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11-12-2021 , 06:51 AM

Free trial: 7 days (+1000 SharkScope searches)

Pricing: 30/90/180-days subscriptions from $4.99 to $249.99

Contacts: @SharkyScanner sharkyscanner


What is SharkyScanner?
SharkyScanner is an auto-registration and table selection tool for Sit & Go, Spin & Go, and MTT players on PokerStars. This application can automatically find a suitable tournament and register you in it. In table selection mode, it allows finding games with weak opponents by automatic reading of SharkScope stats and strength determination of players in lobby. This sort of semiautomatic table selection is still not prohibited by PokerStars rules: the application determines players' strength based on your criteria and presents tournament lineups so you could decide whether you want to play it.

Is SharkyScanner permitted on PokerStars?
Yes, it's on the list of permitted tools and services.

Main features
  • Full automation of your playing session
  • Automatic registration in Sit & Go, Spin & Go, and MTT
  • Queueing to empty tables for Heads-Up Sit & Go players
  • Table selection using SharkScope service
  • Automatic color tagging based on SharkScope stats

More features
  • Automatic creation of player notes containing SharkScope stats along with color tagging
  • Flexible criteria definition for auto-registration in tournaments
  • Prioritization: auto-unregistration from less priority tournaments and auto-registration in more priority ones
  • Flexible criteria definition for players' strength
  • Ability to see lineups of all tournaments in the main lobby at once
  • Automatic rematch acceptance in Heads-Up Sit & Go tournaments
  • Ability to delay auto-registration in Spin & Go to avoid playing in the same strong lineup
  • Ability to assign different SharkScope filters to different tournament types
  • Ability to create custom stat parameters based on SharkScope stats
  • Saving SharkScope searches
  • Highlighting of SharkScope stat parameters based on their values
  • HUD with SharkScope stats for players at a table
  • Hotkeys
  • Ability to work with multiple poker clients at once
  • Local player database analysis
  • Color label management
  • Backing up of poker client settings
  • Configuration Wizard
  • Plenty of fine-tune options

The application contains a huge number of options allowing to configure it for almost any needs. Basic options and user interface are described in the FAQ section on our website. For a new user, there's a convenient Configuration Wizard that makes it easy to tune the software in the first days of use. If you still don't fully understand how to configure the application to your needs, please contact us and we will be happy to help (configuring via TeamViewer is available as well).

Free trial period
You can get a full-featured free trial period of 7 days. Along with it, you'll get 1000 free SharkScope searches that can be used only in SharkyScanner. A free trial is available again if 60 days passed since the end of your last subscription.

You can purchase a 30/90/180-days subscription for different buy-in levels (up to $10, $25, $75, $300, or any stakes) with a PokerStars transfer or an online payment. It's also possible to upgrade your subscription to one with a higher buy-in limit.

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