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Been a on a really solid down turn.

Clearly rigged. These poker sites cheat the hell out of their people. Haven't won a hand in a week and bankroll down a solid 20% - which I built up by winning.

Love the loser that claim this crap isn't rigged. C'mon people... how many times can you lose with 4:1 or better odds in a row and still buy into these lies?

You'd think they'd actually make it a little more realistic to reduce the obviousness of the redistribution. I would if I were running a cheating business.

Poker sites are worse than politicians.

There is simply no way to win at online poker unless you are powerball lucky or are kicking proceeds back to the site.

Hopefully the senate gets control of this and bans online poker, so we don't have to continue to suffer this kind of cheating.

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