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CrushtheDonks Team Offering Stakes for all SNGs/MTTs/Cash Games w/ Exclusive Player Benefits CrushtheDonks Team Offering Stakes for all SNGs/MTTs/Cash Games w/ Exclusive Player Benefits

02-04-2013 , 12:31 PM
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iAdjust2U (Stars)
02-05-2013 , 05:10 AM
Hello there,


My name is Tobias i'm a 26 year old guy from Sweden living in Stockholm. I've been active in sports (soccer, floorball, american fotball) all my life. For me personally it's been a big advantage to take that with me to the pokertables, where you really have to be determined and where you also need to improve your game if you wanna climb in stakes. Other than that im a regular guy who loves to enjoy life with friends and family.


I've been playing poker for like 4 years i would say. The last 2 years it's been more serious then the first 2. And from January 2012 i decided too take it to another level and play fulltime. This first year as a fulltime grinder has gave me a lot of experience and i've learn alot about BRM, strategies and especially the mental game of poker. My maingame has been NLSH 5max and i've played mostly on a Swedish network called Svenska Spel.

The reason why i am looking for a stake is because i've been taking shots live at some higher stakes. Where i ran pretty bad. But i'm now going to focus 100% online.

Graph and Stats:

190K+ hands 2-4SEK @ Svenska Spel

97K+ hands 1-2SEK @ Svenska Spel

NL200 and NL400

(The amount is showed in US Dollars because HM doesnt show the correct amount in SEK)

Goals and Future:
  • Become a better and more stable player (hopefully with the help from the staker)
  • Climb in stakes
  • Work on my mental game
  • Study poker for 10 hours a week

I have high goals for myself and i can easily put it in 6-12 a day. I want me and my staker to have a continuous contact thru skype every day (if possible).


I am mainly interested in getting staked at NL100.
Im looking towards a good partnership with the staker and i'm really gonna give it my all.

Please let me know if you need any other information and I will gladly reply.

twoplustwo Reference: daveh07 (US Mid Stake Reg) He's been helping me alot since i got to know him.

Best regards,
02-05-2013 , 08:26 AM
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Croatia ceed on Stars!
02-06-2013 , 10:55 AM
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bluffeverytm on stars
02-06-2013 , 01:50 PM
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Jerrevc (ps)
02-08-2013 , 10:43 AM
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02-09-2013 , 04:22 AM
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GRINDER on Svenska Spel
02-09-2013 , 08:50 AM
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mecantplay on Stars
mecan7play on FTP
02-13-2013 , 10:11 PM
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Airdraken on stars
02-17-2013 , 07:13 PM
Hey guys, just an update:

1. Be sure to unlock and/or opt in to Sharkscope before applying
2. For cash players, please be sure to include screen shots of graphs and stats
3. We are currently staking on the following networks: PokerStars, Full Tilt, Revolution, Winning, Party, and iPoker.

02-18-2013 , 10:29 PM
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x-t0mat0s-x on stars
02-25-2013 , 03:35 PM
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BadBeatLust @ Pokerstars.
02-25-2013 , 04:51 PM
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02-28-2013 , 07:30 AM
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Garrincha_90 @ Pokerstars
Hulkdieturk @ FullTiltPoker
02-28-2013 , 09:10 AM
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T1lTmuch (stars)
TiltingFish (nordicbet)
upswingament (europoker)
02-28-2013 , 03:36 PM
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changcarrot @ pokerstars
03-05-2013 , 04:40 PM
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PS: Marvelle
FTP: Marvelle
03-05-2013 , 06:07 PM
pm sent. jbjustblaze2 stars jbjustblaze22 ftp but seeking US sites
03-06-2013 , 01:22 AM
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KingOfThe$ea on PokerStars
PartyOcean on PartyPoker
MagicOcean on FullTilt
03-06-2013 , 10:54 AM
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PokerStars - NiciPower
Pacific (888 Poker) - Dreviljo
03-25-2013 , 09:33 AM
^^ Time to head back to the top
03-25-2013 , 06:39 PM
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dekinis on Stars
03-25-2013 , 08:10 PM
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Journeyman54 on FT
03-26-2013 , 08:56 PM
Name- joao soares
Country- portugal
Skype ID- jdsoares1
Poker Names and Networks: PS jdsoares
Your game type - MTTs
Usual buy in/stake- low stakes
How many games you play per week - 100
Why do you want to be staked? increase my win rate
Your goals for being staked - go up in stakes, win more and learn
Do you want to be coached while being staked - if i can learn more of course

my stats -
03-26-2013 , 11:42 PM
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Akcus ( Pokerstars )