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best VIP ipoker site. best VIP ipoker site.

12-28-2008 , 07:18 PM
Need a ipoker deal.
Omaha 100/200
20000 hands/month.
12-28-2008 , 08:15 PM
Only PM me with a offer if you have a site:

- That is 100% in the European Economic Zone
- Either has a license at Malta/Gibraltar or has their main operations there or in EEC
- Ipoker-network
- If you are only Raffing to a aff site, please let me know in the PM, that will be ok too

My MGR has ranged $3-15k $ MGR/month.

Already have an acc on:

- 365bet
- Betfred
- CD/Titan/others in Europartners
- Centerbet
- Chili
- Noble
- Poker770
- Titan
- Mansion
- Victor Chandler
- Cardoza
12-28-2008 , 09:45 PM
Hit me up, 100nl 30k hands a month.

Have accounts at 365, VC, Titan, Chilli, Noble, Betfred, Carlos, Noiq, CD.

Dont waste my time sending me offers for these skins.
12-28-2008 , 11:41 PM
Looking for a ipoker deal, 600 - 1k nl, 60k hands a month. PM me w/ your best offer plz.
12-29-2008 , 01:53 AM
ONLY interested in Propaganda with extra races.

12-29-2008 , 04:33 AM
PM me with ipoker deals. STG player +100$, +10k Rake/month, enjoy races. Ty all!
12-29-2008 , 06:21 AM
pm a deal. I play 50k hands a month. Cant be carlos or betfred. must be reputable affiliate with at least a site or contact details.
12-29-2008 , 07:29 AM
pm me with ipoker deals please.
nl100 40.000 - 60.000 hands

already have an account on:

Titan, Mansion, CD, Sunpoker

Thank You
12-29-2008 , 07:54 AM
PM me a deal.
NL 200/400
50000 hands/month
12-29-2008 , 08:32 AM
-NL200 6max, MGR varies (3k~10k+)
-Starting day one I need the best deal (VIP status upgrade)
-Race would be nice
12-29-2008 , 08:59 AM
PM me with IPoker deals except Titan (already have an account there), please.
As there are months in which i am not playing at all, something not too dependant on a VIP status would be good.
I play NL200 6max.
12-29-2008 , 09:30 AM
Pm me with a good deal on ipoker network.
Have accounts on Titan and NOIQ.

30K hands p/m

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12-29-2008 , 03:42 PM
PM me plo200 plo400 player, not currently on any ipoker skins, need rakeback
12-29-2008 , 04:19 PM
PM me a deal, NL100/200 30-100k hands per month.
12-29-2008 , 04:20 PM
also looking for a good legit ipoker deal, 50NL SH, 20-40k hands per month
NO titan/cdpoker/chili/noble
12-29-2008 , 04:20 PM
looking for best offers on iPoker. I pay ~$10k/$15k rake per month.
12-29-2008 , 06:16 PM
Looking for any iPoker deal
SNG + Limit
$40k to $50k Month

PM asap
12-29-2008 , 06:56 PM
Also looking for an ipoker deal.
Plo100-200, 20k h/m
12-29-2008 , 08:01 PM
Looking for a good ipoker deal. Around 3k mgr.
12-29-2008 , 08:58 PM
Great deal wanted, no noiq or carlos (of course).
12-30-2008 , 12:12 AM
iPoker offers plz.
Raked aprox.150K on the network in 2008(mostly Noiq).
12-30-2008 , 04:39 AM
Ipoker offers please.
I play about 45k hands/month at NL50

12-30-2008 , 05:57 AM
Looking for a gr8 ipoker deal.
Playing 0,5/1 LHE 6max...........30k hands/ months

12-30-2008 , 07:31 AM
I'd like something too. I once used to pay around $7k/month on SnG/MTT, might return to that but I don't play close to that much today.

Detailed answer pls.
12-30-2008 , 10:38 AM
searching for one too..

playing NL50/100 6max.