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Re: 2020 US Presidential Election Betting Thread

Originally Posted by Moneyline View Post
Thank you for posting this.

Bovada was the fastest to grade state races that were settled early, but they're dragging their heels on everything else.

Betanysports graded Biden to win bets, but they are still holding out on grading many state bets, including undisputed states like New Hampshire.

Bookmaker graded bets on states that Trump won instantly (like Florida), but in states that Biden won they are are not grading anything, and still haven't paid off Biden to win EC bets.
To follow up on my earlier post. I just got off of live chat with Bookmaker. They told me they would wait until either A) Inauguration Day, B) Trump concedes, or C) Trump definitively loses enough state court challenges that he can't mathematically get 270 EC votes.
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