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Re: Unofficial Bodog/Bovada/Ignition Thread

Originally Posted by SamuraiJon View Post
The software issues have been horrendous lately. Can someone add to this list?
-Log-in displays in other languages (rare and random)
-Tables stuck at 59% loading
-Players forced off tables in the middle of hands and asked to log back in
-Time outs during all-ins
-Constant connection issues
-Bankroll display issues
-Bankroll sync issues trying to join cash game tables
-SORRY, WE ARE DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE <--multiple times a day

Bad UX is one thing, but these issues are literally lighting money on fire for Ignintion/Bodog. Any 2p2 admins have any insights to share as to why there are so many issues with Ignition as of late?
A few times when I've logged in recently I'm taken directly to the transaction screen, except it takes up the whole program interface with no way to click back or off of it. I have to close it and restart the program to proceed. The software has been worse than ever the last week or so. I'm having all of the issues you list.

People have been complaining about captchas, but most of the time I complete it correctly. The problem I have is it then gives me an error instead of saying welcome. I then have to restart it again.
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