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I want to start/be in a study group I want to start/be in a study group

12-19-2013 , 06:42 PM
Hi i'm a NL25 player searching for a study group aswell. My skype address is giacomo_mantovani.
12-20-2013 , 02:50 PM
I'm currently playing NL50-200 HU, played upto NL1k looking for somewhere in this range.

Skype name is BetBetShove
12-22-2013 , 07:09 AM
Hi, looking for a study group
I am playing 200zoom 6max

skype: caketown2
12-26-2013 , 07:33 AM

looking for a NL100 6-Max+ study group.

I play NL100 on Stars, 888 and Full Tilt.

PM if you are interested.
12-28-2013 , 02:09 AM
Hi all, going pro next year and looking for a study partner. Pretty specific for what I'm looking for so if you are interested feel free to PM me! There's a few other questions and points of interest before going forward but the main ones are below.

Looking for someone living in Australia who plays on stars and is at minimum a break even player at 50NL and/or 100NL. Would need to be playing at least 20+ hrs a week.

Cheers and gl all
12-29-2013 , 10:50 AM
I'm part of a microstakes study group with FR and 6max players ranging from 10NL-100NL. We do HH reviews and sweats. PM me your skype name if you're interested and I'll add you.
12-30-2013 , 10:40 PM
Hey! I am looking to join PLO study group. I am a winning player at both PLO10 and PLO25 over 220k hands in the past 3 months on stars, but all of the winnings get lost at PLO50 everytime I try to climb up. Therefore I'm bouncing a lot between stakes PM me please.
01-03-2014 , 11:53 PM
I dont need to be in a study group .. not that i cant learn more.. and I would like too.. but most people would be learning from me..

won 300k.. 12k past 3 weeks i've played..
been kicked off two sites for winning too much in past even.

etc etc.. I"m looking for some grinder friends... and to study with other big winners..
otherwise grind and bs some maybe.
Pm me
01-04-2014 , 01:06 AM
What site's if u don't mind me asking? Would u be willing to teach someone how to do the samething to those site's and split however you think is fair?

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01-04-2014 , 01:45 PM

UK based player looking to join/form a study group 50-100NL. Currently mainly playing Zoom varieties.
01-04-2014 , 03:39 PM
Hi Zoom/Deep Reg tables 25nl 6max player, looking to join study group with people serious about improving.
01-06-2014 , 05:13 AM
50, 100 ZOOM NLHE REG.
50 Deep NLHE REG.
100, 50 ZOOM PLO REG.

Looking for active study groups, especially those that really focus on the math. PM me if you've got something!
01-08-2014 , 06:06 PM
Looking for MSMTT players that are done grinding and want to start destroying. WSOP bracelets, hookers, blow, all of it. PM me.
01-10-2014 , 08:12 AM
nl50 player 6 max on PartyPoker looking for study group. skype: jamesfang51
01-10-2014 , 04:19 PM
hey lads ... i ma loking for nl 25- 50 6 max study group, id be glad to join higher too..
i play nl 10 now at stars and rebuilding but played nl 50 but run bad really no ****
yea and please no nits (HATE) id like to learn more aggressive approach of the game , currently i play 25/20/6.5 and i want it to go even higher. I am always available

here is my graph and skype : r0me0xxx


01-11-2014 , 11:03 PM
Hi, Im a 10nl and 25nl 6max zoom reg on stars. Looking for a skype study group to improve and move up.

Please feel free to add me on skype: zooomben

Thanks, Ben
01-13-2014 , 03:37 AM
Hi,i play 100nl speed on ipoker,looking to create/join a serious study group of players at the same stake,only if serious and playing a lot
ive been playing 5 years,hade few coach,i have 1 now as well

PM me if really interested

01-13-2014 , 03:40 PM
professional pokerplayer from sweden. 21 years old. Im looking for a serious long time partner to grind with in real life. 18-22 year and u shall live in sweden or if we match really good we can work something out. PM if interested.
01-15-2014 , 03:40 AM
Looking for study group for 6 max hyper players. Currently playing $15s

pm please
01-15-2014 , 04:40 PM
If you are looking to join or create study groups check out Its a place where you can create and join public and private groups to share hand histories. Its new and free to use.
01-18-2014 , 04:17 PM
Hey everyone currently running a few study groups and always looking for new members. They are all either 6-max cash or Heads Up cash.

Group 1. Micro group up to 50-200nl. Always looking for new members.

Group 2. Midstakes group, 400-1knl+. 2-3 spots open atm. Trying to keep this group small and active.

Group 3. HU 25-400nl. Still building, bout 6 members so far, but everyone is quite solid.

Please PM if interested in any of these groups for skype.
01-20-2014 , 04:07 AM
I wouldn't mind playing a study group. Playing 50c MTT variants at Pokerstars (45, 90, 180, 360 players).
01-20-2014 , 08:05 AM
Looking for a study group for microstakes, play mainly $2 zoom and a few MTT's!
01-20-2014 , 10:55 AM
Looking to join a study group:

- Grind full time FR 25NL and looking to move up to 50NL in the next few months
- Average 50-60k hands a month
- Grind on Stars
- 80-90% fixed, 10-20% zoom.
- Have some tuition lined up starting Feb
- Very serious about progressing and looking for people with a similar ethic to me
- 22 and live in London

PM or contact on Skype: tom.hicks229
01-22-2014 , 11:46 AM
Interested in joining a study group.

-Play mostly live 1/2 & 2/5.
-Have played online at nearly every stake and discipline.
-Want to play live more frequently and take study more seriously.

I would like to find someone or a group that I can analyze hands and theories with. I'd like to become more competent at constructing hand ranges, and build confidence in my overall gameplan as a whole.

I enjoy thinking deeply about hands and poker in general. I'd be a strong and consistent contributor to any group. Please pm me if you have a spot available or you'd like someone to bounce ideas off of.