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Did i just waste $13 buying SSB?

New to this forum. Been reading and learning a lot the last couple days. Order SSB and Yao's book along with Baseball Hacks off of Amazon a couple days ago.

Found myself on the SSB forum this morning and all the talk there seems to be that they can't seem to win for the last 3 yrs straight and might as well shut the forum down.

Did I waste $13 buying SSB?

Or, alternatively, will it get me up to speed on the basics of how things work but I'll need to take it much further to have any edge in the current environment?

I'm looking to put a SQL db together, analyze that and test a few ideas then put a system together and simulate the 2008 season to see if I've come up with anything decent. I expect I'll also put something decent together to automate the line shopping and do some analaysis of when/where to bet to address that end of things as well. Doing all that does it sound like I have a decent shot at ending up with an edge in this game? It is a little discouraging to hear SSB lauded as THE classic book on the subject and then find all the people that I assume follow it are net losing for the last 3 years.

At this point I'm mainly in it for the intellectual challenge as I have a good job. I stopped playing poker post-UIGEA so haven't been on the boards in a couple years but would love any pointers anyone has as far as directions to head in (good articles to read, markets to focus on, sources for data, etc.)
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