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WinYourBuyIn = ROBBER ? WinYourBuyIn = ROBBER ?

09-23-2010 , 08:04 AM = CHEATER?

Their site is original and after:
- Watched a video on youtube of a representative site in the last PPT Ladies
- To get information on their site terms and conditions of use
- Have read several articles on the site,
- Have watched their video presentation,
- To understand how it works (very well explained elsewhere on their site).
So I try to bid to try to get my passport to the EPT London included in a package to 8,500 .
I resume their term "A user can make more than one auction. Whoever wins the ticket is the one who placed the single bid and the lowest."
Here I am to pay for credits auction. Adopt a tactic, I'll book that proves that I am the winner of the EPT London, I bid on the beaches of 0.01 to 4.22 inclusive and 5.04 to 5.51 inclusive.
To 4.22 I get "offers not only" 4.5 and I get "offers unique but not lowest". So I say the winner a unique offering somewhere between 4.23 and 5.03 - QED.
Here I am 30 seconds from the end of the auction, I refreshed my screen to make sure I still have 5.4 's "offers unique but not the lowest.
At 15 seconds I run the last term round of bidding between 4.23 and 5.03.
Waiting more than a few seconds, then I look at my screen and I hop to 4.42 does have the "lowest unique bid" so winning.
To me the package, obv, I'm having trouble sleeping at 4:00 am (my thoughts were: I'm going to do huge EPT London is huge, so ... I declare my enthusiasm to our team the I post on their Facebook page, on mine, I send them copy a text screen showing more enthusiasm for my winnings and I'm so happy, happy What!
Boom patratac site says that a Michelb has earned 4.33, it deletes my post on their page without any comment. I still have no answer after almost 48 hours and he hides behind the fact that there would be a fraud. (If so I do not think that the site declares a winner, but should be investigated by leaving a period of time to analyze and question, is nothing, nada).
For me it's a scam, I have full history of transactions and the auction. If you look at the photo below screen you will see that 4.33 (winning bid according to them) I bid at that price because it is even said "offers not only" and that I am beautiful and the good the auction winner at 4.42. So I turn to you to see what I can do for I have sent letters to (even their representative) and I have no answer.
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09-23-2010 , 08:15 AM
Basically every "lowest bid auction" sites out there are scams.

Sorry for your loss.
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09-23-2010 , 08:34 AM
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09-23-2010 , 08:45 AM
yep looks like a clear scam. I would probably sue them or whatever you can do
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09-23-2010 , 10:20 AM
i'm surprised you're surprised
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09-23-2010 , 10:26 AM
When I couldn't understand the first sentence, I stopped reading!

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09-23-2010 , 01:20 PM
can someone translate?
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09-23-2010 , 01:29 PM
"I bid at that price because it is even said "offers not only" and that I am beautiful and the good the auction winner at 4.42."

omg this.
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09-23-2010 , 01:55 PM
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09-23-2010 , 02:44 PM
run bad
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09-23-2010 , 03:28 PM
try Swoopo obv
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09-23-2010 , 03:30 PM
Does not compute.
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