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Ok kept track for Kev today,but wont be a regular thing for sure. Usually i just wait till my account hits a certain amount,then i cash.

1st off whoever goes to Santa Anita live Saturday for the Derby,MUST MUST MUST,get pics of the Hawaiian Tropics models and post some pics in this thread,just a MUST DO!

Ok to the #'s rolling doubles cost $68,made $76.20=$8.20 profit,woo hoo!
Late Pick 4,cost $81 (all 3 picks,usually how i go weekdays) made $258.10= $177.10 profit. So $185.30 profit on the day. Take it for a Thursday.

Not sure of forum rules,but will give info on live feeds,and wagering sites per PM. Not looking to get a referal or junk like that,just doing someone a solid.
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