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I want to start/be in a study group I want to start/be in a study group

07-25-2013 , 11:53 PM
Looking for study group for any stakes HUSNG I mostly play hypers please pm me
07-26-2013 , 08:27 AM
hey guys, I was looking to start a study group in South London for poker players at all levels.

heres my OPR:

As you can see I'm not a particuarly big player and have recently set myself cash game goals therefore have not been playing as many tournaments as usual.

Hoping people from all levels in the area have an interest in meeting up and playing/studying together.

07-26-2013 , 03:09 PM
Originally Posted by sportsfun22 I want to start/be in a study group
Hey guys, are there any Double or Nothing AIM/Study groups? winners at the $10 - $20 stakes and higher
Assuming Sportsfun still visits this board, I tried to PM you but but you can't receive PMs. I am looking for people to study DoNs with as well
07-27-2013 , 04:34 AM
Looking for a study group or setting up one.

I play 2/5 zoom. If you haven't played any 2/5 zoom (or similar), you're not qualified.

07-27-2013 , 02:27 PM
25nl want to join an active study group.
07-28-2013 , 01:47 AM
Hey guys

I am looking to start or join a HU cash study group. I play up to 50nl HU, looking to take shots at 100nl at some point.

If anyone is already part of a group or wants to start one with me, send me a PM to discuss further.
07-29-2013 , 08:48 AM
I play MTTs and SnGMTTs and am also looking for someone or some few to go over HHs with occasionally and talk poker with.
My ABI is around $20 currently.
Overall long-term winning player and would prefer the same though not required.
Please PM for Skype name.
07-29-2013 , 11:03 AM
Hey I created a micro stakes grinder skype group with amaybe 10-15 members, if intrested add me on skype irishkid9
07-29-2013 , 06:06 PM
I mainly play 2.50$ 180 man's atm, looking for players to review HH's/talk strategy/do sweat sessions with.
Just PM me or add me on skype: mtwjoosten is my skypename.
07-30-2013 , 04:56 PM
I would like to join a group that does sweat sessions and/or HH reviews together. I'm a break even 4nl cash game player that is serious about learning more. PM me for Skype info.
07-31-2013 , 05:06 PM
Looking for non active veteran study group (ie. 1-2 per week). NL5 - NL25.
08-01-2013 , 09:00 AM
Hey guys,

I'm looking for people to discuss poker with. The point is to get inspired by other people's thoughts about poker especially about game theory.
I use PokerTracker and Flopzilla as tools to analyse the game and I would prefer to discussing with people who are using similar tools.
I only play poker on hobby-level and have no ambitions on turning pro but I really like to play and to analyse the game and thought it could be fun to discuss and learn from each other.
Contact me on PM if interested.
08-02-2013 , 10:55 PM
Looking to join a study group with the majority of players winning at 100nl+

Im winning at 200nl and play full time, pm for skype.
08-02-2013 , 11:15 PM
Looking for study group for SNG/MTT's to discuss poker and everything related to it, playin low/midstakes, been doing fairly well and aiming to moving up to the higher stakes. Winning player, been playin for 3 years
08-03-2013 , 09:40 PM
Micro skype study group

Hey I hold a Skype study Group and I am looking for dedicated players to join

Requirements below as followed:

Be Active within the Group.

Share screens so fellow group members can sweat your current session.

Have a microphone so we can communicate.

Do not make comments on what a person should do during a hand, please wait until after the hand to discuss
because your opinion could make an impact on the players decision.

Please respect each Group Member.

Participate in Hand history reviews.

Be a dedicated member.

Don't Tilt.

The Group is very international and will more than likely always have a players online to talk poker with!

If intrested in joining add me on skype.

My skype Irishkid9 ///
08-04-2013 , 05:50 AM

im looking for people for Live MTT Sessions and HH reviewing and generally talking about strategies and hands via skype.

I just started again and now i want to do this seriously and grind pretty much every day. I play up to 11$ Mtts. I already have some experience whit deep runs and several final tables on huge fields.

You can send me a pm if you are interested.
08-04-2013 , 06:36 AM
Originally Posted by jyt I want to start/be in a study group
Hi there fellow study peeps. I've been playing poker for a few years now and am very keenly interested in joining a study group. I'm a uni student with a lot of free time on my hands and I'm willing do all that I can to contribute to making a very active and productive study group for whoever wants me. Here are my details:

Atm I only play play money on Pokerstars but I'm a winning player there and had over 1 million chips at one point before losing most of it at 200k chips HU matches. I'm hoping to improve my game until I'm completely comfortable with all aspects my game before deposit real money and am studying books, articles and forum posts.

However, in terms of skill-level I'm probably better than a lot of people who play small stakes cash online. I've played and beaten guys at HU who were live mid-stakes poker players, but regardless I have much to learn as well.

I am willing to grow/learn/study with like-minded people and am keenly interested in joining and contributing to a study group asap. If anyone wants a super-interested poker player who's willing to give up his time to learn and grow and contribute to a wonderful poker study group then by all means feel free to pm me. I live in Sydney, Australia and have a lot of time on my hands, which I want to put into good use. Cheers.

P.S. Please don't overlook me for your study group just because I only play with play money. I will challenge anyone to a HU match at Pokerstars who thinks that people who only play with play money are weak. I'll take on anyone if interested

08-05-2013 , 03:53 PM
Hi my Nice guys and Girls,

I am currently Struggling with Hyper Turbos and I am concerned about it.
For Example I have many Spots in which I dont know what The Standard Ranges are.
For example in Hyperturbos my Experience Led me to The fact that Reshoving Against minraises is Super profitable.

My Strategy is Inducen small with Pre 3 Bet.
Reshoving really wide because People just fold so much.
Cbet a Lot. Cbet small.
Play back Sometimes but Not When I Defender Passively on A High.
So I play back on dry K High.
Sometimes I attack limp pots by Donking or checkraising.
When I donk I Try to Bet Turn again.

So what My Problem is wich I want to discuss in Skype so far is to find Nice Sound Ranges and Not my hyper exploitative style.

For example I tend to attack The First Limp very Hard.
The 2nd Limp I dont attack.
When a guy Reshoving a Lot and I know it ai tighten up of course but Not sure if I can call him with Q9 for 20bb.

Yes and When I have an Aggro guy I also tend to be more Cautious postflop and Try to Bet bigger which Means bigger than half Pot with my Junk so he Thinks im protecting, and I also Induce with bets that are smaller than half Pot.
Especially I like to do this on dry J hi or dry T hi

Then I dont know if I have an Auto broke on KQT with K8.

And Stuff like this.
I also have betsizing teils (100 When I am weak 85 or 95 When I am Strong)

Best regards
And hopefully Write me in Skype and add me!

08-06-2013 , 03:07 AM

My names Zane and I am looking for a study group online or local. I'm currently living the SF/BAY area, and play live at the Oaks Card Club, in Emeryville. I'm just starting out playing 1/2 and 2/5 when I'm feeling confident, and I also play 05./1$ on carbon poker. I don't have any fancy hand analyzing software. But I am more then willing to give out my expertise in any given situation.

Please feel free to hit me up when ever, so we can hit the books.

Skype - Zaynetheinsane

Email :
08-06-2013 , 10:08 AM
Looking for ppl for u2u. I am transitioning from FR NL5 to SH and dropped a lot of stacks. I am looking for a group / or someone to talk to.

Skype: matrizze
08-11-2013 , 01:12 AM
looking for skype group anything thats touch micro-low stakes 6 max cash, sng mtt etc please give info
08-11-2013 , 10:33 AM
Looking for study group for MTT's to discuss poker and everything related to it, playin low/midstakes. I have been playing poker from the year 2006. Mostly shorthanded nl cash but now looking to commit myself to mtt-s.
08-11-2013 , 08:33 PM
Originally Posted by Duraarb I want to start/be in a study group
Hey guys,
Contact me on PM if interested.
Cannot contact guest by PM

American looking for micro (2NL) study buddies. I have been a successful MTT specialist for years, but I'm back since BF and working on my break-even ring game now.

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08-14-2013 , 05:40 AM
Looking to create a small study group (3 max) consisting of players who (preferably) live in Australia.

Need to be a winning cash game player between 2NL-100NL and have a solid understanding of poker math and theory. PM if interested.
08-14-2013 , 08:43 AM
250,000 dollar plus winner.. high bb/100 average...
looking for other top players to talk with ..

Bpoker721 on skype.. thanks

have played over a million hands.. and beat nl 100 up to nl 5000..