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Thurs 4/2/09 @ Santa Anita
It looks like a decent card for a Thursday,no real bombs i like,but some mid priced plays look right today. Didnt cap the 1st 2F sprint,dont like 1/4 horse racing myself. Going to play rolling doubles from the 2nd to the 8th,and the late pk4. If i have time i will come back and give my exact plays,not always using all 3 picks,but will be the ones i give. Home game today so not sure if i will be back till after 6pm pst. Good Luck

2.) 5-4-3
3.) 2-4-6
4.) 7-2-8
5.) 9-7-12
6.) 7-4-3
7.) 3-4-1
8.) 7-8-9

My son sent me a text from school and asked me what the definition of self-esteem is. Told him its something you want your sister to have a ton of,and the girls he dates to have none of,was that wrong? LOL give me a girl with a big azz,good hygiene,and no self-esteem,and she can have the money!
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