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Psychology Discussions of psychology as applied to poker and other gambling games.

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Maybe a strategy to enjoy the game [not winning]

In a different thread one poster, apart from other matters, wrote this:

Originally Posted by robert_utk View Post
Absolutely stop the multi-table madness. If you need 12 tables at .05/.10 to generate the profit you need, then move up to a stake you can beat with 2 tables to make up for it.
This got me thinking. From the get go, at least in my mind, the possibility to win [and enjoy] the online play was married with the concept of multi-tabling. I am not going to talk here anything about actual winning [I have to get there myself somehow], but, if you actually want to ENJOY the game, maybe it would be really healthy to actually forget about the idea of multi-tabling. Just play max two tables and enjoy yourself. Load two .10/.25 tables instead of sic .05/.10 ones.

Just an idea, that spoke to me. Little "a-ha!" moment [not a aaaaakee oooon meeee]. maybe with more enjoyment the results will eventually follow. It is a slightly different perspective and a little less grindy one. I think. I don't know.

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losing momentum
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Re: Maybe a strategy to enjoy the game [not winning]

I think the psychology of multi-tabling is quite interesting. I play as many tables as I can without feeling overwhelmed by the action, while still being able to make good decisions (around 8-10 tables, PLO)

I find if I'm playing less tables, I start getting distracted by internet, phone, etc.

I think once you become grinder you become more motivated by performance, while enjoying poker less. I'm not sure cutting down the tables would increase that enjoyment - I'd just feel like I was not using my time optimally.
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Shai Hulud
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Re: Maybe a strategy to enjoy the game [not winning]

I always found multi-tabling more engaging. Playing one or two tables even online was so boring. So I'd play 24.

Now playing live poker I promise you one table at once is so freaking boring.
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Re: Maybe a strategy to enjoy the game [not winning]

results are part of the process. not the end goal.
Goal should be to make the best plays in the moment. you need to prepare in the moment too.

If you wanna play 100 $1 tournies you should have $100. if you wanna play two $5000 tournies you need $10,000.

depends on how much you wanna play and how much money you have.
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