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Re: NBA Season Thread 2019-2020

Originally Posted by candybar View Post
We already went over this. The Warriors net rating without KD in the playoffs was just 0.0. They were fine, but not great without KD. This includes all of the wins you're talking about, so they must have been especially bad outside of those. You can't just exclude that. There also were a bunch of games KD did play, and the Warriors didn't look that great. You can't exclude that either. If you're trying to evaluate teams, you have to be able to use some kind methodology that would apply to any team, not just this team. You can't just cherry pick a handful of games, create a narrative around it, and use it to prove something. You can make these kinds of narratives around any team to make them look better.
Playoffs are always "a handful of games", so narratives will be for any analysis. I mean the Warriors blew the Rockets out by 40 points in the 2018 playoffs. Are they significantly worse if in junk time Rockets got that back to 10 points? I mean it moves their average winning margin by 2 ppg.

I mean the numbers show that the Warriors are pretty good without Durant. You've used the on and offs for Durant during the regular season. There's a simple reason for that. Curry played about 25% of the minutes Durant didn't play (they're +13pp 100 in those minutes fwiw). So, yes, if Curry only plays 25% of our minutes next year, we're probably going to suck.

You can't ignore that they went well in the playoffs before they hit the wall with injury when Durant was out, or their success in games when Durant was missing in his time there.
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