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Dexter: season 5 Dexter: season 5

10-24-2010 , 08:48 PM
Originally Posted by Teebs
Tonights the night!
Damn! I wanted to post that.
10-24-2010 , 09:58 PM
Halfway through the episode, I actually said, "This show is just so bad", out loud, with no one around me. Probably not a good sign.

This is how I felt during S3.
10-24-2010 , 10:49 PM
Worst episode of the whole goddamn series AINEC. So horrible.
10-24-2010 , 11:17 PM
good god that was bad
10-24-2010 , 11:20 PM
i feel like i'm watching a different show now. all the harrison stuff seemed redundant. situation causing angel to look like even more of a dumbass was very contrived. masuka has a tattoo for no reason. dexter lol walks around with gloves hanging out of his pocket. more loud speaking of murdering fools in crowded places.
10-24-2010 , 11:35 PM

3 thoughts:

angel and laguerta story just keeps getting worse every fn week... the lieutenant wears a wire in a sting?? lol

stiles is a terrible actress

masuka is the best part of the show
10-24-2010 , 11:41 PM
The show almost seems like a parody at this point. I can't even get over how bad that episode was. My god.
10-24-2010 , 11:42 PM
wow i dont even want to download it now. i think i have enough tv programs to watch atm. so ill stop watching till the season is over and hope it gets better
10-24-2010 , 11:51 PM
Robocop looks like sh*t these days.
10-25-2010 , 12:03 AM
The LaGuerta/Angel thing is so ******ed. The marriage was obviously doomed to fail in the beginning. Even though the writers tried their hardest to pull out an obviously contrived situation out of their ass, you can't help but agree with Angel: Any man who received the signals that he received and saw his woman getting undressed in a motel room, and STILL managed to hold his tongue, is a moron and deserves to be punked. At the same time Angel had serious relationship problems before that, as he was suspicious way before he had any evidence, as shown by when he asked Deb whether the lawyer-guy was attractive. There was also the whole money-jealousy thing to highlight their incompatibility. All this subplot affirms is the extreme volatility and dangerousness of intraoffice romance.
10-25-2010 , 12:15 AM
Yah the show's going downhill pretty fast. Said before I didn't like this development with Stiles' character and this episode confirmed it. Horrible writing and Stiles' delivery is brutal. It's back to where I don't really care for the show -- and Dexter is one of my favorites. Also, seeing Peter Weller on the couch I knew I'd see him again. The chick from the L-word just didn't feel right and ofc they made her a lezzie too, zzz.
10-25-2010 , 12:15 AM
Other than the eye thing, this was almost a complete waste of an episode.
10-25-2010 , 12:16 AM
thanks guys you saved me an hour
10-25-2010 , 12:21 AM
Honestly the show hasn't felt the same for me since season 2. Hated that skinner sh*t and S4 with Lithgow missed something albeit improving from the 3rd.
10-25-2010 , 12:34 AM
Only worth watching for the unintentional comedy at this point. Worst episode ever? I've been trying to give this season a chance but I can't take it seriously at all now, it's just gotten so dumb. The rapist and child molestor club under the bridge was a nice touch.

So we've got a clear consensus here that this was a terrible episode, but I'm sure there's a forum somewhere with fanboys trying to defend it. I'm curious how they'd even go about defending it though.

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10-25-2010 , 12:38 AM
yeah agree with everyone, waste of an whole episode for no reason whatsoever. The important parts of the episode could have been done in like 5 mins, the rest is just feelings ********. Really hope they get to the Quinn vs Dex showdown really quickly, otherwise its gonna be hard to keep watching. And as always Harrison outperforms all these chumps for best actor of the episode.
10-25-2010 , 12:49 AM
Originally Posted by Redux
Honestly the show hasn't felt the same for me since season 2. Hated that skinner sh*t and S4 with Lithgow missed something albeit improving from the 3rd.
S4 with Lithgow was the mf nuts imo
10-25-2010 , 01:07 AM
+1 to all that
10-25-2010 , 01:30 AM
dexter's getting jack bauer syndrome - every episode he doesn't kill someone sucks
10-25-2010 , 01:54 AM
yeah first episode i didnt like. it'll ovbviously get better once the quinn thing picks up more.

best part of the episode is when quinn said, "a little warm out for gloves dont you think?
10-25-2010 , 02:22 AM
Dumbest part of the episode was Dexter telling Stiles his real name. And yeah, she's a terrible actress.
10-25-2010 , 02:35 AM

oh and Harrison still outperforming everyone but MCH
10-25-2010 , 03:56 AM
So like, nothing happened. Cool.
10-25-2010 , 04:23 AM
2-3 eps ago Dexter had to slip a fingerprinted bottle into crimescene evidence to verify the girls ID. This ep he just does it himself?
10-25-2010 , 05:15 AM
Don't get the hate. Seems like another very average mid-season dexter episode. But then again I fastforward all Angel/LaGuerta scenes so..