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Matt Marafioti and Samer Rahman allegedly conspire to hack other poker players Matt Marafioti and Samer Rahman allegedly conspire to hack other poker players

08-07-2012 , 02:00 PM
This disturbing conversation between Matt (Adz124) Marafioti and Samer Rahman was sent to me via e-mail from a very reliable source who chooses to remain unnamed. I feel compelled to share it with the community to warn others who may have had their computers compromised by either of the two. *I don't want to get involved, however, I can't sit on this information knowing that people may have been victimized by these *******s. Does anyone know anything else about this Samer kid? This is his facebook: *


[12-01-04 10:42:36 PM] Matthew Marafioti: u here
[12-01-04 10:43:40 PM] Matthew Marafioti: habibi
[12-01-04 10:43:46 PM] Matthew Marafioti: we keep missing eachothe
[12-01-04 10:43:51 PM] Matthew Marafioti: when we going to get to work
[12-01-04 10:44:43 PM] samerrrr: hehe
[12-01-04 10:44:44 PM] samerrrr: im here
[12-01-04 10:44:46 PM] samerrrr: bro
[12-01-04 10:44:51 PM] samerrrr: im working 24h
[12-01-04 10:44:54 PM] Matthew Marafioti: man
[12-01-04 10:44:55 PM] Matthew Marafioti: lets def
[12-01-04 10:44:57 PM] Matthew Marafioti: get molswi
[12-01-04 10:45:02 PM] Matthew Marafioti: i can access his computers i think
[12-01-04 10:45:07 PM] Matthew Marafioti: and he will play me all day
[12-01-04 10:45:10 PM] Matthew Marafioti: there is all these dutch guys
[12-01-04 10:45:11 PM] Matthew Marafioti: i want to get
[12-01-04 10:45:12 PM] Matthew Marafioti: like
[12-01-04 10:45:15 PM] Matthew Marafioti: fmylife
[12-01-04 10:45:19 PM] Matthew Marafioti: and ****ind0nk
[12-01-04 10:45:22 PM] Matthew Marafioti: and others
[12-01-04 10:45:23 PM] samerrrr: math
[12-01-04 10:45:25 PM] samerrrr: easy now
[12-01-04 10:45:28 PM] Matthew Marafioti: ok
[12-01-04 10:45:45 PM] Matthew Marafioti: so
[12-01-04 10:45:47 PM] Matthew Marafioti: what u mean
[12-01-04 10:45:54 PM] Matthew Marafioti: skype convo?
[12-01-04 10:45:56 PM] Matthew Marafioti: w/ me
[12-01-04 10:46:22 PM] samerrrr: like i said before be careful and dont trust anyone. and avoid conversations until Im done
[12-01-04 10:46:33 PM] samerrrr: 5 more days
[12-01-04 10:46:48 PM] Matthew Marafioti: ok
[12-01-04 10:46:50 PM] Matthew Marafioti: i understand now
[12-01-04 10:46:52 PM] Matthew Marafioti: 5 more days
[12-01-04 10:46:55 PM] Matthew Marafioti: affirmative
[12-01-04 10:46:57 PM] Matthew Marafioti: wont mess this up again
[12-01-04 10:47:47 PM] samerrrr: u havent done anything wrong I understand you . But we have to trust us this line between me and you. dont let anything break it.
[12-01-04 10:48:03 PM] Matthew Marafioti: i will listen harder from now on
[12-01-04 10:48:10 PM] Matthew Marafioti: ok
[12-01-04 10:48:11 PM] Matthew Marafioti: understood
[12-01-04 10:48:13 PM] Matthew Marafioti: fix it for us ya?
[12-01-04 10:48:19 PM] samerrrr: yes
[12-01-04 10:48:32 PM] samerrrr: Me and you 100% safe before anything else
[12-01-04 10:48:38 PM] samerrrr: thats the rule nr1
[12-01-04 10:48:59 PM] samerrrr: I will meet you soon
[12-01-04 10:49:04 PM] samerrrr: habibi
[12-01-04 10:49:07 PM] samerrrr: hehe
[12-01-04 10:49:29 PM] samerrrr: what is the time
[12-01-04 10:49:33 PM] samerrrr: on your side?
[12-01-04 10:53:12 PM] Matthew Marafioti: 10 53
[12-01-04 10:53:12 PM] Matthew Marafioti: umm
[12-01-04 10:53:13 PM] Matthew Marafioti: sorry
[12-01-04 10:53:15 PM] Matthew Marafioti: i was looking at my imac
[12-01-04 10:53:18 PM] Matthew Marafioti: cuz im playing 109 rebuy
[12-01-04 10:53:19 PM] Matthew Marafioti: on adz
[12-01-04 10:53:28 PM] Matthew Marafioti: i cant wait
[12-01-04 10:53:30 PM] Matthew Marafioti: till after pca
[12-01-04 10:53:33 PM] Matthew Marafioti: we r gona **** these mother ****ers
[12-01-04 10:53:36 PM] Matthew Marafioti: and every1 wants to play me HU
[12-01-04 10:53:37 PM] samerrrr: haha
[12-01-04 10:53:44 PM] Matthew Marafioti: **** them all
[12-01-04 10:53:48 PM] Matthew Marafioti: they are all ****ing pieces of ****
[12-01-04 10:53:50 PM] samerrrr: love the spirit
[12-01-04 10:53:54 PM] Matthew Marafioti: and i have nothing to lose
[12-01-04 10:53:56 PM] Matthew Marafioti: i dont care about money
[12-01-04 10:53:57 PM] samerrrr: they are all cheaters
[12-01-04 10:53:57 PM] Matthew Marafioti: one day
[12-01-04 10:54:00 PM] Matthew Marafioti: i will put a gun
[12-01-04 10:54:02 PM] Matthew Marafioti: to my own head
[12-01-04 10:54:03 PM] Matthew Marafioti: and blow trigger
[12-01-04 10:54:07 PM] Matthew Marafioti: cuz of poker and what its made me
[12-01-04 10:54:08 PM] Matthew Marafioti: i hate poker
[12-01-04 10:54:10 PM] Matthew Marafioti: and every1 in it
[12-01-04 10:54:11 PM] Matthew Marafioti: they are all ****
[12-01-04 10:55:23 PM] samerrrr: I dont trust them either they are all cheaters sharing
[12-01-04 10:55:29 PM] samerrrr: hehe
[12-01-04 10:55:30 PM] samerrrr: ****it
[12-01-04 10:55:52 PM] samerrrr: so you are leaving tomorrow
[12-01-04 10:55:54 PM] samerrrr: ?
[12-01-04 10:58:17 PM] samerrrr: listen
[12-01-04 10:58:30 PM] samerrrr: you talked about molswi
[12-01-04 10:58:37 PM] samerrrr: are you going togheter to pca
[12-01-04 10:58:38 PM] samerrrr: ?
[12-01-04 11:01:30 PM] Matthew Marafioti: no we arent
[12-01-04 11:01:32 PM] Matthew Marafioti: hes with his gf
[12-01-04 11:01:34 PM] Matthew Marafioti: and ill be with mine
[12-01-04 11:01:40 PM] Matthew Marafioti: but i can go visit him he lives 3 hours away
[12-01-04 11:01:41 PM] Matthew Marafioti: hehe
[12-01-04 11:01:51 PM] Matthew Marafioti: hes up 155 k on me on Stars for now
[12-01-04 11:02:02 PM] samerrrr: is he going 2 pca
[12-01-04 11:02:04 PM] Matthew Marafioti: ill beat him back for it!
[12-01-04 11:02:06 PM] Matthew Marafioti: yes
[12-01-04 11:02:08 PM] Matthew Marafioti: hes playing the 100k tmrw
[12-01-04 11:02:23 PM] Matthew Marafioti: can we talk via webcam
[12-01-04 11:02:29 PM] samerrrr: sure
[12-01-04 11:02:33 PM] samerrrr: let me go to my office
[12-01-04 11:03:08 PM] Matthew Marafioti: ok
[12-01-04 11:04:52 PM] samerrrr: im caliing
[12-01-04 11:10:19 PM] Matthew Marafioti: if u give it to me now
[12-01-04 11:10:22 PM] Matthew Marafioti: i can use it in bahamas
[12-01-04 11:10:49 PM] Matthew Marafioti: they dont think im smart enuf
[12-01-04 11:22:18 PM] Matthew Marafioti: i know mafia
[12-01-04 11:22:20 PM] Matthew Marafioti: big mafia
[12-01-04 11:22:22 PM] Matthew Marafioti: italian
[12-01-04 11:22:27 PM] Matthew Marafioti: they protect and collect money for me
[12-01-04 11:22:30 PM] Matthew Marafioti: men
[12-01-04 11:22:30 PM] Matthew Marafioti: like 60 year old
[12-01-04 11:22:34 PM] Matthew Marafioti: not 25 year old donkeys
[12-01-04 11:22:41 PM] Matthew Marafioti: she knows
[12-01-04 11:22:45 PM] Matthew Marafioti: i dont want her to hear me telling u tho
[12-01-04 11:23:45 PM] Matthew Marafioti: massage parlors
[12-01-04 11:23:47 PM] Matthew Marafioti: strip clubs
[12-01-04 11:23:49 PM] Matthew Marafioti: and he is mob
[12-01-04 11:23:51 PM] Matthew Marafioti: so then the big mob king
[12-01-04 11:23:52 PM] Matthew Marafioti: go to get him
[12-01-04 11:23:55 PM] Matthew Marafioti: cuz he wont call police
[12-01-04 11:23:57 PM] Matthew Marafioti: cuz he is a gangster
[12-01-04 11:24:34 PM] Matthew Marafioti: calabria
[12-01-04 11:25:19 PM] Matthew Marafioti: so what do you need me for
[12-01-04 11:25:21 PM] Matthew Marafioti: thats what i want to know
[12-01-04 11:27:03 PM] Matthew Marafioti: i knew from
[12-01-04 11:27:05 PM] Matthew Marafioti: when i met u
[12-01-04 11:27:06 PM] Matthew Marafioti: because
[12-01-04 11:27:09 PM] Matthew Marafioti: i used the alladiin account
[12-01-04 11:27:13 PM] Matthew Marafioti: then i asksed i am soso

Facebook chat:

Samer Rahman
Hi there m8

January 2Matthew Marafioti
sup dood
merry christmas/happy new year
how u doing

January 2Samer Rahman
im fine I wish you the best year ever
hope 2012 can be the best one for us both

January 2Matthew Marafioti
i hope so too habibi

January 2Samer Rahman
tell me how are you and whats your plans for the next 2 month

January 2Matthew Marafioti
**** all these mother ****ers

January 2Samer Rahman
haha thats the spirit lol
how is everything going for you?
havent see you or your friends online the since black friday

January 2Matthew Marafioti
things are well
i like live poker alot better tho
but ive been playing

January 2Samer Rahman
me 2

January 2Matthew Marafioti
the walls have ears

January 2Samer Rahman
tell me?
are you working for stars?

January 2Matthew Marafioti
what do you mean

January 2Samer Rahman
going to quit poker soon... i've got what i wanted from it
tell me about your plans m8

January 2Matthew Marafioti
i bought a house for 2 million
ive travelled the world

January 2Samer Rahman
usd where?

January 2Matthew Marafioti
or at least what i want to see
in toronto
just at the point
where seeing every1 in poker
is miserable
and im gona get out

January 2Samer Rahman
before its to late?

January 2Matthew Marafioti
my point habibi

January 2Samer Rahman
maybe I can help

January 2Matthew Marafioti
and then its game over
well if u can help then do it
im a man of action
im ranked
top 20 in the world for live tournament
cant find a solid backing deal i like

January 2Samer Rahman
I have been offline for 2 years more or less
I have invested alot of money

January 2Matthew Marafioti
just tired man

January 2Samer Rahman
in a business
there I know we can make enough money and there I can make your name so BIG it reach the sky

January 2Matthew Marafioti
well explain more
im listening
what kind of business and how is my name going to be involved

January 2Samer Rahman
I really want to meet you private
nothing I can take over fb

January 2Matthew Marafioti
what about phone call or skype
and how much would i need 2 invest

January 2Samer Rahman
I just need to know where you stand about the business there you need to work before it gets profitable.
You dont need to invest money at all

January 2Matthew Marafioti
u know me
from our past
im always willing to work
and hard
for the right price
ill do anything

January 2Samer Rahman
yes i know and since that year I have been develope this business I didnt believe it worked but today i know it works
Lets talk at skype
add me

January 2Matthew Marafioti

January 2Samer Rahman
tell me when you have add me

January 2Matthew Marafioti
going on now
on different comp

January 2Samer Rahman
let it be a mac
not a pc
dont trust pc

January 2Matthew Marafioti
i love your humor

January 2Samer Rahman
maybe you will love me forever or hate me after this

January 2Matthew Marafioti
i know enough about you
where nothing you could tell me would make me hate you if it hasnt already
and it hasnt
i think your a genius
r u samer gbg
on skype
from sweden
or is that someoene else

January 2Samer Rahman

January 2Matthew Marafioti
ok i added u

January 2Samer Rahman
calling you

January 2Matthew Marafioti
i unplugged comp
when i turned it
its turning back on
1 second

January 2Samer Rahman

January 3Matthew Marafioti
bro do u think im ****ing stupid

January 3Samer Rahman

January 3Matthew Marafioti

January 3Samer Rahman

January 3Matthew Marafioti
there is a new server
showing up on my laptop
called sangellotti
and the laptop
i left in ur room
in san remo
had a server show up on it after
if u want to do business with me
u cant put trojans on my ****ing machines

January 3Samer Rahman
What are u talking about?

January 3Matthew Marafioti
this was not showing up
if i look my my desktops
and there are servers on there too
im gona be so pissed
i am ready
to work and do business
but if u start messing with my machines im gona go dizzy
and im not like these other pussy nerds
im a little more powerful and a little more calculated
so please
lets do things the right way
thats all im gona say
im going downstairs

January 3Matthew Marafioti
to skype
in a minute
these servers
make me nervous
and i just woke up
im delerious

January 3Samer Rahman
Plz call My phone ********
Im in the casino

January 3Matthew Marafioti
ok i will
give me 10 minutes
this ****ing server
go away
or i throw all these computers away
and we do no business

January 3Samer Rahman
Ok bro dont stress and you dont need to worry. Be smart!!
I havent harm you !! Dont be stupid!!
Just call me if you feel better.

Cliffs of this thread as of 8/10 - KM
Originally Posted by ibleedbenjamins
Cliffs (Long)

- Anonymous source posts chat log by Matt Marafioti (ADZ) & alleged hacker Samer Rahman where they discuss planting trojans into other high stakes players comps & cheating them out of $$$.
- ADZ discovers trojans on his computers likely planted by Samer. It appears ADZ is a target & pawn in said scam to cheat others & then get cheated himself
- ADZ confirms via twitter he is friends with Samer & alleged conversation took place but was doctored
- Mr. Hickey posts on behalf of "reliable source" claims Matt has stated Samer is responsible for several other hackings & operate the Alladin account on FTP
- Samer is an IT expert known to have connections to Mohammed Kowssarie aka TerrorofSweden & Fast_Freddy who hacked Patrik Antonius & Johnny Lodden for mils. Samer & Mohammed are found to have strong ties to Swedish Bandidos, a violent biker gang
- Becomes known many HS swedes have been scammed by said gang & threatened in person. Thread documenting cheating on a Swedish poker forum apparently deleted by OP at his request due to said threats
- This is no secret throughout the Swedish poker, swedish poker players are rightfully scared of the criminals
- ADZ goes off on twitter & blows up, denies various accusations, people lol @ him & those that know him IRL confirm he's an doucher, scumbag, cheat, multiaccounter etc. Virtually noone defends ADZ
- aggo receives PM from unnamed source who won't post in public bc it would "send him to his grave" stating Mohammed's older brother is or used to be President of Swedish Bandidos, later discovered by Matacow Mohammed finance a restaurant with President of Bandidos Mc Sweden Mehdi Seyyed, restaurant is later seized by state as assetts of Bandidos ciminal activities
- Owner of PokerListings was killed by Swedish Hells Angels in order to avoid giving testimony against former business partner.
- More info posted, biker gangs in Sweden are v. prominent & feared especially in the poker community, especially the Bandidos
- Samer Rahman posts ITT, denies any wrongdoing, claims his computer was hacked & is being framed, claims to be a public figure in Sweden, contacts Mat Sklansky & asks thread to be removed
- People lol @ Samer's response & immediately tear it to shreds. During initial skype log Matt requests a video chat which is assumed to have taken place making Samer's denials impossible
-Thread is taken down at Samer's request & pending review... 3 hours later thread reopened because it is decided many of the accusations are credibly
- pokervangelist reports ADZ was @ Bellagio last night & claims ex gf Lauren Kling had to be anonymous source who sent out the chat logs
- Jas posts who was scammed out of 260k+ on pokerstars mostly by the accts saman_r, and westisbestis who played extremely similar with insanely loose stats. He discovered a trojan on his comp shortly after & had it reformatted with dif security, 3 days later he find saman_r playing 1/2 plo, asks if he wants to play 25/50 hu & saman insta leaves the table
- Many new accounts presumably from Swedish players hiding their identities post ITT confirming much of the speculation regarding organized crime's violence & influence to online poker & overall culture in Sweden
- Picture is posted by new acct with 1 post shows ADZ & Raman playing online side by side in a hotel suite during EPT San Remo in 2010. In the same pic is Zoran Zoric who is accused participant in Casino Cosmopol scam 2011 in Gothenburg. Zoric was convicted for assault the same year & is out bail awaiting trial for the Casino Cosmopol incident.
- NVG asks Swedish players for more info while maintaining anonymity, relevant posts from new accts are given more credence than in the past on 2+2 & lots of relevant info is posted.

Throughout the thread other posters chime in mostly discussing ADZ & his personality, the validity of original chat logs, Saman R & mohammed K, hacking, & Swedish Mafia (not the dj's!)
From August 19:

Originally Posted by wazz
Haven't kept up with the last few pages of this thread but sent an e-mail to stars security a few days ago and got a response, if anyone is interested:

Hello Michael,

Thank you for your email. Your email was escalated to me as a Senior Manager in the PokerStars Security Team for further review. Since you have raised a number of issues, let me take the time to address each point in turn.

* 1) Is there an investigation into the events
* detailed in the thread as mentioned?

PokerStars has previously reviewed a whole series of the accounts alleged to be involved in the fraud here. PokerStars has consistently found insufficient evidence of fraud.

We are also continuing to review new evidence as it comes to light, and this continuing investigation includes analyses that have been conducted after the most recent thread on the issue was started on TwoPlusTwo.

As you would be aware, PokerStars is regulated by the rule of law, and when considering confiscation and redistribution of player funds, we need to make decisions that are consistent with the regulatory regime that we operate under. Consequently, before confiscating funds from a player, we need to have strong and clear evidence of misbehaviour, such as hand histories or equivalent.

PokerStars is aware of no new evidence that we could rely upon in a court of law to prove these allegations.

* 2) What things are being investigated - HHs, IP
* addresses, software running on machines,
* softplay / collusion signs, tweets, 2+2 posts?

PokerStars reviews all the data that is available to us on any given issue. While we do take into account information that is posted on Twitter and TwoPlusTwo (and equivalents) please do keep in mind that the original post of the TwoPlusTwo thread was an anonymous individual who received information from another anonymous individual, who themselves received the alleged information in an unclear manner - that information is hardly very strong.

* 3) In similar cases, what has been the outcome?
* Have player balances been seized and distributed
* to those affected? Have players been banned?

Where PokerStars has proven that players have been able to see the hole cards of other players, and used that information to defraud players, PokerStars has taken action including seizing and redistributing funds to victims. The accounts of offenders have then been banned.

Please note that these situations relate to offenders installing malicious software on the computers of their victims. There has been no player who has been the victim of insecure hole card storage or transmission by PokerStars.

* 4) High stakes players should clearly take
* responsibility for their own hardware, but are
* there any measures either in place or being
* planned that could help defend the poker
* community against this sort of attack?

Theoretically, it is possible that some malicious software might reveal your hole cards to a particular player. Such a scenario is unlikely, and our investigation has found insufficient evidence to prove that this is the case here. However, in the interests of openness and honesty, we do highlight this theoretical risk to players who voice a concern about such issues. If players are concerned about such possibilities, they should consult with a computer security expert to secure their computer.

At the end of the day, the onus is always going to be on the end user to protect the security of their computer. We simply have no ability to monitor whether your computer has malicious software on it, and it is true that a clever cheater of this nature may be able to hide from detection on the basis of the poker play alone. To make a simplistic analogy, in a live poker environment, it is the responsibility of each player to protect their hand - but the house will step in if it becomes aware of concerted efforts to deliberately defraud other players (such as through marked cards or similar).

This is why we advise that you consult with a computer security expert with physical access to your computer machine if you are concerned about this - the poker experts employed by PokerStars have found insufficient evidence of fraud here.

* 5) Would you ever contact the relevant police in
* this sort of case, or have you ever been
* contacted by the police?

We certainly have a real and genuine interest in operating games that can be trusted, and if there is a criminal investigation into the alleged hacking of computers, PokerStars will cooperate with law enforcement officials in accordance with the regulatory regime that we operate under.

PokerStars routinely cooperates with police forces in various jurisdictions.

I hope that this further email clarifies PokerStars' position on the matter, but please let us know if there is anything else that we can do to assist you.


Michael J
PokerStars Security Team

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08-07-2012 , 02:04 PM
lol unreal
08-07-2012 , 02:04 PM
Wow, ADZ is certifiable.

Edit: The phone number should be taken out....

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08-07-2012 , 02:05 PM
FB already unavailable..
08-07-2012 , 02:08 PM
08-07-2012 , 02:10 PM
I only know this dude from the PokerCast, but wow. Should be interesting to see what happens. I'd say it's another sad day for poker but even without knowing the dude IRL it's hard to be surprised.
08-07-2012 , 02:10 PM
not the least bit shocking
08-07-2012 , 02:15 PM
What did they do?
08-07-2012 , 02:16 PM
Can't say I'm surprised. He seems like a miserable person.
08-07-2012 , 02:16 PM
Next time 7 Proxies+IRC guys jeez
08-07-2012 , 02:19 PM
oh boy...
08-07-2012 , 02:21 PM
sounds like he multi-accounts too?
08-07-2012 , 02:22 PM
inc twitter bombing and bipolar tendencies
08-07-2012 , 02:22 PM
solid first post op!
08-07-2012 , 02:23 PM
Originally Posted by rodgethat
solid first post op!
Do you think he knows who stole from Sam Trickett?
08-07-2012 , 02:26 PM
Epic gif. Looks like he got his head smashed there at the end too. Hopefully that's what happens to this clown.
08-07-2012 , 02:27 PM
so sick how big of a scumbag he is constantly
08-07-2012 , 02:29 PM
So it sounds like they were hacking other ppl's computers to see there cards? Right or wrong?

This ADZ kid seems very unstable if any of this is true.
08-07-2012 , 02:29 PM
quick google search and it seems like samer rahman knows theterrorist who has had numerous hacking accusations against him..

this doesn't look good. ****ing scum
08-07-2012 , 02:32 PM
probably same guy who hacked good old haseeb

his computer was connecting to sweden also
08-07-2012 , 02:34 PM

ADZ is a nut bag
Thinks everyone cheats him
Tries to get back at people by hacking their computers with help from another scammer
Really hates Molwsi, fmylife, and Fingd0nk
ADZ is connected to "the mob", knows "big mafia", the "Italian" mob
ADZ wants to do business with Samer
Samer then tries to scam ADZ
ADZ freaks out telling Samer to be straight with him
Samer tells ADZ to call him
ADZ is a nut bag

08-07-2012 , 02:36 PM

can anyone whose spoken with adz on the internets before comment on his writing/typing style as you know it and as it is presented here?
08-07-2012 , 02:38 PM
It's a chat log of adz discussing how he wants to do some superuseresque exploiting of his fellow poker players with a Samer Rahman. Basically it should be read from the bottom up. Seems like according to the chat log adz was approached by an acquaintance about be party to scamming fellow hsnl regs via hole card viewing. The second part of the transcription is adz being really excited and wanting to start trying to compromise people's computers at this years past PCA.

Also there are mentions of the infamous Alladiin account on FTP that scammed people by requesting coaching and then infecting the coaches computer with a hole card viewing Trojan. There are some context clues possibly linking both people to that account also.

There are further context clues that adz has multiple accounts.

Forgive the formatting grammar and spelling as I am on an iPad at the moment.
08-07-2012 , 02:39 PM
Originally Posted by aggo

can anyone whose spoken with adz on the internets before comment on his writing/typing style as you know it and as it is presented here?
this for sure
08-07-2012 , 02:44 PM
better back off guys

he knows big mafia