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Re: NBA Season Thread 2019-2020

Oh the 2019 Warriors were clearly far worse. This shouldnt even be a debate. I posted this last week but Draymond at the 5 defensively in 2019 playoffs was not good, way way way worse than before

2017 was as dominant as any team in NBA history up there with 86 Boston, 96 Chicago etc.

2019 was not some special team. That Houston series before KD went down end of the 3rd quarter in game 5 was as dead even as it gets. And Houston was far worse than in 2018 also. They blew 2 games to LAC. They were beatable had they won a title in 2019 and you ranked all the title teams in NBA history they wouldve definitely been below average on such a list.

What the KD injury did was

1) The Warriors offensive rating skyrocketed for the last 5 quarters of that Hou series the moment it happened, Hou actually had more trouble defending them without KD

2) It brought focus, a sense of urgency and not just taking stretches off. They lose 2 games to LAC in rd 1 with KD but sweep Portland while super banged up....hmmm

The entire vibe was different. But the KD/Steph Warriors it was just so hard to keep focus, energy, drive etc 3 yrs in. And it showed. Im not saying GSW wouldnt have beaten Toronto if healthy but Ill say this: Toronto was definitely capable of beating the GSW team you saw pre KD injury those first 2 rounds. Still think in the NBA Finals GSW probably wouldve rose to the occasion enough to pull it out but it wouldve been hard they wouldve gotten pushed good. Ultimately focus and being engaged is why they blew the 2016 Finals they were flat out better. Had complete control of the series. But they did **** like completely no show the first halves of game 3 and game 6, not bother making adjustments etc and it kept the door slightly open for hte Cavs. You keep giving the opponent a chance and dont put them away eventually theyll catch a break and hit the high end of their variance for a stretch. And that's what happened, Kyrie and LeBron got super hot the series flipped GSW didnt know what to do and everything cascaded from there

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