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re: New Software: Flopzilla! (flop texture analysis)

Well, after a few weeks of on and off tweaking I've finished with the improvements for my flop texture analysis software, new name "Flopzilla!!!".

Go here for download.

New features:
- Quickselects for predefined ranges
- Analysis now also works if no boardcards are selected
- Analysis now also works with more than 3 board cards selected
- New name+icon
- Start screen and automatic updates

Flopzilla requires you to enter a range and a flop and will then tell you how often this range hits this flop and how.

Flopzilla is extremely fast and doesn't even require a "Compute" button, whenever you change something in the ranges it's immediately updated in the "Statistics" section. I've written the tool so that it has a minimal amount of bells and whistles and is as easy to use as I can make it. In the current setup you never need to go into some submenu, all the data is on your screen all the time.

Here's a brief recap of all the functionality:


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