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09-21-2010 , 09:29 PM
Originally Posted by mersenneary
very solid level if it is one
krumb snatcha is by far the best leveler in our community based on what ive seen
09-21-2010 , 11:22 PM
We are at over 2,5 trees worth of participants. I'll try to put together 2 full trees today (tonight for most of you guys). Probably about 15 spots left for the last tree.
09-22-2010 , 12:38 AM
i like turtles.

09-22-2010 , 12:52 AM
Also, given the number of participants, I will probably not be PMing each one of you for you to okay the tree (which I was planning to do with the first one), with a couple of exceptions if I have reason to believe one party may prefer to be assigned to someone else. OK, off to create the first tree.
09-22-2010 , 01:01 AM
I'm in for the micro levels if there are still spots left
09-22-2010 , 01:09 AM
sure, go ahead and send a PM...
09-22-2010 , 05:14 AM
Originally Posted by potpotshove
I'm in for the micro levels if there are still spots left
I haven't received your PM mate....

The first two trees are ready and will be posted today. There are about 10 spots left for the last one, so if you want to be a part of this you need to be fast!
09-22-2010 , 11:00 AM
Could the tree be posted? I'm curious.
09-22-2010 , 11:09 AM
I'm waiting on answers from Croix and mers and will post the trees as soon as they can confirm they are happy with their pairings...
09-22-2010 , 03:52 PM
I am busy with school.
09-22-2010 , 04:16 PM
put borderline on top of the 3rd tree so spamz0r has to join it in 2nd. This won't hurt anyone + spamz0r would have some fun watching the borderline video + you would have 3 top tree heads with primo, croix and spamz0r.
09-22-2010 , 05:05 PM
i could possibly play the 20s stage / am interested in participating but i dont yet have read through this entire topic because i just got home from holidays and am sick tired but will post again later

hopefully ur tree isnt filled up yet

really liking this idea btw :$
09-22-2010 , 07:18 PM
PM sent if theres any $22-33 spots left
09-22-2010 , 09:54 PM
Hi, I dont think I can pm. Am I able to apply? I have played about 3k games reg speed and turbos up to $50sngs but cashed out and rebuilding at the $5/10s on FT.
09-22-2010 , 09:56 PM
Sure, I'm going to post at least 2 out of 3 trees in the next hour, you're probably going to be the last one in

Can you post your screenname on FTP or send it to me on

09-22-2010 , 09:57 PM


Where you want to be in the tree : I would like to coach someone from the $5 or $10 games and preferably get from a $20+ player.

Online screenname(s) (preferably unblocked on Sharkscope) : I started my first roll on a couple of euro sites but would like to keep them private unless you need them, overall im about 5% over 1800 turbos and 8% 1200 reg speeds.

Preferred HUSNG format : Reg or turbo
Preferred language(s) : English

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09-22-2010 , 11:10 PM
Ok, here goes people. I think I did a reasonable job of pairing people up according to stakes/skill levels/formats/languages etc. If I accidently paired you up with your worst enemy, misspelt your 2+2 name, or clearly made in mistake in the organization, speak up quickly! I'll be available daily for any problems.

The third tree will be out soon (probably less than 24 hours), I'm waiting on a few people to confirm. There are still some spots available, mostly for micro guys.

I'm currently looking for someone to step in for mersenneary in the first tree, as he is very busy professionally at the moment. If you are a solid ~200$ reg, feel free to PM me.

Massive thanks to PrimordialAA and Croix for agreeing to be a part of this, I hope you all get something good out of it.

Tree 1:

Tree 2:

09-22-2010 , 11:16 PM
Nice work.

Hope this works out well
09-22-2010 , 11:43 PM
Great job Palinca. Really appreciate all the work you're done with this. Many people will benefit.
09-22-2010 , 11:53 PM
This is great. Especially for the micro guys like me. Thanks for putting in the work!
09-23-2010 , 12:06 AM
So we now send a PM to the guys above and below us to set up our coaching and getting coached session? or wait a day until no one complains about the tree?

Really cool idea and great job with the leg work too, Palinca.
09-23-2010 , 12:10 AM
poor teamsk

09-23-2010 , 12:14 AM
hey man

can I still get into this being coached business?
09-23-2010 , 12:48 AM
I'm pretty sure you can go ahead and just contact the guys you were assigned to, I mean I'll only be changing the tree if there is a really huge problem (for instance if I've mixed up two names).

For new applicants : you have about 12h to send me your info, there is no guarantee I'll be able to fit everyone in the third tree, but I'll do my best to make it work.
09-23-2010 , 01:17 AM
@ radish and lenny. im away this weekend but if either of you or both want to do a session on monday then that is great for me. also if u want to do a group session with all 3 of us either in 2 1 hour slots or 1 2 hour then im cool with that idea. anyway post here or pm me and we can sort something out. im in GMT time zone

gl at tables