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Jim Varnon
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About Videos and Our Coaches

About our Website

Nick "Stoxtrader" Grudzien opened in March 2006, and as the sole contributor released one or two videos to the website each week. In September 2007 Nick began to add more staff, and (as of Oct. 10, 2007) the site now boasts a staff of 7 lead instructors and 6 coaches. Our lead instructors have published 7 books on poker!

About Our Video Catelog is currently releasing 40+ new videos every month. Our current video catalog (as of March 03, 2008) is as follows:

Stoxpoker Coaching Videos

NL Holdem: 167 videos
Limit Holdem: 85 videos
Tournaments: 33 videos
Sit-N-Go: 30 videos
Classroom: 40 videos
Stoxpoker University: 4 videos
Omaha: 9 videos
Razz: 17 videos
7 Stud: 4 videos

Not only do we strive to produce the highest quality in table play videos, but we have expanded our repertoire to include many other innovative videos as well in our classroom series. These includes power point based classromm style presentations providing in-depth analysis of key strategy points, as well as primers for using different poker software (sometimes in ways that no one has thought to use before!). For those that are curious, we again remind you that we have free 3 minute demos for each video available!

About Our Head Instructors

Nick "Stoxtrader" Grudzien:

Nick is the co-author of "Winning In Tough Hold'em Games" and is one of the most prolific winners in internet history in BOTH Limit and No-Limit Hold'em.

You can search the post history on 2+2 over the last few years and see the evolution of Nick as a poker player. A short 5 years ago, Nick first became curious about on-line poker and began at the $3/$6 limit hold'em tables. At the same time, he immersed himself in the 2+2 forums as he devoted himself to learning the game and becoming the best player he could be.

Within a couple of years, Nick left his highly successful career as a Wall Street trader and devoted himself to playing the highest limits on the internet as a full time online poker professional.

Nick's approach to the game is extremely disciplined and he does an outstanding job of communicating it as a coach on in his dozens of Limit and NL Hold'em coaching videos.

Bryce “Freedom 25” Paradis:

Bryce is absolutely one of the best heads-up limit holdem'em player on the internet and at the very highest limits you can find. is extremely lucky to have Bryce as a coach and instructor because his passion for the game and the mathematics and theory behind it are obvious in each and every one of his videos.

There are dozens of beginner level videos on Stoxpoker that can help you in Limit, NL, MTT's or SNG's. But Bryce applies strategies and mathematic concepts to Limit Hold'em in his videos in a way that most players simply never explored and he does so in a way that is easily comprehended and applied.

Dusty “Leatherass” Schmidt:

Dusty is a testament to a simple point . . . the difference between a modest winner or break-even player online and a highly successful internet-pro is how hard you are willing to work and devote yourself to improving your game.

Dusty was originally a student of Stoxtrader's and he absolute devoted himself to being the best NL Hold'em player he could be and worked his butt off toward that goal.

For those who consider it a chore to get in 1,000 hands a day, Dusty often players 10,000 to 12,000 hands in a day.

The joy of Dusty's blogs and videos on is that he is brutally honest and emotionally open in discussing the high/lows of his climb up the ladder in NL Hold'em and he teaches you exactly what he did to make himself successful.

Kyle “Cottonseed” Hendon:

Kyle is one of the few that can be referred to as "A Natural".

His online poker career officially began in Sept. 04 and within two years he had worked my way up to playing 30/60 and 50/100 Limit Hold'em.

In August of 06 he decided to learn No Limit. Kyle started off at 200NL and quickly progressed through the limits. Kyle will be the first to tell you that NL Hold'em fits his personality and playing style perfectly and now it is the only game he plays and he is a regular in the 50/100 NL games.

Kyle's videos contain his signature laid-back southern style in his narration of his play and critical decision making.

Matt “Jacks Up” Matros:

Matt is the author of "The Making Of A Poker Player" and has proven himself to be a highly successful tournament pro both Live and On-Line.

Matt first made a name for himself by placing 3rd in the 2004 World Poker Tour Championship.

Matt has a degree in mathematics from Yale and a Master Of Fine Arts from Sarah Lawrence. He is currently a full-time writer/poker player/poker coach, and is at work on a novel and is a contributing write to

Matt does an outstanding job of breaking down the MTT tourneys he plays in his videos. His smooth and articulate style of analyzing his own play and that of others at his table is one of the best we have seen and we are proud to have him on-board as a MTT Coach.

Collin Moshman:

We are extremely excited to have Collin Moshman, author of the 2+2 published book "SitNGo Strategy" as a Stoxpoker Expert Coach for SitNGo's.

Collin Moshman graduated in 2003 with an honors degree in theoretical math from Caltech. Later that year, he began playing $0.10-$0.25 cash no-limit hold 'em and $6 Sit 'n Go's. By the time he was crushing the $215's SNGs and beyond, he abandoned his post-graduate studies in economics to focus on Sit 'n Go poker as a full-time career.

Collin's SitNGo videos on do an outstanding job of applying mathematical concepts to correct strategy decisions.

Ed Miller:

Ed Miller is the co-author of Small Stakes Hold'em, No Limit Theory and Practice, Professional No-Limit Hold'em Vol. 1, and is the author of Getting Started in Hold'em. Ed's videos will focus on key concepts for beginner and amateur level players.

Robert Williamson III:

Robert "Mr. Omaha" Williamson is the all-time leader in Omaha tournament winnings and a world-class Omaha cash player.

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