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Tricky situation with player on agent site [Resolved] Tricky situation with player on agent site [Resolved]

06-16-2019 , 08:38 AM

*this is a cliffs version of events, if screenshots or further info is requested I will happily provide it. I can be long winded so I already know this will likely be longer than needed so dont want to provide unneeded details

I am an agent for an agent site, and a tricky situation has occurred with a player on the site. Filipos Liakounakos and I met on ACR when he played under account named Kaspav, and later exchanged skype info to talk. We became "friends" on acr since we played in the same games(5/10+), and at the time nothing was mentioned about my club. Upon talking on skype he asked if I knew where other higher stakes games are played and I told him about it. He provided references and his story seemed to checkout. I messaged my agent about it and he agreed with the details and 10k credit was given(I have stopped giving credit,please do not write me asking for it). Filipos created the account named Kaspav.

Filipos played for 2 hrs or so and then he was kicked off the site and a message saying "suspended by host" appeared on his screen. I had never heard of this before and it was a frantic moment and ended with Filipos saying he was done for the night anyways and he was happy with how it went. The balance on his account was 17,631, giving him a $7,631 profit for the session.

I then get a message from a security guy. He told me he had suspended the account and told me that he had extended Filipos a 12.5k book that Filipos had ceased communication and blocked him and has owed for almost a year. He had something set up to inform him anytime an account logged in from the same IP that the account that owed him the 12.5k played from , and it pinged when Kaspav was playing. He sent me a screenshot of the two accounts showing the exact same IP, as well as their conversation showing that he is clearly owed the 12.5k by Filipos. He takes the $7,631 of profit and returns the 10k credit and considers the $ owed to him. I asked Filipos about this and he does not dispute that he owes the 12.5k, but that he felt he had cheated him and thats why he didnt pay. However repeated attempts to get more info on how he was cheated or anything at all supporting his claim has not been responded to. Filipos only continues to demand payment and that I should pay him out of my own pocket. He contends he is good to have on the site and playing since he will generate a lot of rake.

Initially I didn't think this was right since I had nothing to do with their situation and advocated to my agent and the operators of the site for Filipos to get paid. I thought it set a bad precedent that security could confiscate these funds, however a discussion between me, my agent, and the owners of the skin ended with them feeling he was not in the wrong to do this. I now agree with their perspective since Filipos will not provide any details on why he feels he shouldnt pay the 12.5k. I have given Filipos the option to pay the 5k that he still owes and resume playing on the site, but he has turned down this offer and continues to say I owe him the $.

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06-16-2019 , 09:01 AM
He can believe you owe him the money. You can believe what you like. In future put some terms in whatever contract or agreement you have that if the player has any unresolved outstanding debts with the network that they need to settle that before any payments are made.
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