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How many games you play per day?


I know it's relative, but is it better to set a number of games to achieve per day, or to set a number of hours?

Like if you have enough bankroll, and you are a good player, the equation should be, the more you play, the more you win. Even if you are having a losing session, you should however, stick to your initial daily plan.

What is happening with me, is that if I have a winning streak, 4-6 games in row. I just call it off, I'm afraid of losing obviously. Perhaps I should study the nature and the theory of heads up games.

Can anyone relate? Any thoughts, or psychological book to help?
Thank you.
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Re: How many games you play per day?

im not a hu expert but have played thousands of sngs and mtts and its the same thing,figure out ur avg profit per game(x) and per hour and just think of every game as x cause that will be the result in the long run,eg if ur making $1 per game u will be up $1000 after 1000 games no matter how u go about playing them,so play as many as u can per day and get there the quickest!!
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Re: How many games you play per day?

Confidence can help a lot. Don't be scared money. Think less about if you're winning or losing in your sessions and just play. Think in terms of decisions, each good decision you make is improving your EV.

In a basic sense, imagine I give you $2 every time it lands on tails and you give me $1 when it lands on heads. That's an awesome deal for you, would you really get nervous when winning 4x in a row? Would you really get tilted when you lose 4x in a row? It sounds silly, but poker for a winning player is just a more complex version of that. Immerse yourself in the process and in the decisions and be confident that in the long run you'll do really well if you keep your focus in those places. At some point, the day to day results should seem practically irrelevant to you.
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Re: How many games you play per day?

I think you'd do well to think about the psychological nature of the game as part of the game itself - you'd practice/read to improve your gameplay - do the same for the psychological part. Push yourself to play when it's uncomfortable, and then reflect on it and see if you can find a mental solution. At the same time, when you can't figure out a solution, then be wise enough to stop.
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Re: How many games you play per day?

I have experienced the same thing. Sometimes when on an upswing I would take a break to forget about it for a while, but I have a set number of games I play per day and I stick to it regardless of how the session is going, unless I feel like I'm starting to tilt. The above posts are correct. Try not to think about how the day is going and just focus on making +EV plays. GL
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Re: How many games you play per day?

i try to play on average 100 spins a day but it depends on how im feeling that day, i normally take short breaks between sessions to be more rested/fresh to the end of it but once i hit 100 if i can play more and im playing great poker i just keep going.
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