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D7's Scoop Package 2019 D7's Scoop Package 2019

05-10-2019 , 04:56 AM
Hi there,

My name's Donald and I play as d7o1d1s0. I'm primarily a cash game grinder, you can mostly find me holding the 2/4 and 3/6 lobbies. The best place to find more info about me is in my PGC thread here. Here as my results over the last 18 months:

I occasionally fire MTTs alongside my cash sessions, my sample in these games is small over the same time period, but here it is anyway:

My sharkscope is the opposite of pretty, I have positive average ROI but I'm down something like 80k lifetime due to bricking some higher buyin tourneys.

I run the show at bitB Cash, and working with that group I've had opportunity to learn from some top guys, specifically I've been learning about FT ICM stuff and I've plugged some pretty large leaks I had in that area.

I'm selling some of the higher SCOOPs that start this weekend. I'll be skipping all turbos, all KOs and all tourneys that start after 8pm UK time. The remainder can be found here:

Note there is a price break at 5% - to book a piece, send to d7o1d1s0 (UK, no avatar). I'll confirm everyone's action here before getting started on Sunday.

Thanks for your time and GL out there,

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05-10-2019 , 09:04 AM
5ball my man, glgl and be well

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05-10-2019 , 07:30 PM
5 sent from clapjkspit
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05-11-2019 , 08:52 AM
Both booked, ty
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05-12-2019 , 12:16 PM
want 20%, sent from makeboifin
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05-12-2019 , 12:53 PM
il take 5, can send party, skrill or uk bank?
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05-12-2019 , 02:59 PM
Great, not taking any more action, thanks guys
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