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2 main event hands 2 main event hands

07-13-2010 , 02:21 AM
hand before i double chipsteela in a standard hand( possibly some meta considerations to that). So i open to 6k at 12/24 from mid and get 3 bet to 16k from a french kid with 160k stack.I have 400k. He has been fairly active. Ive been pretty nitty but opening up some in the last 20 min, i have not 4 bet once today and have folded to about 50% of 3 bets. I hold AQo, what u like?

Hand 2:

2 hands left in the day. I have 340k. I open cutoff to 6k at 12/24 with TT, Big blind( middle aged guy, kinda clicky in some weird spots but mostly solid) has 210k and makes it 15k straight. I flat. I think in position in this tourney this is correct. Flop J52r he bets 17.2k i call. Turn 2 C/C. River 8, he best 30k, what u like?
07-13-2010 , 02:35 AM
fold both?
07-13-2010 , 02:36 AM
call both
07-13-2010 , 02:44 AM
what is his pos in hand 1? i prob like call no matter what tho.

hand 2 soul read, ur not gonna be able to get better advice here than the decision you can make irl at the table.

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07-13-2010 , 02:46 AM
change your pre flop bets
07-13-2010 , 02:54 AM
Originally Posted by Dana Gordon
call both

Originally Posted by OrganicGreen
change your pre flop bets
07-13-2010 , 03:03 AM

07-13-2010 , 03:08 AM
sorry french kid was in position for hand 1, he was cutoff i believe, usually when i flat pre OOP to a 3 bet, its not with a hand like AQo, maybe thats a leak tho/
07-13-2010 , 03:50 AM
peel 1 and snap 2, given his stack size and that it is late in the day i dnt also mind a 4bet as he will fold a lot of hands,(assuming he is one of those who wont want to bust at the end of a day when they have ok chips) yes its turning ur hand into somewhat of a bluff but its chip accumulation yo
07-13-2010 , 09:00 AM
1) depend a lot with history and reads on my oppo. I don't like to play oop an hand like Aqo. Probably i would fold.

2) i probably would try a 4bet here. Usually no one wants to exit from a tournament when are called last hands. I probably would 4bet almost all my opening range there. 4bet/f to his shove (if i have read that is a solid player and isn't a reg. against someone i can also 4bet/call (against some reg or spewer that can think that i am gonna 4betting light in that spot ) . Mostly of times i think my oppo is going to fold here and if he call my4bet i am still playng the hand ip.

As played i would do the same your line and calling river.
07-13-2010 , 09:03 AM
call both
07-13-2010 , 11:07 AM
Snap call hand 2 for sure.
07-13-2010 , 05:50 PM
how is hand 2 a snapcall? op says villain is semi-clicky but this seems like a fairly standard line w/ a lot of hands that beat us
07-13-2010 , 06:05 PM
1. I see a flop

2. agree with call pre. I'd fold on the flop and definitely fold the river.
07-13-2010 , 09:17 PM
I'd call 1, and 2 is gross, probably a fold on the river.