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Really Merge??

ok..ill try to keep this as brief as possible.

RPM screenname- leahjeansdad
Carbon Poker screenname- cdub62380

I started playing on RPM and have been verified after my first few months on there..and have been playing for over a year. A few months ago since they disabled the "VISA" deposit option, i checked the P2P threads to deposit. Found someone who didnt have RPM funds at the time, but had Carbon. So i created an account there as funds.

I went back and forth playing and getting funds sent to both sites- NEVER AT THE SAME TIME...NEVER PLAYED TOGETHER..because i do 95% of my playing from my same laptop. Just simply log out of 1 client..wait a few and into the other one.

Anyways...i read in a thread here on 2P2 about Carbon Sports..and was intrigued by the potential of possible sports betting as well as the Visa deposit being enabled there. So a made a new account- as was stated needed to be done with screenname: CDUB623801.

I logged in the next day..only to tell me that my account had been suspended and to contact support. I opted for the "live chat"...and operator found my account, and said sorry that the account had been closed due to management decision. Confused by this, i asked if it had anything to do with me already being a player at Carbon Poker...she said that all she could say was that is was a management decision to close the account and it will remained closed and offer apologies.

So i decided to take it here to P2P forums.

In the meantime mind you...both my RPM and Carbon Poker clients/accounts i still played on.

After being looked over with no response in a thread..i pmd a Carbon Poker Rep here on this site and here was the exchange:

Re: Carbon Sports problem
Originally Posted by CarbonChris
Originally Posted by cdub6238
I posted this in response to someone asking about Carbon Sports in the deposit thread i believe...addressed it twice...with no anbswer either time...maybe this direct approach will work better.

I did just this yesterday i believe.

Carbon Poker- cdub62380
Carbon Sports- cdub6238001

I tried to log into Carbon Sports said my account had been "shut down" and to contact support.

Contacted live support chat...she checked on situation...said my account was closed per management decision and will remain closed per management decision...

i asked if there was a reason given..due to me already being a Carbon Poker player...all she could say was that it was a management decision and offer apologies.

Hey can I get your screen name on Carbon Sports or the email associated with it? Thanks.
Carbon Sports ID is associated is same as Carbon Poker and RPM Poker:

After waiting about 2 weeks with no response...the other Carbon Rep returned my question and said he couldnt find that Carbon Sports ID...with that said..i tried to create a NEW (this would be 2nd now) Carbon Sports account...screenname:CDUB6238011...but then got a message stating:

your account has been successfully created, yet rendered inactive..please contact a customer service rep for more information.

SO..i in turn respond back to Carbon Ryan with this pm and get this exchange:

Re: Carbon Sports problem
Originally Posted by cdub6238
I dont know what else to tell you..or what going on with my accounts bud..not trying to be rude or condescending but its very irritating to say the least.

All i know is i made a new account to possibly check out some sports betting..also to check and see if the Visa deposit option i could try sports betting and still play poker with same money.

I made an account with the screen name: cdub623801

which is slightly different than my Carbon: cdub62380.

Contact email and address, contact # etc is all the same (email is as my Carbon Poker account.

I dont know why my account was shut down...the live chat operator at the time was able to find my account, but said account was shutdown per management decision.

I asked if it was due to me already being afilliated and a Carbon Poker player...all she could say was that my account had been shut down per management decision and would remain closed..with no further details and she apologized for the inconvenience.

matter of your reply that you couldnt find said tried to sign up with a new one. here is the response i received:

"Your account has been successfully created yet rendered Inactive. Please contact a Customer Service Representative for more information"

i did not receive a confirmation email for this "newer" account set up i just tried..just error message i posted.

my Carbon Poker client, email and password still works and am able to log in and play.

Before i made the 2nd new account for Carbon Sports...i tried to recover screenname and password. However, it said my email address could not be found on file.

Funny thing..considering the "new account" application i filled out had all the information stored (type in letter and completion of form pops up). When i went to type in a new screen name...keeping with the cdub theme...lo and behold CDUB623801 popped up in the complete field box.

So i know for a fact i completed a new account with that screen name. The newer 1 i believe is CDUB623011.

I have no idea what is going on, as the only account I can find is your CarbonPoker account that is tied to your email address:

I will have to try to find someone at Merge that can try to help me out.

Sorry, it was my weekend off, hence the delay of my reply.

Ill let you know as soon as I find something out.


SO..i figured i got a response..well see if this works out.

ALSO keep in mind that my RPM and Carbon client were still working as normal. I also read that the transition to a new Cashier was to take place last night, so i fiugred id see if that helped anything.

I try to log in to Carbon Poker client this morning and i get the message:

For security purposes, your account has been suspended. Please contact customer support.


So i sent Carbon Support an email explaining everything, no problem.

i then checked RPM. try logging in and still receive the same answer.

So i decided to go to online chat and this shouldnt take long to sort out the confusion/misunderstanding...and this is the response i get:

Chat Content:
RPMJon: Welcome to RPM Poker VIP Chat Support. How can I help you today?
leahjeansdad: account suspended due to security reasons
RPMJon: [11:45] Hey there
leahjeansdad: [11:46] accounts on both Carbon Poker (i know you cant help there) and RPM have been "suspended for security reasons"
[11:46] i believe i know the reason and can explain if needed
RPMJon: [11:48] Your account has been permanently closed.
leahjeansdad: [11:48] umm...and theres no reaosn given why?
RPMJon: [11:48] It was a decision made by merge security.
leahjeansdad: [11:49] I created an account on Carbon Sports to try the sports betting...and they shut that down as well...
[11:49] Have a good day. Take care.
leahjeansdad: [11:49] is there anyone i can email this too?
[11:49] to get the situation and misunderstanding straightened out?
RPMJon: [11:49] No. Your account is permanently closed.
leahjeansdad: [11:50] so..because i was told to create a new account to try Carbon Sports...all of my accounts are now closed?

and just like that the chat was logged off....

Keep in mind.....i NEVER deposited on the Carbon Sports- seeing as how i couldnt even log in the next day after creating the account.

The only reason i tried to create a second account..was due to the Carbon rep not being able to find the first one...

I have never done anything illegal..such as chip dump or multi account...i rarely played cash tables and if i did it was only .5/.10; and usually only played $5 and under double ups or low buy in MTT..and again, ionly use my 1 laptop, so it physically wont let me log into both clients at same time for "multi accounting"

i feel i have been wronged here and dont know what i did to justify my accounts being closed with no resolution.

Hopefully Carbon Ryan can get in touch with someone and sort this out with security.

ANy ideas on what to do..or am i basically crap out of luck with anything here?


apparantly according to Carbon rep..i have been banned due to "fraud risk" due to my past problems.

Umm..the only past problems ive ever had was on RPM when my Visa deposits didnt go through...or when the Player Admin/Cashier was freezingwhen i tried to trade in points for cash...??

copying before deletion

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Re: Really Merge??

ima miss leahjeansdad fishy ass
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Re: Really Merge??

There is unfortunately nothing we are able to do to help you in this instance. Your account has been permanently closed by the Merge Gaming fraud and security team. If you would like more information or would like to try to continue correspondence, please e-mail
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