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04-05-2024 , 11:05 AM
Supply low + demand high = $1,000,000 Bitcoins
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04-05-2024 , 12:01 PM
Originally Posted by ECTAE
And the next excuse will be this cycle was hurt by the stock market tanking (high chance it tanks this year).
Bitcoin is going up this cycle no matter what happens. Nothing is going to stop it increasing but the degree to which it goes up can be affected. Chinese bitcoin miners were affected by covid. Half of the world's miners quit or moved out of China.
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04-05-2024 , 09:10 PM
Originally Posted by coordi
Yeah, it makes the dumbs feel smart when they use cool words
dfs touts love using talib buzzwords incorrectly applying terms like barbell strategy and black swan and antifragile

it's sad
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04-06-2024 , 09:29 PM
You ever look at a list of people like this on a big screen and do some reflection?

Crazy how all those wealthy and intelligent people likely all had 0 bitcoin when they discovered it. There's so many compelling and dynamics parts to Bitcoin that it can attract that kind of brain capital.

Bitcoin bullet train. Now we start absorbing failed currencies. Jump on, we ain't going back to fiat.

The "Wall Street Embraces Bitcoin" episode is good insight into TradFi.
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04-07-2024 , 02:28 PM
Ahah i was just watching this movie takin place In a not so far future it’s said in intro .

Sweet music lol
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04-07-2024 , 05:51 PM
Ps: btw , what a freakn doll movie ….
Don’t waste your time !
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04-08-2024 , 10:19 AM
Watching bitcoin today.

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