanna move to 5NL. Looking for some serious study group.
Skype name: matteo.brdar1
05-28-2015 , 04:44 PM
I would love to be a part of a group. Would prefer to learn fundamentals, purchase a hud, deposit, and then work starting on the NL2 level, preferably in that order. Please send me friend requests and help me to improve my game! skype name: joeyramstudent
06-07-2015 , 07:16 PM
Hey, I am a 20 year old poker player. Have done pretty well in live cash games and have been grinding online MTTs lately with decent success. I have a very good understanding of the game already and I am looking for other people to take my game to the next level (since none of my friends play poker on a serious level). PM me if you are interested.
06-11-2015 , 09:32 AM
Hi all. I am new to 2+2 but would like to get into a study group to learn more and grow my game. I currently play 50NL but am pretty break even I thought of join Tournament poker edge but I play cash so not sure I want to but I want to get better and don't have anyone to really talk poker with. I can't send messages on here I'm still to new. So if interested please message me on Twitter @Boogs317

Thanks all
06-13-2015 , 06:02 AM
I play $5/$10 MTTs + $125-$250 live tournaments right now. Currently a losing player online and profitable live. Looking for people to discuss the game with who play similar games.
06-17-2015 , 05:03 PM
Hey all,

I have a Skype group formed. The number of people joining is growing daily. We are all somewhere between micro to advanced cash table players. Some winning some losing ( im assuming) but all willing to learn.

Daily topics and input from a variety of players along with questions and game theory etc. If interested add dustin.wallington2 on Skype
06-18-2015 , 11:32 PM
Hey everyone I'm currently a winning low stakes MTT and Spin n Go player who used to play a lot of zoom 10nl and 25nl. I still grind zoom cash games, but I've had a lot of success in small and big field MTTs while grinding zoom.

So I've switched my focus a bit, but still want to improve in both formats. Currently playing as many zoom tourneys as I can which I believe to be my best MTT game and have a study group already formed on Skype. Add me up if you want to hear from others like me on zoom/MTTs.

Skype: mike_bacci
06-20-2015 , 06:23 PM
Hey guys, I'm playing NL25 on small rooms and zoom sometimes. Like to join a study group with grinders from similar stakes.
PM me.
06-20-2015 , 07:55 PM
Originally Posted by conor316 I want to start/be in a study group
hey guys, I was looking to start a study group in South London for poker players at all levels.

heres my OPR:

As you can see I'm not a particuarly big player and have recently set myself cash game goals therefore have not been playing as many tournaments as usual.

Hoping people from all levels in the area have an interest in meeting up and playing/studying together.

I'll be moving to London pretty soon to grind the live 1/2 cash games again. Did you manage to get any people together for a regular study meet up? I'd be really up for starting one if you're still keen, or if anyone else has a study group or wants to start one.
06-23-2015 , 07:13 AM
Hy everyone. I'm a cash game player at NL50-NL100 6-max. I'm winner at Nl50 large sample. I play in a month over 60K H (>100 hours) and study >20h.
Im looking to join a group. PM: cher_cher20- skype.
06-29-2015 , 01:07 PM
Hey guys, I play 5nl and is still relatively new to the game, looking for a poker friend to talk about poker stuff to improve. Pm me if interested.
06-29-2015 , 05:10 PM
Hi I'm 32 and live in the MD/DC area. In the days leading up to Black Friday, I was a profitable low/mid-stakes sng player that took shots at MTTs. I was also a profitable 1/2 NLHE live player. I received coaching over the years from a few notables like bballwiz, NL__Fool and Ed Miller. After taking a hiatus for a few years due to Black Friday and going to Grad School, I now have the time and passion to focus on my poker game. Once a solid stream of side income, I've come to terms with the fact that the games are obviously a lot harder now and getting volume in is not enough. Given that I have a full-time job, I'm much more interested in improving my game than concerns over profits.

I have a few friends that take poker seriously with full-time jobs that mostly play tournaments at our local casinos. In fact, I met the 2 others that have committed to this group at the casino and have developed meaningful friendships with each. I'm looking for 6-7 more solid, like-minded people that are interested in building a cohesive study group. We would meet regularly and play games with one another, most likely sngs. We would also have deep study sessions as well after each of our games. If you are only interested in playing, this group is not for you. The emphasis is really on the studying portion.

The exact schedule and activities would be decided by the group, but the vision is for everyone to openly discuss all interesting spots with one another. Think of it as every hand revealed, where we would play out the sng, but each person would record each of their hands on a notepad. Yes, it would require some note-taking, which may seem awkward or annoying at first. However, in our review sessions this would prove to be incredible interesting for analyzing hands, ranges and interesting spots.

The main benefit for joining this group would not be because of how lucrative the game is, but rather for the simple fact that you would have a team of people that are mutually interested in making you a better player. This group also appeals to players that may have previously played online, but no longer can locally due to the political climate. If this sounds interesting to you, you live in the DC area and could commit to meeting one night per week to play/study, please reply to this thread or PM me directly.
06-29-2015 , 10:56 PM
I'll keep it real, I don't play online poker or in real life- I am not of age to play just yet, but if anyone would be welcoming enough for someone like me to drop in to a study group on Skype, I'd really appreciate it.

What a boring post, I didn't make some crazy that I won $10K a week or something, hate to disappoint, haha.

Skype - xevenofhearts