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CrushtheDonks Team Offering Stakes for all SNGs/MTTs/Cash Games w/ Exclusive Player Benefits CrushtheDonks Team Offering Stakes for all SNGs/MTTs/Cash Games w/ Exclusive Player Benefits

11-13-2012 , 11:45 AM
Crush the Donks is taking applications for all SNG, MTT, and Cash game players (updated info from previous thread With over 4 years in the staking business and currently staking over 70 of the top online players, we pride ourselves on providing a professional player-staker relationship in order to streamline the staking process.

We are focused on players who want to take their game to the next level and are willing to put in the work to do so. We are selective in our approval process because we offer full bankrolls, in addition to a lot of resources and perks for our players to succeed. We provide all of the following to our players:

. Skype Group with over 100 SNG, MTT and Cash Game “Regs” : This is a great way to connect with other winning players to talk strategy, post hands, rail, etc...

. Group Study Sessions: We host weekly group study sessions for each game format where together, we review full games and/or specific strategies.

. Mentoring: Each player will be provided with a stake advisor. Based on your game type, you will be provided with a specific mentor who will be available for 1 on 1 hand history reviews, guidance, or any other questions that you may have while staked. In addition, for our top players, we will offer you the opportunity to become a mentor as well, where you can have an equity share in players you assist and earn additional weekly revenue.

. Private Forum Access: All staked players will receive access to our private forum with over 50 hours of strategy videos, along with the ability to post full games during the week for written or video review.

. Contracts: This will outline not only what you will do for us, but what we will do for you. In addition, a key feature to our contracts is that, unlike other staking contracts, players are not locked into a specific amount of games or time frame. Players can end the stake any time they are not in makeup.

. Increased Percentage of Profits: We are happy to increase the cut in favor of our players as we build a working relationship together

. Moving Up Stakes: We want our players to be able to move up through the higher buy in levels, and accordingly, we will provide the guidance to do so. Through the use of our stake mentors, and flexible bankroll management for “shot taking,” we help put our players on a path for consistent success.

. Sites we are staking on:
Full Tilt
Revolution Network (we offer exclusive deals for our players only)

If you would like to be a part of our team, please PM or email me at ( with the following info:

Skype ID
Poker Names and Networks:
Your game type (6-180 man SNGs, MTTs, Cash)
Usual buy in/stake
How many games/hands you play per week
Why do you want to be staked?
Your goals for being staked
Describe your playing history and if you have been staked/coached before
Do you want to be coached while being staked?
Any Reference details

Be sure to follow the marketplace rules and respond in thread with "PM/email sent" along with your screen names.



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