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Pads1161 #bracelethunting Pads1161 #bracelethunting

02-03-2015 , 01:33 AM
Last year I stayed at home in Budapest, grinding out trying to get number 1 on pocket fives. I managed that and this year I had aspirations of quietly making money the "easy" way. No variance, lots of rake back, 5 shiny black stars, breakfast in the am, access to sunlight.

Well **** that.

The WSOP schedule came out yesterday, 20 minutes later I booked a flight for 2 months to sin city. Vam ****ing os.

Between then and now (now and then?) I will be working very hard online. If I win 100k between then I will take 100% of my action, sell nothing and yolo it. If I win 211k I'll yolo the whole schedule and the one drop. If I win less than 50k I'll sell 50% of my schedule.

I'm going to be mixing MTTs with Zoom and hopefully be successful in both. Just before Vegas we have SCOOP which could make me or break me. It's going to be fun, it's going to be tough but will be documenting it all in the thread.

Once I'm in Vegas I'll be blogging every day. I'm planning on the heavy heavy grind. Schedule looks something like:

Wednesday May 27 - $5k no limit holdem
Thursday May 28 - $3000 no limit shootout
Friday May 29 - $565 - Colossus No Limit Holdem
Friday May 29 - $565 - Colossus No Limit Holdem
Saturday May 30 - $565 - Colussus No Limit Holdem
Saturday May 30 - $565 - Colussus No Limit Holdem
Sunday May 31 - $1000 hyper
Monday June 1st - $1500 Pot Limit Holdem
Tuesday June 2nd - Non Rio tournament
Wednesday June 3rd - $1500 6max
Thursday June 4th - $1500 shootout
Friday June 5th - $1500 millionaire maker
Saturday June 6th - $1500 millionaire maker
Sunday June 7th - $1000 turbo
Monday June 8th - $1500 No Limit Holdem
Tuesday June 9th - $1000 No Limit Holdem
Wednesday June 10th - $5000 No Limit Holdem 8 handed
Thursday June 11th - Non Rio tournament
Friday June 12th - $1500 Monster stack
Saturday June 13th - $1500 Monster Stack
Sunday June 14th - $1000 No Limit Holdem
Monday June 15th - $5000 6 max No Limit Holdem
Tuesday June 16th - $1500 mix max
Wednesday June 17th - $10000 6max
Thursday June 18th - $3000 No Limit Holdem
Friday June 19th - Non Rio tournament
Saturday June 20th - $1500 Extended Play
Monday June 22nd - $1500 No Limit Holdem
Tuesday June 23rd - $2500 No Limit Holdem
Thursday June 25th - $3000 6max No Limit Holdem
Friday June 26th - Non Rio tournament
Saturday June 27th - Non Rio tournament
Sunday June 28th - $1000 No Limit Holdem / $111k one drop
Monday June 29th - $1500 No Limit Holdem
Tuesday June 30th - $1111 one for one drop
Tuesday June 30th - $1111 one for one drop
Wedneday July 1st - $1500 bounty
Thursday July 2nd - Non Rio tournament
Friday July 3rd - Non Rio tournament
Saturday July 4th - Non Rio tournament
Sunday July 5th - Main event $10,000

It's subject to change depending on what's going on at other places but got to wait and see what their schedules look like.also thinking of potentially going to LA from July 2nd to chill before the main event and avoid the EDC cretins! Just kidding "y'all" look really cool in the fluorescent tutus really!

I'm not sure how often I'll post graphs etc, I guess once a month makes most sense. Have a couple of live trips coming up that I have won seats for so will be looking forward to these and potentially running good.
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02-03-2015 , 01:43 AM
I'm in a huge dilemma about where I want to stay. Options currently..

1) Rio

- I'm going to be there every day. Convenience is really good, being able to just go sleep for a few hours is a pretty big bonus

- having to be in the same place for 2 months which is where I'm going to be working sounds bad. But then again I'm a poker player and play 10 metres from where I sleep.
- food options are awful. The restaurants in the Rio are really bad and it's just that far from the strip that it's inconvenient

2) Vdara

- reknowned as one of the best hotels to stay at
- no casino it's a proper hotel

- expensive
- have to get taxis all the time

3) House

- very cheap (relatively)
- nice to be away from the bright lights
- good to stay with other people
- own pool/privacy

- such a trouble to get to the Rio. Last time I was waiting 2-3 hours for a taxi in the morning, really is huge problem
- I don't drive so have to depend on other people bringing me to and from the Rio which can be awkward too when they play a different schedule/we bust different times etc

Other potential options

Palms place - supposed to be decent, close to the Rio to walk
Gold Coast - super cheap, close to Rio
Aria/cosmopolitan - sick hotels but expensive

I'll be asking lots of stuff over he next few months I think and would love you to get involved. What do you think is the best option here?
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02-03-2015 , 01:45 AM
As a lot of people know I now have a stable with a few friends (European, omyg0t and elmerixx) I'll be taking my profits from here into the overall amount made too as I really spend a lot of time on the whole project. We do lots of coaching (in sure more than any other stable) and I speak to the guys individually basically every day, rail them etc

Were mainly staking small/mid stakes so it's not going to be a huge amount either way but just didn't want to add it later and everybody be like woaahhhhh. I'll include coaching/videos on here too although I don't do much of that anymore. I'm happy to work a little bit harder on some of this stuff if it gives me an extra amount of % for myself in Vegas.

This isn't really a bankroll problem or anything. I'm suitably rolled for basically anything I want to play online and registry have 100% of myself in Super Tuesday etc but it's just a challenge for me to try and work hard and not sell off a big % of myself. It will be almost an inspiration for myself each day to wake up and try and win monies! Also will hopefully stop me from ever tilting/punting etc

So yeah basically if you're really sick at poker come and let me help you try and me a little bit sicker and then in return help a degenerate get to Vegas.. Only joking Mum.
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02-03-2015 , 01:49 AM
1st GL
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02-03-2015 , 01:54 AM
He's back! Goodluck this yr. You gonn be playing/selling for onedrop if profits 100k < x < 211k?
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02-03-2015 , 01:56 AM
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02-03-2015 , 01:58 AM
I think RIO is legit option based on your driving limitations. Let me help dispell your cons:

1) regardless where you stay, you will be there for the duration. The benefit of stayimg where you're playing is that you can maximize your down time, you will have less transportation stress that could tilt you, and the rooms are big enough you wont feel too cramped.

2) Agreed if Rio food were the only option it would be terrible. However there are other options... you can have a juicer, microwave, fruits and veggies im your room. There is a PTs pub that serves breakfast thru dinner that is walking distance behind Rio. There are some decent options to eat at Palms. And compared to a house, you will be close enough to the strip where you can grab food and/or drinks 24hr

I think for your heavy schedule this would be a valuable option.
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02-03-2015 , 02:03 AM
subbed GL! btw what happened to wugwug? really liked your blog...
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02-03-2015 , 02:12 AM
Originally Posted by OurSurveySays

Vam ****ing os.
Best expression ever.
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02-03-2015 , 02:17 AM
subbed! gl champ
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02-03-2015 , 02:31 AM
In, gl in your goals.
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02-03-2015 , 04:38 AM
so, i hope you make 99K so you dont take all your own action in WSOP. I want 5%. ty and gl
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02-03-2015 , 05:18 AM
In. GL.
Looking forward to winning a bracelet or money more?
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02-03-2015 , 05:20 AM
In for another Pads PGC

Originally Posted by FuzzingIrish
Best expression ever.

Also, ship some of that bracelet gold
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02-03-2015 , 05:23 AM
Originally Posted by OurSurveySays
If I win 100k between then I will take 100% of my action, sell nothing and yolo it. If I win 211k I'll yolo the whole schedule and the one drop.
This is so awesome
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02-03-2015 , 05:23 AM
In obv
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02-03-2015 , 05:34 AM
in b4 busto yo, heaters dont last forever
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02-03-2015 , 05:54 AM
Subbed, potential for being an epic thread.
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02-03-2015 , 06:02 AM
Good luck from a fellow geordie.
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02-03-2015 , 06:42 AM
Subbed, gl
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02-03-2015 , 06:57 AM
No point in wishing Gl. Inb4 wsop poy
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02-03-2015 , 07:05 AM
In, gl!
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02-03-2015 , 07:24 AM
Stay at Rio.
If you are tired and going to take a small break I would book a room at another hotel for a couple of days.
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02-03-2015 , 07:34 AM
Originally Posted by OurSurveySays
Palms place - supposed to be decent, close to the Rio to walk
I stayed there last year (first time in Vegas) with the same thought that I'd just walk to Rio every day. Deceptively long walk to the Rio, especially in 40 degree heat and taxi wait times are pretty bad sometimes (and taxi cost is pretty much the same as from Aria/Strip). Room is def really nice tho.

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02-03-2015 , 07:51 AM
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