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I want to start/be in a study group I want to start/be in a study group

01-22-2015 , 10:26 PM
Hello everyone,

I am looking to find a study/sweat partner or study groups.

About Me:

-22 year old Pro Chess Player/Coach (I have a very flexible schedule/not standard 9-5 job)
-Former Multi-Table Grinder on Pokerstars (25 and 50NL FR) prior to Black Friday
-Currently crushing 10NL on Carbon while building up a bankroll
-Looking to study and improve rapidly
-Skype: kokobeastkaz24

Please private message me if you are seriously interested in studying.

01-25-2015 , 11:15 PM

5NL/10NL zoom FR grinder looking for study partners, decent winrate,

Shoot me a PM if you're interested.
01-30-2015 , 12:21 PM
Hey -

I'm an MTT grinder in the US that dabbles in cash as well. Looking for an active study group of any kind.

skype: jason_skypin

02-03-2015 , 02:08 PM
I'm looking for other MTT players to talk poker, watch each other play and help each other out. I think this could improve my game massively.

I'm 24 and from London

I began playing poker in 2012, but only started learning how to play since March 2014

I play MTTs with buy ins upto $5, mainly play 45 man SnGs $1.5 to $3.5 BI but like to play in the larger field games with bigger prize pools. I can comfortably play 4 tables at once

I have just over $11,000 in winnings from MTTs since March 2014

Currently unemployed, and spend a lot of my time on poker, whether its playing, watching videos or reading poker books

Anyone who's interested then please send me a private message.
02-03-2015 , 08:58 PM
Hey everyone!

I'm 25 and from Norway.

I play cash games and I'm currently a 8-10 BB/100 winner at $25NL, playing around 30K+ hands each month.

I'm looking for people (one or more) to study poker with, so we can help eachother improve our game and hopefully moving up stakes. I also believe I can contribute to groups/people who play $50-100NL.

My schedule is flexible, so a US timezone for example will not be a problem.

Please send me a PM if you're interested!
02-05-2015 , 09:49 AM
Hi folks!

I am beginning to grind 2.5$ 180 SNGs and looking for study buddies or group to talk strat/review HHs etc.

PM for skype
02-05-2015 , 11:19 PM
Hey guys,

Looking for other satellite grinders on stars,

espically those that play 2x-turbo's or 3x-turbo's (Sunday Million/Super Tuesday sats etc..)

I am just a few months in to "grinding" this format daily. but I am one of the winning reg's looking to chat and review hands/strategy with other winning reg's.

send me a PM here, and well connect on social media.
02-07-2015 , 11:24 AM
Hey guys

I'm currently a 25NL FR (also play some 6max) player on stars. I managed to move up from 5NL to 50NL last year but got absolutely owned by the good regs and ran really bad (biggest downswing I had ever have)...anyway looking to improve my game n continue to move up...hopefully we can improve and start crushing in the near future!

this is my graph so far for 2015

Also heres a thread that i started this year..pls post if u got any questions or constructive criticisms/input...

pm if ur interested!
02-18-2015 , 11:58 AM
Looking for a skype group for 6max 25nl & 50nl~ zone on bovada
I live near DC , EST time zone.
Part time player , sng & mtt back ground ~ but want to focus on cash

PM or skype name : cbarrettg
02-18-2015 , 02:44 PM
I have been studying a lot in recently by watching training vids, reading articles and my reviewing some hands but i feel working with other people is much more efficient. I haven't had too much sucess only breakeven at $7 Husng's but i'am determined to get better. Let me know if you're interested.
02-19-2015 , 07:16 AM
Hey guys, I'm a 25 year old guy from Norway.

Any micro/low stakes MTT Grinders looking for a pokerfriend/study group or something like that?

I am warming up and grinding my way to the Norwegian Chamipionship in Ireland next month.

I play the 2.50/180 man turbos. Only have 90 games since I started last week. ROI 60.10% - so far so good. I understand I need thousands of games to see if I am a winning player in the long run.

Been working alot on my game with diffrent coaches and runitonce/deuces cracked membership.

Send me a pm and we can swap skypes!
02-19-2015 , 07:49 AM
Looking for skype group/ player for 18 man turbo's on ps. I am currently playing the 3.5s to rebuild my br. I have played up to the 15$ 45 man. skype: craciun.corin
02-20-2015 , 06:24 PM
Would love to chat or sweat with another. I am currently playing Bovada at the microstakes for cash, sng, and mtt's.

My skype is sing-yai
02-21-2015 , 01:57 AM
Skype is

I play PokerStars. Add me to talk or study or whatever.
02-22-2015 , 06:32 PM
I"m starting the most elite study group on skype
ColdCaller786 on skype

. very few people will be allowed into this group

Requirements.. 1.won at least over 100,000
2. played as high as nl 200 to nl 1000 on a regular basis in general.
3. Be very smart.. willing to study new theory and concepts/ read books..

If u have what it takes to join this group then contact me on skype.

Btw. I Have double the requirements plus .. only because i play part time also
02-23-2015 , 10:04 PM
Originally Posted by ColdCaller786 I want to start/be in a study group
the most elite study group on skype
Originally Posted by ColdCaller786 I want to start/be in a study group
Requirements.. 1.won at least over 100,000
Originally Posted by ColdCaller786 I want to start/be in a study group
Btw. I Have double the requirements plus .. only because i play part time also
Holy shenanigans!
02-23-2015 , 11:56 PM
Originally Posted by sandr1x I want to start/be in a study group
Holy shenanigans!
LOL. i don't think the most elite players would be on here looking for study partner
02-24-2015 , 12:18 AM
^ I also don't think most elite players would be drawn to working with incredibly arrogant people, esp with a post structured like that, with dumb things like missing off the $ there. But hey, that's just my 2c.
02-24-2015 , 05:08 PM
Hey, I'm looking for a study group, I play microstakes and wish to become a better player by building a solid foundation, discussing HH, etc...

Skype : Javen211
02-27-2015 , 04:28 AM
Hi. I play micro mtts and would love to chat about hands and strategies with people who play the same kind of games. I have studied tons of videos lately and really have the bug for poker. Can't pm. How do I activate it? Skype: davesalts1_1.
02-27-2015 , 11:03 AM

I would like to join a study group as well, currently playing mtt's to $215 on normal days & up to 1k in series.
Also a winning player up to 100nl zoom (only to maintain sn status every year).
I would prefer a mtt (mid, high) study group, but if there are some cashgame/zoom studygroups looking for an experienced player, that would be great too (especially if it's a studygroup who knows how to work with databases, pt/hm, cause I'm a total ****** there)
ps. playing since 2010, professional since 2011, sn since 2012.
02-28-2015 , 08:03 AM
Hi all,

I'm a 23 year old and from the UK. Up until now, I've only ever studied poker by myself, but I'm looking to get more serious about my play and think that now's the time to seek a study group/study partner.

I play quite a range of stakes, but mostly 200NL and 100NL 6max games, and I intend to start shifting the majority of my volume towards 400NL+ in the very near future. Here's my graph so far for 2015:

I plan to up my volume significantly over the next few months.

I'm pretty well versed in theory, and I think I'd be well-suited to a group that takes quite a rigorous approach to poker strategy. I also enjoy working with CREV a lot, so would be interested in talking with anyone that uses CREV in their study. This is by no means essential though - I'd also be very interested in hearing from people/groups that take a more straight forward approach towards discussing hand histories and the like.

Anyway, drop me a pm if you think you have something to offer that fits the bill.
03-10-2015 , 03:15 AM
Looking for a fellow micro bovada player to do some 6 max or full ring or HU sessions with, basically cash games only. At least twice a month ( or more if your game ), we do an hour/hour session where we screen share and talk about poker and the session together. One hour one person playing and another hour for the other person. It doesn't have to be back to back hours, we can do one person one time and another person another, and we don't have to limit it to an hour if you want. I'm very flexible.

I won't judge you personally, I don't care if you're LAG/nit/tight or a maniac as long as you have a desire to be a winning player and are working on your game.

I'm a winning live player, and I play online every day, but online I only clock an hour or so a day, so my sample size is low and I can't say if I'm a winner at any stake or game online. I'm also experimenting a lot with different games ( FR/6max/and HU). I try and spend about 15-20% of my time studying poker as well.

PM if you're interested.
03-12-2015 , 11:45 AM

I play right now NL4 FR on 888, crushing it with about 8 bb/100 from 50k hands, being about 10 BI under EV. Soon, I will move to NL10, stake where I am a slight loser (-1 bb/100 over more than 100k hands). I am looking for a study group to help each other progress to higher stakes.
03-13-2015 , 01:46 AM
Looking for a group to help with MTT MTTSnG strategy anyone interested please pm me thanks I play on stars