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Re: Career transition - where do I go from here?

Originally Posted by tercet View Post
Hey few months later any update OP?
I signed an offer for a data engineer position a couple weeks ago and I'll probably start in the next few weeks. I'm lucky I have some connections from poker -- one of them is taking a chance on me doing data stuff for his IT company.

Things I've started picking up so far: Linux, Python, MySQL, SQLite, Docker, AWS VMs, version control, web scraping.

I want to try handling some bigger data soon with Pyspark, Kubernetes, steaming data sources.

What has really struck me is how in the big picture of using data to improve business, building and tuning models is an insanely small part of the work. Data science is the sexy buzzword career, but software development, operations, data engineering, cloud solutions, UX and more all need more attention in the grand scheme of things.

It's easy to program in Python and SQL, but the bulk of my time has been spent trying to understand how and why everything fits together.
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