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Originally Posted by TripleH68 View Post
Two questions for you:

1) Has Larry Jones lost his mind training Friesan Fire up to the Derby? I love this horse and am trying to keep an open mind. (I already have $$ on him in the futures!)

2) Anybody here ever run a syndicate? I am selling $25 shares to friends and family and will likely have anywhere from 40-80 shares to play with in the Derby. Any advice would be nice.

At this point my biggest concern will be hitting a big signer and dealing with tax troubles...
My answer to part 1 is,no way. FF is a beast,and LJ is great trainer and knows his horse better than anyone else. I also have him for $200 in the future at 7/1. Interested in I Want Revenge performance this weekend in the Wood also.

Part2, I guess thats a personal preference,like Kev says you certainly can make a larger ticket when it comes to Pick 6's,but man you have to trust who your dealing with and the questions about taxes etc better be answered and agreed upon before hand.
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