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**SOLD**WTS 488k ftps @ .30/1k **SOLD**WTS 488k ftps @ .30/1k

02-22-2010 , 04:22 PM
Originally Posted by andrewkm
Very good guy, and I will deal with him in the future for sure!

All went well about 5 weeks ago, sent the money, got the email confirmation.
Unfortunately full tilt just let us know that the item I wanted would not ship to my location, and that there was an error in the system which allowed the order to be placed.

Seller notified me immediately and refunded me the money before he even got the points back from Full Tilt Poker. Said he will deal with them on his own.

Very very good seller and I vouche for him.
Thank you for the smooth transaction and for dealing with everything on Full Tilts side.

I've have received all my items last week and all went well.