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SAGE decision calculator SAGE decision calculator

06-10-2008 , 07:10 PM
Some of you may have heard about the SAGE (Sit and Go endgame system). It is used in heads-up situation at the end of a sit and go. The system is a push or fold system and I created an application that calculates your decision from the small blind or the big blind.
I made the application because I play a lot of sit and go's and get usually in the money, but I have problems with the heads-up game. I want to share the application (for free) with everybody.

SAGE for windows

SAGE for mac

If you want to support me:
FullTilt nick: petervdb007
PokerStars nick: petervdb007
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06-10-2008 , 07:18 PM
that's prettu cool!
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06-11-2008 , 02:11 PM
fwiw, already been done:

obv AHK so it doesn't work on macs, but it has a cleaner, more intuitive interface.
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