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Re: PokerStars overcharging rake in thousands of hands

Hey everyone,

We acknowledge that a mistake was present in the rake section of our websites for the New Jersey and Pennsylvania platforms.

The rake when exactly two players are dealt into a ‘big bet’ game hand at $0.50/$1.00 stakes is set to a cap of $0.60. These games include NLHE, PLO, the NLHE and PLO portions of 8-Game, and PL 2-7 Triple Draw.

The websites wrongly stated the cap was $0.50. This was due to a human error and the websites have now been updated to reflect the correct cap of $0.60.

All players impacted by this error have been fully refunded the overcharged amount. The error was present on both websites since day one and as such, the refunds encompassed every hand dealt under the above circumstances. In addition, we have reviewed our rake structures in all licenses against our websites and can confirm they are displaying the correct information.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we apologize for the oversight. It is always our intention to provide accurate information to our players and we’ll continue to refine our processes to ensure this is the case.


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